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  1. I have got every single copy of HiFi World, including the supplements, and almost all copies of News and Choice from the last 30 years, I will search them out for you. PM me you email address and I will forward them to you.
  2. No. In case you have not got one, you can download the manual for the PDR609 from HiFi Engine, link enclosed https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/pioneer/pdr-609.shtml All you have to do is register with them and you have access to thousands of documents, its free to register and in well over 15 years I have never had a communication from them, simples
  3. Pioneer PDR-609 CD Digital Recorder (2000-05) add a review Specifications Disc format: CD Digital converter: PCM1716 Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz Dynamic range: 98dB Signal to Noise Ratio: 112dB Channel separation: 98dB Total harmonic distortion: 0.0017% Line output: 2V Digital outputs: coaxial, optical Dimensions: 420 x 295 x 105mm Weight: 3.5kg Accessories: remote control Year: 2000 Downloads instruction/owners manual - Globian instruction/owners manual - Country Village Radio service manual (RRV2405) - jwscottjr service manual (RRV2368) - AlkatrazBR Related Catalogues
  4. Please can you give us the height of the stands and the dimensions of the top plate.
  5. Have you been taking lessons at the Lurch Photographic Academy Ian?
  6. As Dave says, an interesting bit of kit - and its from one of our own I will get Carl to bring one with him when he comes round.
  7. As it only has 2 phono plugs, what pins do you need them connected to?
  8. Yeah, looks very nice, but has it made any difference to the sound Jamie?
  9. Have followed the Stones, and the Beatles, since I first heard them on the Radio (Luxembourg?) singing I Wanna be Your Man in late 63, I was even lucky enough to see them in concert at the old Wembley in the late 90's and again at Twickenham in 2006. I considered Charlie to be the only real person in the group, always enjoyed his interviews and of course his rock solid drumming. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Charlie.
  10. Congratulations Jon, I hope you both have a happy and long life , and not too many pasties.
  11. Yes, our room at Kegworth, sorry for the confusion.
  12. Actually the LM508IA is SET not PP, if you are ever down in my neck of the woods you would be most welcome to hear mine. Alternatively, visit Speedracer and my room, Brook will have his Line Magnetic LM518IA which is very similar to mine but with 845s instead of 805s.
  13. RetroTechUK is the new name and image for the National Vintage Communications Fair, (NVCF) originally established in 1992, the event has evolved and outgrown its previous title! Normally held in May, the first event under the new name will take place on Sunday 26 September 2021 at the Warwickshire Events Centre, CV31 1XN, between the hours of 09.00 and 16.00. More details can be found at:- https://www.retrotechuk.com/ I have booked my stalls , lots to sell, and hope to see some of you there, as always I will be wearing my black Wam polo shirt, stop and say hello - I don't bite(too hard).
  14. LM-508IA Jules, sounds bloody wonderful, come and listen sometime.
  15. Never better, thank you Jonathan, especially now I have got this. Good luck with the move.
  16. The beast from the East (well Chichester) arrived this week, all 42kg of it, and now has pride of place in my system. Early impressions are that it has a fuller bass than my old 845 mono blocks and a very smooth top end with bags of detail, 48 watts per channel and VU meters - what's not to like. Its 3 years old and barring 2 minute blemishes, which are very difficult to spot, it is immaculate and all for 23% of the current list price. Thanks to @Lurch for his assistance in getting up to my first floor flat, actually I probably helped him.
  17. If Peter does not want your headband can I have first refusal please.
  18. I have one of those as well that was serviced by Tim Jarman a couple of years ago if you are interested.
  19. Talk to kernow, he has just purchased a second pair of Tannoys and has a pair spare.
  20. I have a Leak Stereofetic with teak sleeve that has recently been serviced that would be well under budgey. I visit Surrey most weeks to play golf and could drop it off for you to try before commiting yourself.
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