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  1. My amp is only 35w/pc which is not even in the recommended amplifier output for my speakers. But it sounds better than the 200w amp I’ve tried at sensible listening level.
  2. Thanks.. I have phoned Nintronics and they'll send me the right bolts in a couple of days. Btw nice to see you here Sir.
  3. I do respect your opinion about the Refs. But IME I don’t find them opaque in the treble and mids. They just dont go over the top and splashy like other speakers I’ve owned and heard. In fact when I first heard them on demo connected with Chord pre-power and Dave dac they sound analytical, too hifi and overly detailed. Im not a fan of Chord amps though.
  4. I think the Ref 1 are the sweetspot in the series. I just had a good discount on the Ref 3 so I opted for them. The Ref1 sounds like a small floorstanders. If I would describe them in one word it’s “incredible”. There are a couple of ex demo here in UK.
  5. @ChemMan Are there any Kef Ref. dealer in your area?
  6. I have home demo the 20.24 for 2 weeks a couple of yrs ago and I found them a bit lean on presentation and I ended up with Focal 1028be. YMMV
  7. Are you referring to the PMC 20.24 or 25.24?
  8. I don’t find Sonus Faber sound bright at all. Maybe with the exception of the Venere series?
  9. Cno, You know you’re always welcome to visit in my humble abode if you got the chance here in SW Wales!
  10. What’s the reason behind that it’s a bad idea to have wireless networking in a dac?
  11. All 3 Cno.. My tt benefits most as I found the sound much cleaner without being cold or analytical. Versatility? absolutely as its modular which you can adjust shelves height when required. You can also add more shelves not only vertically but horizontally by just adding 2 and not 4 pillars. Built quality is solid and very stable. The pillars can be filled with sand or the like. Looks? I wont spend this amount if they dont look impressive. Imo the best rack I’ve seen so far. Thanks
  12. The best rack I’ve had is Solid Tech Hybrid.
  13. Just added 2 more shelves..
  14. Im still in the process if getting used to them Cno.. In fact I can now listen to some of my cd collection which I found sounding bright with the Focals. The music transformation is remarkable. Im using the long port tubes as they sound better in my room compared to short which is too much bass. I have phoned the Gaia retailer and they’re looking for the right bolts to fit the Refs.
  15. Thanks Pp.. I’ll give them a little bit more time to settle in before sharing my final thoughts.
  16. Hi Mac.. I have replied a while ago. Maybe you’re here while Im there. Thanks my friend. To answer your question.. No nothing really I miss from the Focals apart from the Focals are easy to move in position as the Refs are too heavy and the piano black finish is a dust magnet.
  17. Thanks Quest.. ATM I have an unopened Bluesound node2 here which Im planning to sell.
  18. You nailed it in the head Cno! That’s what Im hearing even they’re just been out from their boxes. More refined, big, bold music just floats in the air so wide and deep. Vocals are more “matured” with plenty of weight and absolute clarity and definition. Bass is more tight and punch really hard as if there’s a sub under my sofa and thump on my chest! The only “downside” is that they are so f***ng heavy and very difficult to move.
  19. @CnoEvilI had a chat with Ellisdj with regards to the Gaia IIs. I need to order diff. sets of thread to fit the Ref3. BTW I don't see much difference on the volume knob loudness bet. the Refs and Focals (87.5 vs 91)db. At 9.5 o'clock is pretty loud and I cant get pass 10 on the dial. The AMS can hold the Refs on their neck without a sweat. Thanks Nopiano Thanks Old Git..
  20. @CnoEvil It was a very exhausting day for me. The pallet arrived at 10am while Im still at work. My wife received them and were left for 2 hrs outside the house. Fortunately the weather is dry and calm. Mrs. Ice and my daughter managed to bring them in with struggle. The two boxes are quite huge and heavy so my daughter gave me a hand unpacking them which took us about an hour or so. I was not able to fit the Gaia II as there is resistance to put the tread so left them without. Im really worried that they might overwhelm the room as they are so deep and tall compare to my Focals. But those worries just disappear when I pushed the play button! When I demo the Ref 3 with MF M6si Im impressed but that is nothing compare to what Im hearing now with the AMS 35i (goosebumps and more goosebumps)!
  21. They’re here. Will post some pics later. Cno can you please pick my jaw from the floor!!
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