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  1. Had a Samsung washing machine for over 5 years now with no problems and it's used almost every day, sometimes twice.
  2. First Russian Covid 19 death is named as Ivor Nastychestykoff.
  3. Perfect condition apart from one small scuff on one corner. Can not be seen when wearing it (please photo). No other signs of wear at all. Screen protector used since new. Used less than 10 times since last Christmas. Comes with Original box and charger in perfect condition. Also case and spare screen protectors included. £200 including insured p&p.
  4. All of the money/companies we had as a nation, she sold off to the "other people".
  5. What about Jack ...... a legend !! Probably the only player in history to sleep on a mates sofa on the night they win the World Cup. Read his autobiography ..... it's a belter ..... but coming from Ashington I might be biased.
  6. Thousands ! Or if my wife reads this, Hundreds ! Haven't bought anything new for years. I try to sell stuff, then get what I want at the price I can afford. So don't buy much now. My ears are knackered now anyway. Life in heavy industry !!!!!!
  7. All of his mates and their mates are spending a fortune too. It (and ALL of the other games) are getting out of hand. It's not enough to just buy a game and play it, it's BUY THIS , BUY THAT !!! When I was a kid you got something for Christmas and played with it until it was f**ked . My parents didn't spend a fortune throughout the year adding to it.