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  1. I'd say you could do better than your current Ortofon Blue (2M?) cart on the Rega arm / Gyrodec. I think your phono stage (Leema Essentials?) and PMC 21 speakers could handle an improved cart. I don't know what your preferences are, so won't make specific suggestions. YMMV, but in my experience, most cart manufacturers have a "house sound" so it may be worthwhile looking at reviews to narrow down what best matches your listening preferences, then looking out for 2nd hand carts from that manufacturer to try out before buying new. That's how I found that I like the house sound from Benz and Zyx. I'd echo what Uzzy says about Audio Origami. J7 made me a PU7 arm many years ago (when I could still afford them ) ..... it made a huge difference. I was lucky enough to then find a 2nd hand Litz-wired 12" PU7 on this very forum. Combined with a new Zyx Ultra 100H, the sound is magical. Happy hunting
  2. Ahem ..... not to mention that there is a queue should Jake eventually decide to sell!
  3. sorry I never got your second pm.

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      PM sent again.

  4. I sent a second PM last night in case you missed it.
  5. Jack, the XLR outputs are certainly a potential advantage, but you'd need to feed to a pre-amp or amp with volume control as the Whest unit doesn't have this capability. Regarding sound, there're several reviews on the net, which praise the outstanding tonal richness, fast dynamics and micro-detail this 'stage can achieve. I can verify these - in spades. My Zyx LOMC cart, in particular, is a fantastic match.
  6. Great phonostage in excellent nick - picked up this morning & it's already making fantastic music in my system. Indus is a genuine hifi-fan, and a thorough gent to deal with. Thanks!
  7. Jagged24

    Buying in Japan

    Sure. I was simply giving an example to illustrate a possible procedure for buying in Japan, and not suggesting which stylus the OP should purchase.
  8. Jagged24

    Buying in Japan

    Try Japanese price comparison websites - like kakaku.com or shopping.yahoo.co.jp - before you travel there (Google Chrome automatically provides a workable if not good English translation) to check what the going prices are, and which shops carry stock. Stockists can usually be found in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka; the listing or stockist website normally has the shop address. Lowest prices I found for the Jico SAS N97xE stylus are ~Y24500 for the sapphire cantilever version. If you're visiting Osaka, this is a store in the Nipponbashi area - https://joshinweb.jp/audio/5320/ - which often has low prices. Good luck.
  9. Stunning shots Ben & John! Also like the flamingos.
  10. My continuing "ode to Borage" (and thanks to those who liked my previous effort) Nikon D750 105mm f2.8 Micro 1/160@f3.8
  11. I've found a magnifying eyepiece to be a great aid for manual lenses, close-up photography, or other situations where precise focusing is vital. The Nikon (round) magnifying eyepiece DK-17M is fantastic for this, but doesn't fit the (square) eyepiece holders of prosumer bodies like the D750 or D7000 series. There are a number of bodges described on the web to fit the round eyepiece into the square holder but they are cumbersome. I have somewhat accidentally found a very simple way to fit the DK-17M (or any other round eyepiece like the DK-17 or DK-17A) onto my D750. It came about when I ordered a China-made copy of the Nikon DK-22 eyepiece off Ebay. The authentic Nikon DK-22 fits the square D750 holder, but does NOT fit the round DK-17M. However, I found to my surprise that the Chinese copy directly fits the DK-17M to my D750 body. Result - a one-step simple route to this very useful conversion! Needless to say, I quickly ordered a few more of the Chinese DK-22 copies (about £4 for 3 pieces), and have been able to fit the Nikon "pro" range of round eyepieces and rubber hoods to all my prosumer bodies. If anyone else is interested - the Ebay UK seller is "Poppins1910" and the shop is "MaryPoppins1910". But please do note that I can't guarantee that any DK-22 copy you buy will fit the DK-17M directly - I was certainly surprised when mine did! It may well have been a one-off.
  12. Never imagined that Borage, growing weed-like around my garden, could be quite so photogenic close-up! Nikon D750 105mm f2.8 Micro 1/250@f/11