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  1. Has anyone actually had a listen? Curious to know peoples opinion?
  2. Hi, I bought two pairs of Monitor Audio GX200s from them earlier this year, half price when they were end of line. Next day delivery was included, excellent, no problems. Shop with confidence. Hope this helps Shaun
  3. The Firestone Audio Fubar USB DAC is very good. You can find a review here: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/audiocandy2/candy_3.html
  4. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has any personal experience of the Sansui WLD+201L streamer? I would be using it mostly for playing files from USB storage (FLAC 16 Bit, 44.1 KHz). I am aware of What HiFi and HiFi World reviews, but other opinions would be great. Thanks in advance Shaun
  5. I work for an engineering company and made my own stands, quality wise, they make the commercially available stands look pathetic. However, unless you are in the trade or know someone who can make them cheap, then it will be too costly.
  6. Hi, Have seen a few Leema Stream 2 CD players for sale recently. Just wondered if anyone has any opinions on them? Tried looking for some reviews, but I cannot find anything. Would be used with a Roksan K2 amplifier and Monitor Audio S10 floorstanders. Thanks Shaun
  7. Hi, How much are they asking for it? Any photos? Thanks Shaun
  8. Hi, Looking for a power amp to go with my Nad C355BEE. Any ideas on a suitable power amp? Does it have to be a Nad power amp? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Shaun
  9. Hi, If the original poster isnt interested in your Rega P2 then I am. Regards Shaun
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