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  1. There is Retrotech coming up in September (26th).
  2. Yup, got that too, Robin. Good to see you Sunday. H.
  3. Many thanks to john for hosting another great do. Super to meet friends old and new. Most impressed by Jessica's turntable /phono stage combo. H.
  4. Hi John. Could you please PM me your address again as I have lost it. Planning to bring a Rogers Cadet so everyone can remember how bad things were in the past.
  5. Wouldn't it have been simpler just to increase the value of one of the big resistors on the board?
  6. And no mention of 6BW6, well what would you expect from a purveyor of snake oil.....
  7. Indeed, in stock form the HG88 is best by far and almost as good as the ST20, but the Cadets can be improved by some mods to be just as good.
  8. Love the Rotel repurposed chassis.
  9. Incidentally it is possible to build single box phono pre's, but you would need to use a toroidal transformer fitted with a GOSS band, even so it would ideally be a bigger box so you could keep seperation to the max.
  10. You could try a screen, it would also have to cope with the magnetic field so you'd need Mumetal or cobalt. It won't make a huge difference so the 2 box solution would be high on my list (in fact I wouldn't even bother with the screen, just go straight to 2 box.
  11. Oh I say, steady on. No need to show quite so much appreciation.......
  12. First reaction is the transformer is way too close to the preamp circuitry.
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