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  1. @mac72 and @Lurch I took some photos of the stylus sitting almost perfect on the null points for both A + B and also the outer null points without moving the platter.
  2. Hi Slav, With the protractor (see pic) I use, they are both spot on null points A+B without moving the protractor as long as the “to the arm pivot point” line is pointing directly to the arm pivot. The only problem I have was that the sound is a bit narrow/shallow and less on all positive aspects of a good sound for my taste. But when I move the cart a bit forward on the headshell the life of music is back but the stylus is bit on the outer null points re protractor. Thanks
  3. I am not sure how do they make these protractor as standard. The one Im using is specifically made for my Jelco SA250. Do they follow measurements by the geometry of the arm or by listening?
  4. Yep I kept the Zavfino and it’s the one Im using. Done a few swapping bet. the Zav and Jelco and I finally decided to keep the Zav.
  5. When I try to set the cart, the “to the arm pivot” line is pointing roughly at the centre of the arm pivot. Then I adjust the cart back and forth to sit in the protractor dots A + B and cartridge body parallel to the lines on left/right and front. Now I roughly checked the VTA using the lines of a ruler, the arm sits just a little bit lower on the tail BUT the cart is still a bit higher on the back WTF.
  6. Thanks John thats very kind of you and I really appreciated it mate! Yep I’ve lowered the arm about 2-3mm and it improved considerably. Now if visually look at the cart when sitting on the record the distance is more level from front to back compared to previous.
  7. If I move the cart a bit forward to the headshell it sounds a lot better with more air and better instrument separation if you know what I mean but it doesn’t comply with the protractors suggested measurements. The stylus is a little on the outer null.
  8. Hi Colin, Yep I do always check the tracking weight every after adjustments.
  9. Guys I need your help here pls. The alignment protractor for the Jelco arm arrived after 1 month! I’ve used it to set the cart where I follow the instruction as normal but Im not really happy with the outcome. The music soundstage just collapsed and became flat and boring. The only adjustment I made really was to move the cart a bit backward to the headshell to fit perfectly to the protractor 2 point alignment. I have not move the vta since I bought the deck but when I look at the base of the cart when sitting on the record it is a bit higher on the rear. I don’t have a proper alignment protractor so some pics here.
  10. Not sure where I read that the Ifi Ipower psu though quieter than a normal wallwart and lpsu it “injects” noise back to other equipment plugged close to it.
  11. I just told him Im not selling it to him.
  12. Thanks John. I’ve had an experienced when I sold my ATC40 passive speakers. The buyer collected the speakers after listening and inspecting them thoroughly without any problem whatsoever and paid by BT. After a day or two he phoned me saying there’s a damage on one of the speaker plinth! I can’t believed what he’s saying as I know my stuff than anybody else and I really looked after them. He’s asking for compensation about the minor damage but I insists they were sold as seen after demoing and inspection. He phoned again the day after saying his wife admits to him she damaged them while hoovering the floor.