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  1. Is not the power amp dependent on the performance of the pre. I do not think that the power amp can raise the bar, if the Pre is mediocre.
  2. G'day Folks, How important would you say the pre-amp is in the scheme of things ?? My 100 points : 1) 25 points .....Speakers. 2) 25 points......Pre-amp. 3) 20 points......Front-end. 4) 20 points.....Power Amp. 5) 10 points.....Cables, Support Racks, Isolation tweaks. Happy Listening All .
  3. The Dane's build it pretty solid...... Agree with Duvet though... It s all about the sound.
  4. @addicted... Good luck accepted gratefully....as an owner measurements are of little consequence.What matters is whether it pleases me the listener, which it does....hopefully meet up soon to take this onward.
  5. @addicted... Yes the Lyra is quasi balanced, so the XLR connections are only for compatibility. I have been told by reliable sources that your interpretation of the Vitus topology is not accurate.
  6. @addicted.. How do you rate the Lyra Connoisseur 4.2 se ?
  7. @addicted... Thanks for the invite to audition. I do not profess to be being technically proficient , so i would like my ears to be the final arbitrer. Will look you up then... Cheers !
  8. @addicted.... So Fritz is out the window I see no mention. We could go on and on.. so let 's see you WALK THE TALK... I shall be in London shortly ... Set up a demo to convince my ears and i shall mend my ways. Could you be a little more specific on your amps ..a battery powered 7308 does not tell me much.
  9. @addicted ... Since you value the FIRST WATT.... " I would have no reservations trying the SS-101 with a high-sensitivity horn system, with which the majority of the listening is powered by just the very first watt delivered by the amp." Fritz on Ultra
  10. @addicted.... Which Vitus pairing have you owned.(Model No.s please) If you say the pairing is average, i must enquire as to what amps you are using. To me the Vitus pairing sound quite sublime. http://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CDAQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ultraaudio.com%2Ftwbas%2Ftwbas_20070101.htm&ei=_mEgTc77IsnirAfhyJTNCw&usg=AFQjCNFDhCw80al70O6X80WZohRnWbHzJA&sig2=eIdEXXTdsvS7WCJOuwlYtw Since you are quoting Ultra.. above is what Fritz had to say about the SS101 plain vanilla .. and that is before the SL101 comes into the picture. A stonking pre it is too ...
  11. @ addicted to sound.... Crossroads? Far from it ... it has been a steady audible improvement at every stage. I have great hopes for the coming changes to cause the graph to rise quite dramatically . I have lived with a number of top disc spinners and have no intention just yet to replace the 808.2. I find it very natural of tone and superbly open sounding while staying very evenly balanced thru the whole spectrum . It has my affection as well as respect. Have you had a chance to hear the Vitus pairing.... a pair of sweet nuts they are. I do agree that my speakers are at crossroads as with regards to the rest of my chain. They have been maxed out . I do not have any experience with the speakers you mention. I have been down the high efficiency route with an Avantgarde/Jadis combo and found it not for me. The first Watt is important yes.. but what if your remaining 49 watts were as good as your first...
  12. "Heading towards indistinguishability ''..... How boring that would be, robots the lot of us.. the same sound all over the globe . The magic that makes this passion of our special , bleeding . It is not necessary for every 10k amp, speaker combo to sound like heaven... given the variables that contribute to our sound.
  13. Are there any reviews , now a days that have critical comments ... have not come across one in quite a while. Chris Thomas of HiFi+ from memory was one of the few blokes , who said it like he heard it . Most of em reviewers are just waxing lyrical....
  14. Have heard enuf to know that in audio there are no Free Lunches . You may refer to it as a game , but if it floats my boat I shall set sail ........