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  1. well that was quick.just picked up a goldring eroica lx with low hours.
  2. £400 max I guess.Unless a ridiculously good deal tempts me to go higher.
  3. Looking for a midrange moving coil cartridge in good working to suggestions. thanks all.
  4. Just checking if anybody has one of these standard clearaudio armbases for sale.they can be bought new in a shop in Belgium and they are pricey little buggers,but the postage on them is just plain stupidity (€50)Just checking if anybody has one spare before I go a different route..
  5. looking to move on my reference xlr interconnects.Few scratches on the network boxes but generally nice cond. Looking £1000 and possibly open to trades for nice turntables. I also have a set of 2.4m long Transparent reference speaker cables and a set of 1.0 m kubala sosna expression rca's that can be included in trade deals if necessary.
  6. Thanks a million.i will come back to you via pm on that .
  7. Looks like my gyrodek power supply has bitten the dust and possibly taken the motor with it.I dont know for sure until i locate a suitable power supply.Im looking for a mitchell or anything else that may do the job before I contact mitchell directly.
  8. sonic frontiers sfcd 1,pretty crap and couldnt even use it as transport coz no outputs for dac-roksan caspian cdp sounded like cardboard,and shanling cdt 100 so overrated,no meat on the bones at all,like listening to two transistor radios...
  9. yeah.might be using a balanced mains supply,not sure im totally convinced by it though pat.. changed my cabling to transparent ref at horrendous cost,theyre brill but so they bloody should be,mine is an older ksa 150 which may be softer sounding than your more upmarket amp,understand totally where your coming from bout having to buy blind in ireland,ive probably had to sell on bout 3 out of every 4 items ive bought blind,and tough to sell on when you live in roscommon...wonder would a smooth sounding dac be a cheaper solution, supposed to be guy in north building brilliant valve dacs for great prices,long wait though as he builds them to order...then again you should get good trade on your pre,would be nice if you could get to hear this one first whatever you end up going for....frank.
  10. hi patbarry.. i sorted issues with my krell power amp by buying a recommendation from a time i was using a kps20i cd player...a friend of his was selling an antique sound flora friend had changed from a conrad johnson premier 17 to one of these in his 70k stg system,dcs,wavac,avid,dynalab cut long story short it has been a sensation in my system and put it onto a new level..these have balanced outputs but not inputs and i believe that canadian distributors can deliver within your price range...i live bout 90 mins down road from you so if itsounds of interest you would be welcome to take spin over for a listen....frank. oh..its remote also.