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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions - certainly changed my ideas. My original request to find a 6V unit has now changed - based on Jazid's suggestion I've ordered a USB-B adapter cable from Audiophonics which separates the 5V allowing the use of an external power supply. The Paul Hynes PSU looks like a good option - and there are others out there. So now I'm on the lookout for a 5V PSU - there are more options for those rather than a 6V supply. Cheers
  2. Thanks Jazid for the reply/information - think I understand. Looking through a thread on PSAudio it is suggested 'that anything going into the external power port on the Matrix gets stepped down internally to 5V'. On the same thread people were using a product from AQVOX which supplied 5V power via USB and accepted a data only USB connection from the PC/streamer. However that product is no longer available. Do you have any links/suggestions for the 'off the peg options' please? Is this an example - iFi Defender+? Also in the system I have a Matrix Audio USB 3.0 interface card which accepts an external power supply - would this have a similar effect?
  3. I'm looking for a linear power supply for a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 (digital converter) to replace the 9v ifi Power supply I'm currently using. The X-SPDIF2 requires DC 6~9V, ≥800mA and after looking through the internet it seems (and I can confirm) that the unit runs a bit warm using a 9v power supply. So what I'm after is a 6/7v 2a linear power supply with a supply port outer diameter 5.5mm; inner diameter 2.1mm (+ for inner, - for outer). Anything out there - up to about £150? Cheers
  4. @deadflagbrews (Dan) recently offered a walnut platform for free as part of the spirit of the wam. So I took up his generous offer since I thought it would fit in with my system rack. Despite it being free (well postage only!) Dan sent this quickly and well packaged. It's a well made little unit, nicely finished - I've not used the supplied feet and replaced them with some sorbothane feet since it sat a bit high for me. Personal preference and all that. It's in use under my Matrix Audio X-SPDIF2 and I'm very happy with the platform - bit of a bargain for postage only!
  5. Hi I reckon it's just over three years old - I bought it in September 2016. Cheers Dave
  6. Up for sale is this Temple Audio Bantam One Integrated amplifier. Details of this amplifier can be found here - http://www.bantamone.com. A review can be found here - http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0416/Temple_Audio_Bantam_One_Integrated_Amplifier_Review.htm. Please note this does not have a phono stage - it is just 3 lines in with a pre-out. Few pictures.... As far as I can tell it's pretty much in mint condition with no marks that I can see. I have the original packaging which means it will be double-boxed for posting/delivery. I'm looking for £400 with £15 postage - or happy for it to be collected from Staffordshire. Cheers
  7. An update to the advert and a clarification on Windows 10 operation. This thread (https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?57471-M2TECH-Young-DAC-help!/page3&highlight=m2tech) outlines the problems that someone had using Windows 10. It appears that early units of this DAC will not play happily with Windows 10 - however this unit for sale is a relatively late model After a suggestion that the unit may be faulty since I had said there were problems with Windows 10 based on the above thread I thought I'd better check out playing via Windows 10. This is something I have never done since all my streaming/playing has been via Linux based systems. I can confirm that the unit plays quite happily from my laptop running Windows 10 via USB using the M2Tech drivers (win7Vista103_Young_Vaughan.zip). I have tested using Foobar2000 and via Roon - in both instances the unit functions as expected and music is played. It appears that I should have checked/tested before stating anything - lesson learnt. Anyway it's still for sale, works fine. And just to confirm - £265 delivered.
  8. I'm looking to sell my M2Tech Young DAC which has given sterling service over the past 6 years. I have the original packing for the unit along with it's standard power supply which will need an adapter since it's a Euro plug type. One thing to mention is that there are problems when trying to use from a Windows 10 source. As in it won't connect I've been using it with no problems from various Linux servers/streamers/Raspberry Pi's. The DAC itself has a couple of scratches on the top plate and on the MCRU power supply the covering on one of the wires has come loose from the connector - just to confirm it's the wrapping and not the wires. Here's a few pictures showing the DAC and power supply - hopefully this will give you an idea of the condition. On another forum (AOS) there's a thread regarding a capacitor change which can be beneficial to the sound (https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?39955-m2tech-young-dac-observations&highlight=M2Tech+young) I have one of the capacitors mentioned in the post linked and will be included in the sale. I'm looking for £250 plus delivery - I usually use Royal Mail and it would roughly work out to approx. £20 (signed for/insured).
  9. I have for sale a 1 metre RCA to BNC Reference Fidelity Digital cable - see here for the original details http://www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk/product/reference-digital/. It's in pretty good nick - photos below. Brand new these are £74 - I'd like £45 delivered please - Paypal gift or bank transfer. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi I've got an Arcam Alpha 8 Power amp sitting around doing nothing if that's any use/interest to you. £75?
  11. The time has come to pass these on - been sitting in a box doing nothing for a couple of years now. First up I have an Audiocom modified Squeezebox 3 which (if memory serves me) I have owned from new (about 10 years possibly) and had modified about 3 years into my ownership. The Audiocom mods consist of the following: - Sanyo OSCON for input bypassing. - Bybee Slipstream purifier for DC input. - Sanyo OSCON regulation bypass and digital decoupling capacitors. - Super-regulator 3 for 3.3V digital power supply. - WBT NextGen CU RCA phono for digital output. - Audio Consulting Cryo pure Silver, enameled wire for digital out. - Bybee Slipstream for digital output. - Superclock 4 One thing to note is these modifications required the removal of the wifi module so this can ONLY be used hard-wired into your network. There are a few light scratches on the rear of the unit but considering the age it's in pretty good nick I think. Had this all up and running this morning connected to my Roon Server and all works fine. It still has the original power supply And the remote After a while I upgraded to a Teddy Pardo TTouch power supply https://www.teddypardo.com/powersupplies/ttouch.html One thing to note is that the power output on the rear of the Teddy Pardo (silver connector) rattles a bit but still functions fine. Suspect it's a little loose on the inside. Also there is no power cord with the Teddy Pardo - the output connector (green cable in the photo below) is included but you will have to provide your own power cord. I'd like to sell this as a package but would be open to selling the Squeezebox and Teddy Pardo PSU separately. As a package I think £155 with £20 postage (they weigh approx. 3kg in a box and Royal Mail Express 48 tracked is coming in at £19.44). Squeezebox 3 by itself with it's original PSU/remote - £65 delivered. Teddy Pardo PSU by itself - £125 delivered. Payment by either Paypal (friends and family) or bank transfer - which ever is easier for buyer. Cheers
  12. I have for sale a Beresford Caiman TC-7510 MK6 (TC-7520SE) which has been upgraded with Gator output board. I've not used it for a few years after getting an M2Tech Young DAC and has been sitting around doing nothing so it's time to offer it the chance to go to a new home. Included is the original board, original power supply and mains lead, all in original packaging. There are a few marks on the top of the case but I'd say it was 9/10. Looking for £90 inc delivered via RMSD. PayPal gift or Bank Transfer, or collect from Leek, Staffordshire. And now for the piccies: Cheers Dave