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  1. I need to clear space so these need to go, open to offers.
  2. If you want to look into a suitable courier I can certainly make sure they're packed securely.
  3. Thank you that's really kind! Here is a sneak peak at the latest work in progress...
  4. More than welcome. I'll also need a few "test subjects" for the DIY kits
  5. It's gone quiet as we've had a big rethink and didn't really hit the ground with the first couple of products. I'm working with my partner on a DIY version of the Minstrel but with modern drive units as we wouldn't want to try and replicate Joes hand made ones.
  6. You're not wrong - that was me The ribbon tweeter is the same as the Royds. Yes it's still going, my partner runs the company now, I mainly help out with the cabinet design work.
  7. No not these ones, they're based on a different design.
  8. I can't comment about the inductor value but I'm not sure if this is accurate. A friend recently commissioned them to design and build crossovers for a two way and having fitted them is very satisfied with the result. He owns a wide range of speakers as he likes to rotate them in and out his system including Harbeth, LS3/5a amongst many others so I don't think he has cloth ears either...
  9. I'm interested in finding out just how many people DIY their loudspeakers and how they go about it.
  10. Drop in price to £575 and open to sensible offers
  11. Would the Seas 27TDFC be able to mate with the Scan Speak at all?
  12. Have these still boxed up and unused. Bought from Falcon Acoustics last month for a project but won't be getting round to it. Too late to return so offering them here if someone can make use. Paid £80 for the tweeters and £144 for the drivers plus postage, so wanting to get a reasonable bit back as they are mint. £200 Collection Oxfordshire or P&P would be extra. Links: Seas CA18RNX Seas 27TDFC
  13. They use 16mm valchromat which is a stiffer version of standard MDF.
  14. I'd be keen to collaborate though I'm a box builder rather than a crossover designer!
  15. From what I can tell, designers use it because it has a good off axis response, low distortion (?) And can cross low? I'd be interested to follow your build. Do you simulate the design and then tweak by ear or do you have equipment to measure the drivers in box and design that way?
  16. Has anyone built a bookshelf or small floorstander with these drivers? I'm contemplating the Carrera design from Paul Carmody. It seems well liked as a design and the drivers themselves get good press but it's a large investment for a 5" inch driver and dome tweeter. I was looking for opinions of those who have maybe also built more modest two way designs to see if it is hype or if there is substance to the claims of performance? Currently I'm using the Seas CA15RLY and 19TFF1 in a small floorstander and it gives a good soundstage, reasonable bass, not too splashy at the top. Definitely not the last word in resolution but very musical. This would be a substantial increase in cost for a similar sized speaker.
  17. Up for sale is a recently completed project. Using the HiVi isodynamic (ribbon) tweeters and Seas Er18rnx prestige 6.5" bass drivers. Crossovers use high quality capacitors and air core inductors. Based loosely on the Zaph SR71 and Starling designs. CNC machined metal feet each about 7kg with grub screws at the back so you can adjust the angle of the speakers incline. Designed for a listening position of approximately 2m ~ 2.5m and elevation of 1m. Cabinets are CNC valchromat and white melamine faced plywood baffles, assembled and finished. Cabinets are ported and produce prodigious amounts of bass. If you like ribbon tweeters you will probably like the balance of detail and resolution these give without being too analytical. 21cm wide 18cm deep 76cm high Amplification: 25 W – 100 W per channel Long term power handling: 80 W Sensitivity: 85 dB Nominal impedance: 8 ohms More than the sum of its parts and near double the cost to make as I'm asking. Too many projects mean these have to go. Offers around £575 Collected from Oxfordshire alternatively postage by Parcelforce 48 is about £60 because of the size and weight or you can arrange your own courier. Postage is at your own risk.
  18. Looking for Naim power amp. On a budget so older ones considered but must be working and in good cosmetic condition! Cheers