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  1. Would look spectacular on the 401 John, you know you want it.
  2. I picked up my ADC head shell today from the local postal delivery office. The head shell is in brilliant condition and was extremely well packed. Thank you Mark, it was a pleasure to do business with you.
  3. The VTA adapter has been sold, sorry Mark someone got in before you ..
  4. Still here, they take up so much space they really need to go.. OFFERS?
  5. Hi Mark, Can I take the head shell please. If you PM me your payment details I will make the payment and send you my address. Regards Robin
  6. If you click on the three horizontal dots on the top right hand corner of your post, the edit button is one of the options that comes up.
  7. Emporium have a Rotel RB1080 power amplifier for sale at £450 that as near as dammit fits your requirements. 200 watts per channel, THX certified, damping factor of 1000, has both phono and XLR inputs but they are only selectable from a rear panel switch, power amps don't usually have remote controls. I have heard a number of Rotel power amps and they are a great mix of available power, sound quality and price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284274256725?hash=item423010eb55:g:x1oAAOSw40BgiCPS
  8. Fancy trying an Analogue Audio Puccini on long term loan Jules?
  9. As both Lurch and I find, placing Quad ESLs next to a side wall causes no problems to the quality of sound and is mentioned in the manufacturers Instruction Manual. "The loudspeakers should be placed at least 60cm (2 ft) from the rear wall of the listening room and angled towards the listener. Placing the ESLs too close to rear walls will adversely affect their dispersion characteristics. It is not advisable to operate the loudspeakers across corners, in alcoves or behind furniture. Because ESLs are a homogeneous sound source it will be found that they can be placed considerably further a
  10. They sound great in his cupboard Ian, could be even better in the play room!
  11. Second AZ jab on Friday, three weeks earlier than anticipated, no after effects the first time - no after effects this time either, perhaps I am in the placebo group.
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