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  1. last bump on these.i have a trade offer locally that i may accept. if you are interested in the transparent ref speaker cables drop me a pm.
  2. Kubala sosnas now sold. Try me for p/x on the transparent ref speaker cables. phono stages/moving coil cartridges,stax headphones, maybe headphone amp/dacs.
  3. That is my one.If it sells i think i might chase down Ganders salas phono stage.
  4. looking to sell my primare phono stage. pwo £500. Open to trades for other phono stages,cash either way.
  5. If somebody takes both of these sets of cables off me id let them go for same money as the sme 312 arm that is on here.I have the wants bad!
  6. This is doing my head in.Just wrong timing.Im not going to pull the old "if my stuff sells" chestnut.Although i suppose i kinda did. Stunning arm.