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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've got a trial version of dBpoweramp cd ripper. Have had a bit of a play and have got a lot of questions I will try & work out before reaching out for further help. Cheers
  2. A bit surprised there are no recommendations. Perhaps there aren't a lot of products that can compare to the Mojo at the same price point.
  3. That is a very kind offer. Mine is read max 24x. I will PM you.
  4. It can be but it is not recommended. It gets hot enough when running on battery. The extra heat will most likely shorten the battery life. I'm on my second battery now so want to be very careful with it.
  5. My Mojo sounds good but I only use it at home and get a bit sick of recharging it. A mains powered device seems the best solution. What are the options for similar money to the Mojo? Thanks
  6. I have about 600 CDs to rip to FLAC. It will be quite a big job so I want to get it done right from the start. I don't have a dedicated ripper machine. I am thinking of buying dBpoweramp cd ripper and using my Win10 laptop. I like the idea of doing simultaneous rips as I would like to rip to FLAC & 320k MP3 at same time. Should I consider using Exact Audio Copy instead? Any advice will be appreciated. Will the metadata be okay using dBpoweramp? I don't like the idea of stuffing around fixing problems. Last time I ripped was about 10+ years ago when ripping half the collection to AAC for my Ipod. It seemed like quite a big job. These were done only at 256k so the 320k MP3 files will replace the AAC.
  7. The Neats were described as good condition. Did they match up to your expectations for condition?
  8. If D&B is your thing then the sub would be ideal to switch in when required. I've got progressions sessions and have seen Bukem & Conrad when I lived in Melbourne. I didn't expect anyone to reference them here, just goes to show there is a wide range of tastes here.
  9. Next time I'm back in NZ I will try & get it off him and bring it back. There does seem to be love for them over here.
  10. Might be worth a try. I could get away with a 3 metre USB C to USB C or an A to C, if I can find a reasonable qulity one of that length. My DAC has B & C inputs so I could use the C for a long run withour disconnecting the shorter B input.
  11. I think I read somewhere USB leads are better kept shorter. I can't remember the rationale.
  12. It has a big port on the back so assume it is a bass reflex design.
  13. Yes this is what I use at present. Qobuz app on Win10 using WASAPI exclusive, USB to DAC, works well. I'm just restricted by the 0.75 metre lead. The Android running UAPP works well too. It has a UPnP function so I was trinh to go Linn Kazoo on laptop wireless connection to Bubble on phone and the the UPnP renderer within UAPP, but UPnP in UAPP or Foobar Mobile doesn't allow it. Deliberate restriction I think.