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  1. Although I do not have an E-bay account I often browse just to see what the second hand market has to offer and what sort of prices some of the older products in my collection go for. I have just been gobsmacked by a Cyrus One amplifier currently sitting at £380 with around 18hrs left. Yes it's in very good condition and has the original box and instructions and whilst it was a half decent 'budget' amp in it's time I just cannot believe the price. That goes for some of the Japanese monsters from the mid to late 70's. These too seem to be going for double and sometimes more than what they were new. I tried a few of these amps in the 70's, especially the ones from Pioneer and Rotel, and can say without doubt that they were amongst the worst sounding amplifiers that I've ever heard. A Sansui AU217ll from the early 80's was the first good sounding Japanese amplifier to cross my path, so good in fact that I held on to it for 20yrs. Anyhow, I currently have two Cyrus Ones in my collection. If only I could source an original box and instructions I'd sure as hell sell them for £380 each!!!
  2. Many thanks guys. I can go back into the 'relax, nothing to worry about' mode
  3. Hi everyone, Looking at the back of most of my separates they state the input voltage as either 230v or 240v A.C., so out of curiosity with the help of a voltmeter I measured the mains coming out the wall socket and was surprised to measure 251v. Can any technical experts out there tell me if this will cause any adverse side effects either to the equipment or to sound quality? Many thanks
  4. It is insulated. It's the same sort of stuff used in mains transformers & chokes/coils, namely enamelled copper wire. You have to scrape off the enamel insulation to get to the copper. Still poor as speaker cable especially as thin as the stuff shown in the photos.
  5. I vaguely remember a review of this amplifier in the late 80's, although it may have been the original and not mk2 version. Sound wise it didn't differ too much from the much cheaper Arcam Alpha apart from the higher power output. I only remember this as I had an Alpha at the time and because I didn't need a lot of watts/channel I felt chuffed that I saved money by not going for a higher powered amp that sounded the same as the £190 cheaper option. As for your speaker cable I'd be very inclined to change it for a good multi-strand. It looks very similar to the cable a friend of mine was using with an Audiolab 8000A many moons ago and when he changed it the difference was so much better. Not too sure on your interconnects either tbh.
  6. This is as much as I could find. Price in brackets is for a 5m pair making it £2.40/m at the time.
  7. Hi Folks, Don't know if this company has been mentioned before but I was struggling to find a remote control for a Technics SU-A700 amplifier and eventually sourced one from a Czech company. Not an original but a direct replacement, so if you're ever struggling to source a remote but find, like I did, that most UK suppliers say that it is now discontinued then it may well be worth checking this site out. I ordered last Sunday, 15th Feb. and it arrived today 21st Feb. The remote plus vat and posting cost a total of only £15.23. http://www.remote-control-world.eu/ Great service.
  8. UPDATE : Arrived today. An absolute minter. Initial impressions very favourable. Will have a more in depth listen tonight.
  9. Thanks guys. Think I'll go for the Sony after the above comments. Nothing to lose for £40. I did think of another Rotel 965BX as the one in my main system has been exceptional but the last two or three I've seen have sold for over twice the price to what I'm paying for the Sony.
  10. Just an optical o/p as far as I can see from a Google search on specifications.
  11. Hi Folks, My old Marantz CD52SE in my second system has finally given up the ghost. I have an option of purchasing either a Sony CDP715E or Technics SL-PS670D player for £40. I would appreciate a pointer as to which is the better if anyone has ever heard any or both of these. I'm sure the Technics was the same model my cousin once owned when it first came out and if this is the case, then from memory I'm sure it had a warm, inoffensive and unexciting sound. It might not have been this model and my cousin can't remember either which one he had. Is this a Technics trait in general? I've read good reviews of the Sony but not sure how it would compare with the Marantz. If anyone could offer some guidance I would be truly grateful. Just want to make sure I make the right choice and not have that nagging thought in my brain wondering what the 'other' player would have sounded like. It will be used with a Rotel 820BX amplifier and JPW Sonata loudspeakers. Thanks in advance.
  12. I still have both the Rotel RA820 (£80 new) and Rotel 820BX (£130 new) and provided you don't need a lot of power they have seen off many amplifiers up to £400 that I have tried with various cd players and loudspeakers. Sold my NAD C352 (£380 new) as the Rotel was far superior in the retrieval of fine detail and had a tighter, more tuneful bass. Having said that, my NAD 3020i was even better than the 352.
  13. Thanks guys. Been listening again since posting this thread and they just don't do it for me. Brought my Castle Clyde's from 1984 through from the other room and they even sound more dynamic and natural, so it's back to my friend they go and meantime I'll be sticking to the JPW's in this system. I just thought I might get a more extended bass and refined treble with the B&W's but the veiled, warm, laid back mid-range is not for me.
  14. Hi Folks, I wonder if anyone who is familiar with these speakers could maybe tell me if they managed to get them sounding half decent as I have almost given up on them. I have borrowed these from a friend with a view to replacing my JPW Sonatas but I find them veiled and laid back in the mid-range with a warm bass/mid-range and a treble which seems to have an emphasis in the very top register. The two drive units don't sound like they gel very well together to my ears. I have tried driving them with an Arcam 8R, NAD C352, Pioneer A400 and Cyrus 1 amplifiers but all to no avail, the Sonatas still sound far more open and exciting to my ears. I even tried different cd players, MarantzCD63 KI, NAD 542, Sony CDP715E and Rotel 965BX. Should I give up now or try bi-wiring and/or a different speaker stand? (currently on Atacama SE24 just over half filled with dry sand). Thanks in advance.
  15. Oooh, I was very tempted by this too but my brain overruled my heart by telling me that I already have 6 spare amplifiers lying around that aren't being used.
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