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  1. No, no good reason not too swap the interconnects.
  2. Yes, viewing from the rear of the cartridge.
  3. Yeah, that was my first thought.
  4. Tempting but it's collection only, from Jutland!
  5. As from tomorrow Lidl are selling a grinder that at £9.99 seems really cheap, but I don't drink coffee so what do I know. https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/c/kitchen-kit/c1688/w1?ar=13
  6. I stand corrected Sir.
  7. Part of the specification prevents the SACD layer of a disc being output from any digital sockets.
  8. For all you newbies, Jampal , better known as James Palmer, was the originator and first owner of the Wam and we all have him to thank for this wonderful place and he is very much alive but not active on here any more.
  9. I have just received an email confirming that the Audiojumble scheduled for 21 February 2021 has indeed been cancelled, no date has yet been given for any subsequent event.
  10. Says his hometown is Hong Kong in the description.
  11. According to their website it is still scheduled for 21st February but I doubt it will happen.
  12. Great news, it is a stonking sounding pressing the bass line on Ride Across the River is unbelievable. Not trying (too hard) to spend your money, but the Mobile Fidelity version of Love over Gold is also exceptional - 5 tracks spread over four sides is quite weird. Remember that these are pressed at 45 RPM and you need to change the speed of your turntable before and after playing them. Do let us know your thoughts when you have had a listen.
  13. There is a copy on t'bay from a company in Bilston, they have 100% feedback over 2590 transactions.
  14. Hi Dan, I brought the original LP, the SACD, the double LP and now have the Mobile Fidelity version, the sound quality of the MF version is astonishing and is definitely worth every penny you will have to pay for it, my copy is never going to be for sale.