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  1. A couple of old Hi-Fi magazines available if anyone is interested (just cover postage costs): Hi-Fi News and Record Review - November 1999 Hi-Fi Choice - August 2012
  2. typeo

    WTD tonearm cable

    Audio Origami? http://www.audioorigami.co.uk/tone-arm-rewires/
  3. Magazines have gone
  4. Headphones now taken
  5. Awaiting a response from "Maestoso" in regards to these as he expressed an interest. Will come back to you tomorrow.
  6. Yes that's right single Jordan JX92 driver. I home demo'd the set from Audio-T in Reading before purchasing my own set. Their's were finished in the British Racing Green felt but the set I purchased are in black. I moved from some Mordaunt Short MS-20 speakers. At the time I had a small listening room and the FR-1's were great there. So much so that the REL sub I bought to go with them I found wasn't needed. It would be a different story in a larger room though.
  7. I have a few Pioneer items around: PD-S505 Precision CD Player - in storage A-300R Precision Amp with one of the Full Monty upgrades completed by Tom Evans. I believe there were 2 or 3 stages to the upgrade though. I believe mine has one of the earlier ones. The power socket was changed and it has the blue LED fitted, however it still has the phono stage installed. I think the level 2 had this removed, and the level 3 was the conversion to mono? If anyone has more info on these I'd be interested to know. I need to get around to setting this up with my TV and some TEAD EIKOS FR-1 speakers. PD-S904 - in storage for spares in case the below ever needs any parts Acoustic Precision EIKOS with the later upgrades as I had the Pulse PSU added My A-300X is still in use at my parents house with a PD-7700 I believe and one of the tuners from that era. A relative used to have some of the old separates of theirs too, was gutted when they got rid of the turntable to someone without asking me first!
  8. Yep sure, will wait to hear back from you. Shold have mentioned in original post, only postage costs need covering for these.
  9. I have an old set of AKG K80 headphones available if anyone wants them. They are as pictured here: https://mans.io/item/akg/k80 Come in box with the 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter however, the foam in the ear cushion has disintegrated so will need replacing with some suitable material. The shell tha the foam tucks into is there. They had very little use and spent most of there time in the box!
  10. Yes sure. I will sort out a postage quote.
  11. I've found the following mags after a clearout if of any use to anyone. All free, just cover postage cost. Hi-Fi Choice - Issue 253 - May 2004 Hi-Fi Choice - Issue 235 - December 2002 Hi-Fi Choice - Issue 232 - September 2002 Hi-Fi Choice - Issue 186 - January 1999 Hi-Fi Choice - Issue 182 - October 1998 Hi-Fi News - Vol 55 No 6 - June 2010 Hi-Fi News - Vol 49 No 5 - May 2004
  12. The Acoustic Precision FR1 used a single driver JX92 design. They come up for sale sporadically. May be worth looking at the later Eikona driver, there are plans on the Jordan website for some designs.
  13. typeo

    Ear cleaning .

    I've found the OTEX stuff is good: http://www.otexear.com/ You put in the liquid over 4 days which softens the wax, then use the small bellows type thing to blast hot water in and remove the wax. In my case it also took out my brain as well but at least I can hear OK now.
  14. The sound gets "boomy" above the box levels there as others have said. One other thing maybe worth mentioning. On a recent visit I had a ticket for a restricted legroom seat and being over 6ft it really is cramped (I was expecting that so made sure it was end of row).
  15. Soundstyle perhaps? They did some very similar but the ones I've seen had thicker tubes on the corners.
  16. For Sale - Blok/Audinni LP Storage Price: £80 ono collected from Newbury, Berkshire area. This is a one "cube" storage finished in Oak as on the bottom left of the picture. I will add further pictures of the actual unit for sale over the weekend when I get some pictures in daylight. The unit is in excellent as new condition, I can't see any marks on it probably because it's not been moved until I've replaced it. I've only replaced it as Blok have stopped making these and I needed additional storage. This is a weighty item so would prefer collection. I could probably sort out some packaging to ship it and arrange shipping at cost.
  17. Was busier than I expected. As previously mentioned a lot of rooms were suffering "contamination" from other rooms demos. Don't think it helps when AV demo rooms are next to pure audio rooms, they seemed to trying to show the impact various AV speakers could make which generally involved high listening levels. Pub recommendations, I took a walk to the Brewdog pub. If you like craft beers then they have a massive selection (no food there though). Including one at 41% abv served as a 25ml shot at £6 a go. Across the road from there was a Fuller's pub. Have previously been to the Bridge Inn which is a very short walk from the show venue and at the time had a selection of Bath Ales on tap.
  18. Yeah, it's in the app store. Also a mobile site, details here: http://www.bristolshow.co.uk/showguide.lasso
  19. typeo

    Best buy 2011

    Probably the Rock TT I bought, finally got it all setup. Possibly not the best value item based all the other parts (Excalibur, Merlin PSU, cartridge, phono amp) I bought to get it sorted but for listening enjoyment and the fact it got me back into vinyl it has to be my best buy.