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    Transrotor Zet 3
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    Jelco 850s / Hana ML
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    Bigbottle Mk3
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    Electro EMC 1UP
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    Auralic mini/Qobuz
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    Qutest+Sbooster Mk2
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    M.Fidelity AMS 35i
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    KEF Reference 3
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    Sennheiser Momentum
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. And a proud owner of this system haha😀
  2. I’ve had a couple of speakers in the past few yrs which I didn’t have pics but here’s some and my current setup😀
  3. Opeth - Damnation (2003 Music For Nations) KOCH USA 180g collectors edition.
  4. Fill it with water and a pair of goldfish can live happily in there as long as you don’t plug it in😀
  5. Tom, is that a speaker grill on the right?
  6. Opeth - Damnation 2003 180grm USA Music for Nations/KOCH vinyl
  7. Streaming from Qobuz. Holly Cole - Hum Drum Blues
  8. Thank you my friend👍
  9. I’ve made some little adjustment from-toe-ing in to out a bit and the difference is massive imo and it’s free😀. I think the Ref. series reacts more than my previous LS50’s with regards to toe-in or out. I recorded a video just for fun using iPhone7 cam. after some adjustments and I like the result😀.
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