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  1. Eatons are great. Like Graham said they have a lot of what the bigger models offer but without the scale and impact of the biggies. Most of them have the rubber surrounds that don't rot which is a bonus. I've used mine with a Quad 909 without a problem so plenty of power is fine so long as you go easy on the volume control. Seem to go for £500+ these days.
  2. I had a play with pair of 8" active Ellipse for a few months, very impressive imho.
  3. I've gone reasonably large with Tannoy Lancasters and similar 12" models in the past, but nothing quite as large as some of the whoppers on this thread. Currently enjoying some comparatively tiny Tannoys. It must be about time to upscale again!
  4. It's a funny old merry-go-round innit. I'm 90% sure that the guy I bought my/your Studio 1's from said he'd previously been using some top of the range Dynaudio floorstanders but dumped them in favour of the Rogers, reckoned that the Studio 1's were the best speakers he'd ever owned . He only sold them to me as he was emigrating to the States. So I guess as always it's just finding the compromise that bothers you the least (or perhaps obsessively swapping components for your own entertainment, like me ha ha).
  5. Eatons replaced by different Tannoys Graham. Took a complete punt on some Ellipse 8 active studio monitors with a view to further simplifying my setup, and am totally smitten with them. They're proper monitors so take no prisoners on dodgy material, but their detail, delicacy and power while still retaining a smooth non fatiguing Tannoy sound is just fab. They look a bit mental in my cottage living room mind
  6. You're just gonna have to stump up the £4k and do a side by side comparison for us Graham, to really know whether the new version represents a big leap in performance over the originals and thus are good value for money after all . I agree though that the Eatons look a bit steep and the new Ardens a better bet for vfm, but I haven't heard any of them yet. I was contemplating where to store my Eatons just yesterday as they've been sitting unused on a chest of drawers for a couple of months. Do you reckon wrapping them in pallet wrap would protect them in a loft, or risk introducing condensation....?
  7. Anyone fancy relieving me of this lot? Offer open to any established members i.e. no super wammer status required. I'll leave it open for another few days and if no takers I'll give them to a charity shop.
  8. We have two boxes of text books that are mainly about Geology and Oceanography but with a smattering of Biology thrown in for good measure. They're all in great condition and were part of a collection that were donated to a local resource, but that was unable to be accommodated. Anyway, if you have a an interest in this area or have a child that's studying for A-Level or degree in these or related subjects, these might come in very handy. In return we'd just like to see a donation to charity. They include the following: Skelton: The Cretaceous World Cooke, Warren, Goudie: Desert Geomorphology Wood, Habgood: Why people need plants Vita-Finzi: Monitoring the Earth Lalli & Parsons: Biological Oceanography, an introduction Open University (various): S173 Plants and People, S193 Fossils and the History of Life, S369 The Great Ice Age Open University S339 series (6 books): 1. Earth's Engine, 2. From Rifting to Drifting, 3. Growth and Destruction, 4. Mountain Building, 5. Britain and Global Tectonics 6. (SXR339) Ancient Mountains - Practical Geology in Scotland Open University S260 series (5 books): 1. Maps and Landscape, 2. Earth Materials, 3. Internal Processes, 4. Surface Processes, 5. (SXR260) Geological History of the British Isles Open University S103 series (12 books): 1. Water for Life, 2. A Temperate Earth?, 3. The Earth and its place in the Universe, 4. Unity within diversity, 5. Energy, 6. Our world and its atoms, 7. The quantum world. 8. Building with atoms, 9. Continuity and change, 10. Earth and life through time, 11. Universal processes, 12. (SXR103) Practising Science Study Book *Open University (Marine Science / Oceanography) (5 books): 1. Ocean Circulation, 2. Waves, Tides and Shallow-Water Processes, 3. The Ocean Basins, 4. Seawater, 5. Marine Biochemical Cycles * We have two complete sets of these oceanography books. These can only be collected from just outside Yeovil as they're heavy. They don't all need to go together if you only want some of them, but the sets must stay together and I still don't want to post them either way. If someone can make good use of the lot, so much the better! These are only going to be available to be reserved and collected for a limited period as we need to clear the decks.
  9. Cheap as chips, I reckon this is a great little amp. Quite a few years since I had mine but I still remember it very fondly. It wiped the floor with my previous Arcam integrated, and was only beaten on points by its successor (Sugden).
  10. I can certainly enjoy music on cheap gear. Speaking from my own personal perspective as a fan of music more than a fan of equipment (though I still get pleasure for that too), I'd argue that if you can no longer enjoy listening to music on a cheap crappy hifi then you ought to consider dispensing with your fancy pants system and giving yourself a year or two to rediscover what the point of the whole of the hobby is. I've actually had records that have sounded more enjoyable on a shitty Sony midi system than on a rig that was perhaps able to reveal all the warts etc. If your bag majors on the equipment rather than the music, then fair enough I guess, but I still listen to much more music via some £20 Philips headphones plugged into my work PC than I do on my system at home. I can still get fully immersed into the music
  11. What are the massive egg timers next to the speakers? I don't have a lot of experience with properly expensive kit, but I'd like to build a really nice vintage setup so explore some exotica from 50 years ago . Tbh if I won an absolute shitload of cash, it would take me a fair while to get around to buying hifi equipment. A few million quid would bring a lot of other exciting pasttimes within my reach .
  12. Ah, no, I have a masterplan for my field maintenance based upon actual fields I walk the dog through. It'll be a field full of natural grasses and wildflowers you see. Just requires mowing for hay once a year (local farmer can do this and have the hay) and then all surplus foliage tidied up by making it available as free grazing for a month or two for sheep-owning farmer. They're very efficient! have touched upon my own dirty middle-aged secret desire, which is a vintage tractor that I can paint, polish and generally tinker with
  13. Tone controls? Or if you don't have any of those, why not add a lovely big graphic equalizer