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  1. Thank you Danny, we are mainly simple folk and a kept promise is all we ask for.
  2. Within my collection I have many favorites but today I have arrived at this lot, tomorrow it would be different, as it would have been yesterday. In no particular order:- Abbey Road The Beatles The Road to Hell Chris Rea Abraxas Santana Blood on the Tracks Bob Dylan Girl in the Other Room Diana Krall Year of the Cat Al Stewart Holland Beach Boys Division Bell Pink Floyd Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton Live at Madison Square Garden Bridge over Troubled Water Simon and Garfunkel
  3. Kallex used to be called Expedit Jack, there is one the same colour as John's going for £8 in SE London.
  4. Will look forward to a demo Jack.
  5. I have an Ortofon Rohmann that I was using up until recently, it still plays very well and sounds brilliant but it can't track Mo Fi 45 rpm discs any longer. Complete with box and all accessories and can be part exchanged as part of the Ortofon Exchange programme, it could be worth up to £298 Ortofon Trade-In Scheme - Acton Gate Audio (acton-gate-audio.co.uk) Quote
  6. @Speedracerand I are going to the Royal Albert Hall next Friday evening to see the Bootleg Beatles and the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra play Abbey Road, and possibly Let it Be. The concert, which was originally scheduled for 8 April 2020 but has been postponed twice, was organised to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the issue of the LP. I have just spoken to the RAH and it is definitely going ahead so really looking forward to my first gig since you know when. We also attended the 50th Anniversary gig for SPLHCB on 1 June 2017 which was actually the correct date, was a terrific evening but my celebration balloon which came down from the ceiling at the end of the concert has since deflated I know how it feels.
  7. And the next year you will be 73 and he will be 9, so only 8 times his age, followed by 74 and 10 so 7.4 times go figure. Hope you and Janet are both well Chris.
  8. To conform with Forum selling rules you must state where the items for sale are located.
  9. So, tomorrow and Sunday then, going up with Brook (Speedracer) and John (Lurch) for the day and we look forward to seeing many of you there at 13.00 in the bar. My Wam polo shirt will help you identify us, plus of course you can't miss Lurch, and Brook will no doubt be wearing something Bowie.. .
  10. I have just discovered this brilliant list of Audio related links, might be of use to someone. https://www.audiogrid.com/arsl.html
  11. Saw Graham on Sunday at Leamington, he was on good form, and I know he is away this coming weekend at Lopwell.
  12. Confident I have missed/forgotten some but since 1970 my best guess is:- Shure M44 Shure M75ED Shure V15III B&O something Rega Elys Empire MC-20E2 Moving Coil Denon 160 Ortofon MC20 Ortofon Rohmann Koetsu Black Goldline So roughly one every 5 years but the Rohmann lasted 9 years and was used when I got it.
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