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  1. Thanks These come in at 12 litres compared to the Royd Minstrel which is about 7 litres. The dimensions of the cabinet are identical though as is the angle of tilt. They are about twice as deep. The cabinets if I remember are tuned to about 38Hz - 40Hz to give an F3 around 39Hz. I've got to say in my room there is absolutely no need for a subwoofer at all, the bass is quite rich and exceptionally deep. I didn't opt for much of a bass hump instead went for a natural roll off which suits them. Very smooth presentation, no fatigue, lots of detail from the Hiquophon. Definitely keepers these ones!
  2. I have a few times and Hypex do a nice self contained module but I sort of like how it all jives together at the moment. When briefly using their nCore power amplifier it did bring something to the mix, maybe more in the top end, but my other half would literally kill me if the lounge is a workshop for another week
  3. So rewired the crossovers, and final glue up and fit - time to sit back and enjoy...
  4. Yeah the shadow lines are for wonky DIY cabinet work Spray is Morrells 5103/440 which is a 10% a/c satin lacquer that will bring out the colour.
  5. Small update for today as it's been a nightmare to find any time. Managed to get the cabinets sprayed... twice as there was a little mis communication the first time. They were also going to add in a black tint to the lacquer to get rid of "the bits" on the Valchromat 😂 luckily I said it was part of the design. They're a nice finish but now they show up some areas where teh second coat has run to the edges and also some of the less than perfect cabinetry but hey ho. Have to complete the crossovers now as I wanted to rewire them with single core as opposed to multi-strand, then gluing up. Apologies to those annoyed by the over the top Depth of field on the photos, for some reason my google camera has updated and I can't seem to take two shots at a time any more - one with and one without!
  6. So I've said it before and I'll say it again - should have CNC'd the baffles Anyway I managed to complete them after many attempts to cut some templates with a rather poor circle guide. It's not CNC tolerances of < 0.5mm more like > 2mm but I think once the drivers are in you probably won't notice. Just have to seal the ends of the ply and then when the cabinets are back from spraying it's time to glue it all up.
  7. Completed a two way recently with a Seas 5" mid and 19mm tweeter which worked out quite well, enough for a modest sized room. It depends on what your goals are like sensitivity, detail, midrange, bass and how much air you want to move really. Seas drivers are usually very good, but again you have to view it as a system - bass, tweeter, crossover, cabinet and room working in concert.
  8. Got help from a Fishy for this, so thanks all who PM'd
  9. This is the part where I'm cursing the fact I should have just ponied up and got them to CNC the driver rebates...
  10. Starting on the baffles - I should have had them CNC'd Note to self, make sure the Mrs. has recharged all the DeWalt batteries after using them for the leaf blower...
  11. I think we're all wise enough not to fall into the trap of equating cheap with bad and expensive with good especially when it comes to cables. It all depends on the definition of cheap of course - I'd say very good quality RCA interconnects can be had for as little as £25. Is that cheap? To me it's reasonable but to some it may seem pricey, others bargain basement.
  12. This guy on eBay sells the best interconnects for the money using Gotham cable and Amphenol plugs. Cable is high quality very flexible, plugs are very good quality and connect smoothly. You would be hard pressed to improve on this for several times the money. He's a good bloke to deal with and can do custom orders for just about anything. Here's a 1m RCA for £25
  13. Heres the prototype flat pack cabinets assembled in unfinished raw valchromat.