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    Transrotor Zet 3
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    Jelco TK850s
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    Bigbottle mk3
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    Electro EMC 1UP
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    Auralic mini/Qobuz
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    Qutest+Sbooster psu
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  1. Very good speakers I still got a pair. Have a bump from me.
  2. I have noticed that many if not most thread he posted to always lead or end up in chaos.
  3. Iceman 16

    USB cable

    This is what I use. It includes free return shipping if you don’t like it
  4. Though those Epicon 6 looks gorgeous, your Rubicon 8 might works better for your taste and room as you had the Opticon 8. You never know
  5. Sometimes it’s a specific item from a brand but not all that I don’t really like.
  6. I guess the equipment used to measure the power supplies doesn’t measure well.
  7. I think Im done with tube hunting (really?). I’ll start saving some ££ a treat myself a new mc cart for my 47 bday.
  8. It's a gift.. keep it Im jealous. Well Oli you have until Christmas!
  9. Full TFK tubes now (2x PCC88 + 1 ECC83) Never heard it sound so dynamic but smooth than this. @Bigman80 I think I just got a lucky bargain from these 2x ECC83. They both have the quality and description of real TFK and looks even better than the previous I bought.
  10. It’s a Transrotor Zet 3 turntable and Bigbottle MK3 phono pre.
  11. No experience with speaker cable but I use Viablue X40 and X25 diy mains cable with most of my gear and I would say they are really well made.
  12. Im building a bunker and start hoarding