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    Linn LP12 Valhalla
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    Basik Plus, Ortofon
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    Edwards MM1
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    Marantz CD17KI
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    Foobar or UAPP
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    Soncoz & Chord Mojo
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    XTC Pre 1
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    Temple Mono Blocks
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    Aurousal Vivide
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    Sennheiser HD650, Etymotic ER4
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Great cdp. I've been using mine since new 23 years ago.
  2. I use two with the Temple mono blocks. Haven't heard without so can't comment other than they have been reliable so far & seem well made.
  3. I had Katans in a 3m x 3m room. Didn't work as the speakers had to be close to the wall behind. The rear port hit all sorts of room nodes. How much breathing space behind can you do? If not a lot be careful of most rear ports.
  4. Still have big spacing but I can page forward now so at least that is something.
  5. Unable to page forward. Terrible UX. I'm sure my software is up to date. ????
  6. 12 months warranty for parts, labour & shipping, thereafter parts and shipping to be paid for.
  7. Why is the WAM display all weird? Big rows with big spaces before and after. Been like it for a week now and chrome & edge same. Have I issed something? Sorry if this has been covered but thinking it would have been resovlved by now.
  8. I watched the presentation only to see what Linn are up to. £30k was a surprise but I knew regardless i wouldn't be able to afford it. Shortly after I caught up on a few Darko vids and saw him mention a new Goldmund cdp for £175k. It does however weigh shit loads and you can plug your other sources in. Bargain!?! https://www.whathifi.com/news/goldmund-announces-eidos-reference-sacd-player-yours-for-pound175000
  9. Amazing. Funny he is a cable guy! I didn't know Art D was dead. I've been reading some of his older reviews recently without knowing. My elderley cat has suddenly gone blind in the last few days and has been nearly deaf for a few years. She is amazing at nearly 21 but I'm not sure the ballon will work with her claws.
  10. The purchase did have some of his idiosyncrasy, but on the whole it was okay. Anyway I miss Keith here. Reading this thread makes me wonder if people are casting around for a bully target. If everyone has to think the same dogma life is boring.
  11. Close but I was using a better DAC on the 3 in1.
  12. Out of interest. Why this Perreaux exactly?
  13. Gone up. I got mine last year from Keith for £385 delivered
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