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  1. Fantastic professional pictures of some amazing gear here and in your archive section as well, thanks for posting.
  2. If you can get to Derby Train station I’ll pick you up if you want. That’s if Julian accepts us all of course.
  3. Hi Julian, I would love to visit and look at your new carpet. We have met a few times, the last one was at the Chesterfield record fair with Spider and a few others, where I got jealous because you beat me to a Gordon Giltrap lp. Des.
  4. I’d like to think it will be kept in the Midlands somewhere as it it is pretty central in the country for people travelling from most points and I do live in Derbyshire.
  5. Sorry Flash, my intention was to quote Peter, my apologies.
  6. If I was going to get my first turntable today I would go for a second hand Audio Technica AT - LP5, it has a pretty good built in phono stage as well.
  7. Not wanting to burst anyone’s bubble, but the quote above states 15 rooms at the hotel will have long term lets, so are they still going to be happy with our event playing music into the wee hours then the show the next day ? I know it’s not our problem but it might effect the venue at Kegworth as a whole. I’m sure the show organisers and the hotel are aware of this though as it would effect all events staged there.
  8. I’ll be going as it’s local to me. I have exhibited at Kegworth in the past and it’s a good venue, nicely layed out and easy to navigate, room sizes are reasonable as well. I may still exhibit again, if not I’ll definitely be visiting.
  9. No splinters, smooth finished beech wood, no problems so far and I’ve used them for 100s of lps
  10. Talk to Spider on this forum, he makes and sells the Velvet Vortex sonic cleaners, they are very good in my opinion. They work a treat and have rescued many of my old albums that were, well unplayable ! Whole topic here with mods, chemical mixtures etc.
  11. Steve Miller, Who ! Listen to the original.
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