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  1. I have the big Brother CTA 405 and its awesome, someone will love this Good luck with the sale
  2. GLWTS They are lovely Amps I have a CTA-405 and its running KT120s
  3. Great Christmas Present! Mint and Unused Shing recurve folder with polished bone scales,12C27 stainless steel blade(73mm),stainless bolsters and liners Slip Joint ie non-locking blade No Box but kept wrapped in bubblewrap and in safe away from kids Really nice knife by renowned UK knife maker https://shingcrafts.weebly.com/folding-knives.html £155 inc RMSD
  4. Having sold off my Naim gear a few years ago I'm rebuilding a classic system for the Study Have a NAC82 and TeddyCap, now need power Prefer an Olive 250, serviced if possible Not sure if 250-2 or 250DR work with olive 82, would consider if they do and price good Cheers ~Simon
  5. pm sent May be interested in the stageline as well! Simon
  6. RCA out from the sneaky worked great, thanks Crossover and vol adjustments all worked really well Cheers!
  7. Thats great, and thanks Just noticed AV amp output not into life input, kids been messing again Its on duty as part of 5.1 in a cinema setup, want to try it out for a party as Dub will be featured heavily! Cheer Simon
  8. Thanks velodyne has 2 sets speaker level inputs 1 set RCA in ( one marked life)
  9. Hi want to try adding a sub I have spare to the spare system in the kitchen Sneaky DS with B&W P4's, have a velodyne powered sub Some pointers as to the best way to connect would be great Thanks Simon
  10. A few years old but vgc and in original box Drivers and foam headband replaced with Sennheiser original parts a couple of years ago All in perfect working order, just not getting used now kids older and we live in a bigger house Top notch headphones, very comfortable and amazing sound review here: https://www.headphonesty.com/2018/08...nheiser-hd600/ Price £185 inc RMSD (due to £127 in parts spent!) I could do a deal on a headphone amp if you don't have one - custom made Neco Soundlab Bossfet v3 Pics if needed....they are headphones! Simon
  11. 250 sold on ebay, 82 and Hicap remain
  12. 250 now on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2319186005...cbdbb2b0d&cp=1 82 and Hicap to follow unless someone is quick!
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