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  1. Excellent, pleased that someone got it.
  2. Any members from Sheffield? The location has been a meeting place for couples in the past.
  3. Some lovely systems on here. Very late to the party but here's the view from my chair, you'll have to excuse the phone pic which has made the speaker on the right look wider than the one on the left:-
  4. The robbery took place in London in September 2006
  5. They were robbed by some monkeys
  6. Thanks - can't see the image but found 'All the Lonely People'
  7. Hi @TIU please let us know the answer - thought it might be Chet Baker. Interested in finding out?
  8. I appreciate that this is an old thread but just wanted to thank @bencat for the reelaudio lpsu recommendation. I'd seen the site a while back and wasn't sure that a power supply could make that much difference. Having read a number of threads with various opinions I finally decided to give one a try. I bought a dual rail 5V unit from Reel Audio (Baldwins Hi Fi) to replace 2 smps units; one the official unit for a Raspberry Pi4, and another I was using to power a Tone Board DAC. I'm amazed at the improvement a decent power supply has made. I haven't had the results peer reviewed but my wife helps to sanity check when I'm swapping audio components about. I'm not great at describing this so won't go into much detail but vocals are more pronounced and easier to follow and are better separated from instruments having a similar tone. Bass has more weight and high hats and the like aren't as harsh and have better timbre. I might give one of the lpsu recommendations a try at some point, possibly building a kit lpsu to replace another smps. Thanks again, I might look at improving the router / network components next.......
  9. I can recommend Brett at Hear-Audio, the left channel stopped working on my DK Design VS.1 and he was able to get it back up and running. Appreciate that you don't want to be without your amp until September though. Good luck, hopefully you have it working again soon.
  10. Many thanks to you all for taking the time to respond and confirming that it's feasible to explore DAC options with the Pi. @slavedata - hopefully things improve on the Covid front and bakeoffs start to become a frequent event again. Depending on how things progress, hosting one would make sense in order to hear some of the DACS suggested with my amp & speakers. @antonio66 - from what I've read you're right about the Pontus being the sweet spot in the Denafrips range. I'll try and listen to one and hopefully get to compare it some of the others suggested. @greybeard - I'm wondering whether I might have been unlucky with the Pi4 I received, I've read that some batches run hotter than others. Changing the case seems to have this under control. @killie99 -thanks for the details of the LPS options, I'll take a look at those.
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