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  1. Up for sale is a recently completed project. Using the HiVi isodynamic (ribbon) tweeters and Seas Er18rnx prestige 6.5" bass drivers. Crossovers use high quality capacitors and air core inductors. Based loosely on the Zaph SR71 and Starling designs. CNC machined metal feet each about 7kg with grub screws at the back so you can adjust the angle of the speakers incline. Designed for a listening position of approximately 2m ~ 2.5m and elevation of 1m. Cabinets are CNC valchromat and white melamine faced plywood baffles, assembled and finished. Cabinets are ported and produce prodigious amounts of bass. If you like ribbon tweeters you will probably like the balance of detail and resolution these give without being too analytical. 21cm wide 18cm deep 76cm high Amplification: 25 W – 100 W per channel Long term power handling: 80 W Sensitivity: 85 dB Nominal impedance: 8 ohms More than the sum of its parts and near double the cost to make as I'm asking. Too many projects mean these have to go. Price: offers around £650 collected from Oxfordshire Would consider trade for Naim NAP200
  2. Looking for Naim power amp. On a budget so older ones considered but must be working and in good cosmetic condition! Cheers
  3. Hi do you still have the C5i? Sorry ignore me I'm an idiot I just read your last post!
  4. I notice this was posted a while back but wondered if this has this gone?
  5. It allows for close boundary placement. We've found it also helps tune the speakers to the room, facing them in or out helps reduce "room boom".
  6. Available for sale are two pairs of Royd Troubadour loudspeakers. These both come with the MkII crossovers. BLACK - £750 [ex-demo] SOLID MAPLE - £850 [cancelled special order] Please email for more information.
  7. Just a gentle reminder that Clerkenwell Design Week kicks off tomorrow. If you are in town please feel free to pop in to our pop up demo!
  8. Lovely, thanks for all the replies. I've chatted to Peter at Deco before so I'll start there and work my way out. Many thanks everyone for pitching in to the thread.
  9. Thanks, great suggestions. Seems they have moved up to Lincolnshire?