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  1. Bruce, where are you based? If you can get them to Manchester I could change the valve bases for you. Cheers Simon Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. I got one of the stereo vinyl remasters recently and have been stunned how fabulous the production is, and how different between tracks. Shocked at how such a familiar set of songs can be so startling
  3. Do you intend to have audio earth and safety ground connected? Your description suggests that is what you are doing, but is it intentional? Typically with a valve amp you will have the audio circuit ground floating by about 10 ohms above safety ground (which is the chassis and mains earth) - try to think of them as separate entities, and connect all the audio circuit earths together, and decide whether you directly connect to safety ground at one point, or via a safety loop breaker circuit like the one here: A great article on earthing audio equipment is here: I recommend reading and reflecting on it Your umbilical cords between the psu box and the audio box should have 2 "earths" one for the audio circuit to connect to the psu ground, the other from the chassis earth to connect to safety ground/mains earth. For the DHT filaments, there should be no connection to the audio ground until you connect the output of the Coleman reg as shown in ale's circuit diagram. the Coleman regs are designed to float. If you continue to run into trouble, sit down and draw out exactly what you have built, not the circuit you are trying to replicate, but every connection you have actually made. It will either help you spot the problem, or will help you get help from somebody else. The fun bit is running into trouble, it is the route to all true enlightenment. Best of luck
  4. correct, because you are running filament bias, not fixed or cathode bias so do I !
  5. sjs

    Can I or can't I

    this may be worth watching
  6. I can help you out, I am in Bramhall. I have computers, oscilloscopes and a lot of other stuff, but no lasers unfortunately [emoji6]. I probably wouldn't use any of them to set up your cart but I have enough bits to get u going. Cheers Simon
  7. What they all said, call Kevin and chat to him. A nice quiet 300B power amp and valve pre should do the trick, just don't expect much bass below about 60Hz
  8. sjs

    Tandy Specials

    Is that the Tandy ribbon tweeter? If so I think I have a pair somewhere
  9. sjs

    Sony VFET Amp

    Nice job ! You are only about a year ahead of me :-)
  10. sjs

    6em7 valves

    Billington Export have some and Langrex have 57 of them best of luck
  11. sjs

    Sony VFET Amp

    The F6 also interests me, I like the transformer input/phase splitter, I would be interested how you find the F6 and VFET to compare.
  12. sjs

    Sony VFET Amp

    I have also received my 2 kits from Batch 2 This is a huge step for me, breaking a 25 year embargo on sand based amplifiers As there is a long list of stuff to be done I can't imagine it will happen any time soon, so hopefully I will be able to sit back and learn from the experience of others I am planning my build as mono blocks so I can use big R-core mains TXs and LCLC filtering in the PSU. Should be quite an interesting 15Ws per channel.
  13. sjs

    LCR Phono Stage

    I do, evidently the humour was lost...... :-)
  14. sjs

    LCR Phono Stage

    Yes, gone over to the other side. A great loss.