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  1. I need to clear space so these need to go, open to offers.
  2. If you want to look into a suitable courier I can certainly make sure they're packed securely.
  3. Thank you that's really kind! Here is a sneak peak at the latest work in progress...
  4. More than welcome. I'll also need a few "test subjects" for the DIY kits
  5. It's gone quiet as we've had a big rethink and didn't really hit the ground with the first couple of products. I'm working with my partner on a DIY version of the Minstrel but with modern drive units as we wouldn't want to try and replicate Joes hand made ones.
  6. You're not wrong - that was me The ribbon tweeter is the same as the Royds. Yes it's still going, my partner runs the company now, I mainly help out with the cabinet design work.
  7. No not these ones, they're based on a different design.
  8. I can't comment about the inductor value but I'm not sure if this is accurate. A friend recently commissioned them to design and build crossovers for a two way and having fitted them is very satisfied with the result. He owns a wide range of speakers as he likes to rotate them in and out his system including Harbeth, LS3/5a amongst many others so I don't think he has cloth ears either...
  9. I'm interested in finding out just how many people DIY their loudspeakers and how they go about it.
  10. Drop in price to £575 and open to sensible offers