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    RegaP25 Heed Power/s
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    RB600 Dynvect DVX20L
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    EAR 834P
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    lyngdorf cd 1
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    audio/note 2.1x bal
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    s/f electa amator 2

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  1. I have a sut with partridge transformers made for me by someone on this forum i think Rabski'' works very well with my dv20L and 834p via mm input,wondering if this would be much of an improvement.
  2. Really that much of an improvement,is that from the cable the construction design everything!
  3. Does anybody know if this arm would be any improvement on a rb600 on a Rega 25 using a dvx20L.
  4. The 255i volume did have to be turned up to get the quality.The ECI5 especially after repair with the newer components and possibly upgraded ones seems to be able to produce quality sound at quiet low volume.I would suspect that the higher powered amps 250r or the 180 monoblocks from Electrocmpaniet would be even better,which i would love to listen to!
  5. The 255i was musical good soundstage especially depth,but when the ECI5 was installed again the voicing was more natural sounding and bigger even though it had half the power,but the 5 has 80amps current.It is difficult to explain in words,it just sounds right,i've probably got accustomed to the Electrocompaniet sound.Volume levels can be used lower for listening since the repair.In general very happy with it.
  6. I am surprised not many other owners have responded,i have owned an ECI2, ECI3 and now have an ECI5.Wonderful sounding amps.I used to leave the amps on standby most of the time and rarely used the on off power button,i was auditioning a new dac from Audio Emotion so had to turn off to reconnect equipment,on powering again the amp started to buzz loudly the start up relay or power line stages failed.Not the slightest problem with any of the amps for 20 years or so.Sent the ECI5 to Audio Emotion who in turn sent it to Norway.In the meantime Audio Emotion sent me a loan amp whilst repairs ongoing.The Perreaux 255i Anniversary a 250watt class A/B intergrated was installed into my system price close to £6000! Sounded very good,a few months passed i think 4 to 6.Getting used to the Perreaux in the system,wondering if the EC15 would be as good.I had almost forgotten how good the ECI5 was,the class A sound was wonderful,the repair and i think maybe upgraded components and new parts made for a welcome return of this amp.
  7. whats the price if collecting
  8. You wouldn't by any chance have the digital Reference 110 ohm AES Transparent cable for sale.
  9. I have these cables in my system and they are excellent.
  10. Electrocompaniet amps sound correct,very musical.The ECI 5 used if you can find one should be available for around £1500 or so Mk 1 version.