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  1. @eddie-baby did you use a Q=0.7 alignment, Eddie or the LS3/5a style Q=1.2? I still fancy having a go at a modern take on the concept but using modern drive units, possibly even using a waveguide on the tweeter. It will have to wait a bit though as buy with a house refurbishment at the moment. The price of LS3/5 type speakers is just absurd I have to agree - both second hand and new.
  2. As well as the Hegel dealers John (Lurch) mentioned, there are at least two in Surrey
  3. That’s impressively quiet - if it’s below the ambient noise floor (even at 1m) then little point in worrying.
  4. The quality of a digital interconnect is proportional to its minimum bend radius, irrespective of how impractical that might become.
  5. Unless it’s substantially quieter then any other fan-cooled PSU I’ve ever heard, the mechanical noise alone would rule it out for me if it’s in the listening room.
  6. KEF R3, Revel M105 or Amphion Argon 1.
  7. Not used it to date but thanks for the heads up, I may give it a whirl on Raspbian when I get a chance. I understand that Camilla will be included in Moode 7.1 anyway. I had been thinking of getting one of the Hifiberry DSP daughter boards to go with an existing Pi 3B setup. It might be cheaper to just get a Pi4 and do DSP in software if the 4 has sufficient processing power.
  8. @Metatronif it’s any consolation at all, I floated the idea of a DAC ABX test about 18months ago and came up against the same difficulties. I did wonder if, rather than attempt to conduct the tests to a level of scientific rigour that would pass muster in a peer-reviewed journal, perhaps something more informal would be easier and more appealing - offer people an ears only comparison between cables and leave them to draw their own conclusions. This would be conducted more in the spirit of a bit of fun rather than the study to end all cable debates, one way or another.
  9. I'm sure the crossover redesigns, if done well, could yield very significant improvements, as could improving the damping of the cabinets. It's definitely a mullet though.
  10. An amplifier really ought to shut itself down gracefully before it fries.
  11. I think it is a fair comment that the interpretation of test results should be nuanced - I do recall a Stereophile review of one version of the A21 (probably not a current version) - JA did express disappointment with the measured performance, in particular it's sensitivity to the impedance of the connected speakers; he clearly noted the amplifier's limitations but didn't dismiss it out of hand.
  12. I like Stereophile’s approach to reviews - both a subjective assessment and a comprehensive set of measurements with, crucially, some comparison made between the two. The Klippel NFS has several advantages over manual measurements - not least speed and automatic compensation for the room in which the measurements are taken. The results are presented in a standardised format. Yes, there are websites out there that fit your description but I don’t think that applies to ASR - not sure what your intention was with the second paragraph?
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