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  1. Classical is a big proportion of my listening; a lot of recordings are mixed in a way that could never sound truly convincing, like you were at the performance. For example the balance between the orchestra and soloist is often nothing like you would hear in the concert hall, even in the good seats. The BBC live broadcasts tend to be more natural sounding in this respect than most commercial recordings. There is also ambient information about the room / hall it was recorded in, which is obviously very different to the acoustics of my living room. Stereo has it's limits - multichannel and binaural are more immersive. So, I just don't trouble myself trying to recreate the actual gig, I just enjoy the "window" onto the performance that the recording gives.
  2. Many times. Given that CD players essentially blameless in terms of the limits of human hearing I just can't see how one CD player can convey emotion in a performance better than another. I really don't think that makes me less of a music lover, it just makes me skeptical about the values ascribed to certain bits of equipment. Speakers, perhaps yes but not CD players.
  3. Presto have at least 35 different recordings of Shostakovitch's 8th Symphony, I gave up counting after that. I'm sure I would recognise great differences in the emotion conveyed by each. I've never thought of any one CD player being more "emotionally expressive" than another.
  4. I think the reason that blind testing is mentioned frequently on this site, particularly in threads where some of the more extraordinary claims are made is exactly for the reason you mention here; that unsighted, the “night and day” differences once eulogised over all of a sudden become difficult to discern -a source of stress even. I certainly would not buy anything unsighted, not least because my subjective appreciation of the aesthetics of something that will sit in my home for years to come is a major part of the purchasing decision.
  5. Toole’s book is well worth reading by anybody with an interest in sound reproduction and requires no prior knowledge of electrical or acoustic theory. As per the subtitle, it is very much about psychoacoustics and is written in a way that makes the content accessible to the interested lay person.
  6. Yes it does, section 3.3, entitled "Stress and Strain" addresses the twin criticisms of unsighted testing: 1. Extraordinary stress is placed on the listener - removing the visual stimuli actually makes the task in hand, grading the sound quality of the speakers, simpler. "After a brief introductory period, they [the listers] simply settle into the task". 2. Sound samples being too short: "... there is no time limit - switch at will, and take as long as needed". The musical excerpts are short, but repeated in nicely segued loops to allow for detailed examination. Stressful?" How stressful is it to sit in a room and listen to three or four speakers behind a screen and grade each? It's the speakers that are being tested... Posted with apologies for taking the thread even further OT.
  7. A thoughtful, thought provoking and also deeply moving speech from the German President:
  8. File > Export > Export measurement as text. This produces a text file, which you can import into Excel, with a line for each measurement result: Frequency SPL Phase
  9. There is quite a lot of tutorial information for REW on the MiniDSP site, with a particular focus on using the UMIK-1 microphone but a lot of the information there is applicable generally. I use REW for the measurements needed or DIY speaker construction and cross-over design: Gated quasi-anechoic measurements at 1m - on and off axis Nearfield measurements for woofer and port at low frequencies, below the frequency at which the gating necessary to eliminate reflections from the floor, wall and ceiling renders the results invalid I splice these in VitriuxCad, typically centred around 300Hz, applying a modelled correction to the nearfield measurements to allow for baffle-step and the relative sizes of the port and woofer and microphone distance. I previously used REW with a home-made jig for impedance measurements but bought a Dayton DATS V3 which makes the whole thing a lot easier TBH.
  10. bobovox


    A lot of people are still at work - not just key workers but many of us are doing a full weeks work at home instead of in the office. The political threads are indeed largely tedious, among other things, but some of the threads in 2ch are no better at the moment.
  11. Toole’s book makes illuminating reading also. In the introductory section he quotes the founder of Stereophile magazine, J Gordon Holt, interviewed by John Atkinson: “as far as the real world is concerned, high end audio lost all credibility in the 1980s, when they refused to submit to the kind of basic honesty controls (double blind testing, for example) that had legitimised every serious scientific endeavour since Pascal. [This refusal] is a source of endless derisive amusement to rational people and a perpetual embarrassment for me...” (Toole does go on to say that at least Atkinson published useful measurements, so technically savvy readers can discern something close to the true performance of the product).
  12. bobovox

    Vifa xt25bg60-04

    Cool project, something like this is on my to-do list. Would love to see some photos
  13. Hi Robert,

    I see you make your own speakers. Do you do your own calculations?

    1. bobovox


      I do yes - for the enclosure and for the crossover. I would consider myself to be "learning" rather than expert.

  14. Entertaining and quite a lot to take away from the program I thought, and I agree with all of your comments. Also, very interested in the cabinet damping comparison - I've been thinking about a green glue / constrained layer damping approach for my next DIY speaker construction.
  15. bobovox

    Vifa xt25bg60-04

    There are Scanspeak, Peerless and Vifa branded versions of this tweeter, although I think the original was from Vifa. It's a 4ohm, double chamber ring radiator; I have the Scanspeak R2604/8330. I always suspect running in has more to do with "getting used to" the sound than changes in the driver output. The drivers are very low distortion and great value for money. Is your 3WC a published design or your own?