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  1. Vinyl Engine has a partial Service Manual (seems pretty complete), that is downloadable here:- https://www.vinylengine.com/library/sony/ps-t22.shtml Tone arm adjustments are shown on pages 7, 8 and 9, no mention of damping fluid though. To download and read it you will need to join Vinyl Engine but it is free and I have never had any communication from them.
  2. When I had a look at your eBay advert it brought up a link to a Stereo 70 on eBay for £2,180.58p BIN, unbelievable! Reminder to self, sell the two Stereo 30 plusses in the spare room.
  3. Hi Robin.

    Hope all Ok with you.

    I still have your tuner here which is dying to go home and be with you again.


    1. wizmax


      Hi Henry,

      Sorry for the delay in collecting the Stereofetic, its almost impossible to get tee times on Surrey golf courses so I have not been up yet, the last time I played up there was 19 March,  as soon as this changes I will be up to see you.

      Hope you are keeping safe and well and that the build is progressing.



  4. I have not used the Cambridge flavour but I use an Audiolab M-DAC as a pre-amp into my powered Spendor BC1s in a TV system fed from a both a Virgin TIVO box and a Sony DVD/SACD player, and a very fine job it does., so perhaps consider using powered/active speakers to keep the box count down.
  5. I used Ming DA MC845s with all of my Quads, 57s'. 63s', 988s, 989s and currently 2905s, and they all sang. Someone on here said that 18 watts per channel were not enough but I did try a pair of 150 watt Quad Elites and did not think they did a better job of driving the ESLs.
  6. A pre with no volume control (attenuator) is called a switch.
  7. The speakers would sound bloody awful if they weren't there. ps they are only a temporary loan until Pete gets something more suitable
  8. A Day in the Life
  9. 104.2 was £650, Harbeth HL1 345, Rogers LS7 £320,Spendor SP2 £350 and Yamaha NS100 £750, Quad ESL63 were £1,278. The cover price for the book, because it was a small A5 publication of 192 pages, was £2.95 or $6.00
  10. wizmax

    6 way Extension

    I agree that second hand mains blocks should be bought with caution but Olson are a respected British company who manufacture to the highest standards in this country and THE new retail prices for 6 way blocks are well over £100, depending on configuration.
  11. According to my copy of HiFi Choice No.41 "Loudspeakers" that was published in 1985, they were £300.