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  1. For sale this Ciunas USB to SPDIF converter designed by John Kenny. Like the John Kenny DAC, this is powered completely off-grid from its internal 5v Lithium battery to provide low noise, high stability power. The unit is continually float charged when on or off, via the supplied USB charger cable, which can be run from a spare USB port or USB plug. It can be listened to while charging and there is no need to turn off charging, though if disconnected the device will run for about 8 hours standalone. This does hi res up to 192khz/24bit. It has a BNC SPDIF out and comes with an attenuato
  2. Richard, thanks for the warning re the Black - I no longer have it but when I did I bought it complete with the body. You are right re the Black, I moved it on in favour of the Nagoaka I presently use, which I much prefer. The Black was too 'hi-fi' for me, though I do wonder if I ever got it dialled in perfectly as it was very fussy. Howard, you can definitely hear a big jump from the Blue to the Black, but as Richard says, whether it's one you will ultimately enjoy is another matter! Re the deck, I've seen the Black used on some fairly humble tables and perform well so I wouldn't worr
  3. Not for everyone I guess. It's in my Top 10 - as great a rock album as any ever recorded IMO.
  4. Please note this is the stylus rather than the full cartridge so you will need a 2M body to fit this to. I bought this as an upgrade to the 2m Red and it made a big difference - so big I got overexcited and a week later went the whole hog with a 2M Black! It has about 15 hours on it, so barely broken in, and has sat undisturbed in its box since then. Complete with all packaging, selling for £75, inclusive of postage.
  5. OK no worries. Family space looking very nice there Richard - you've clearly not been idle and are excused!
  6. Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream of Trains
  7. Just realised this was a few weeks back now, were they any good Richard?
  8. Mmmm... I was only yesterday reading up about acoustic treatment re my own listening room, so will await the results with interest
  9. Signed and shared - we got our first dog Lenny three months ago, so sympathise. Sorry you got stung so badly Geoff.
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