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  1. Hi Robin.

    Hope all Ok with you.

    I still have your tuner here which is dying to go home and be with you again.


    1. wizmax


      Hi Henry,

      Sorry for the delay in collecting the Stereofetic, its almost impossible to get tee times on Surrey golf courses so I have not been up yet, the last time I played up there was 19 March,  as soon as this changes I will be up to see you.

      Hope you are keeping safe and well and that the build is progressing.



  2. No, it's entirely the amplifier's fault. It can be cured by using special cables and certain speakers.
  3. The Sonos is probably causing the NAIM to go unstable and oscillate. It won't be the Sonos' fault but that Naim will do that at the drop of a hat. Bizzarely changing the speaker cables could stop the oscillation and the noise go away. This is where the myth of speaker cables changing the sound all came from.
  4. This item now on the bay. Apologies don't know how to do the link. Apparently the phono stage has been replaced by some chickens, because according to the text the hens are cheaper.
  5. They are 'lytics and deteriorate faster than the ally can types.
  6. Well indeed, but it still doesn't say if it's RMS or peak or what? Often a lot can be read into what manufacturers leave out of the specs.
  7. It will heat up the interior because there is more current demand from the transformer. However if it is designed to supply that then it really shouldn't get so hot. Hopefully it's not down to poor design?
  8. The A30 is Ok with 4 Ohm, (it has a 4 ohm tap).
  9. I wonder how 'Effective output 23W' translates to RMS continuous?
  10. If you replace the rectifier with something more reasonable, as I have already mentioned, then it won't run so hot.
  11. Some interesting stuff in the Supratext script but also plenty of complete Boxxxx.
  12. Well there are loads of them out there but I've seen two duff ones and heard of more so it's probably not very frequent but they are a pig to work on.