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  1. Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at the Star Club Incendiary rock n roll!
  2. Nightmares on Wax - Mind Elevation, Qobuz
  3. BTW: it has a Coax Digital Output that is always on that outputs up to 24/192, DSD64, so can convert other types of digital input into coaxial. Not sure I would use that. Would love some other suggestions as to how I might use it.
  4. The SGD1 is £385 plus delivery. A reasonably modest cost for what it does i think. Sound wise I find it hard to discuss DACs and the differences between them. It sounds good to me and certainly as good as the Mojo I was using previously, although I haven't AB'd them yet as that gets confusing. I'm just enjoying what the SGD1 does for now without any comparison.
  5. I have had my SGD1 for a few days now. Circuit board porn below. SONCOZ SGD1 High Fidelity Fully Balanced DAC Introduction
  6. Thank you for the tip. Surprisingly I hadn't tried that already. Works a lot more smoothly now.
  7. It is similar but mine puts out 4.22 amps. Amptastic power supply for the TPA3116 is 19V 5.3A. So I went for one as close as I could find to that spec.
  8. I have had the TPA3116 for a few days now. It was £28 delivered and doesn't come with a power supply. I am a bit cautious with cheap no name power supplies so bought a second hand Fujitsu supply that puts out 19 volts for £10. The TPA3116 will take up to 24v but 19 might be best I read somewhere. The Amptastic Mini T uses a 12 volt supply and cannot use the higher voltage charger. The TPA3116 has no manufacturer name and feels light and cheaply constructed compared the Mini T. The volume pot is horrible. It feels rough when turning. It would be nice to find a well constructed TPA3116 (nice case, strong binding posts and good volume pot). The two amps sound similar but the TPA3116 has a slightly bigger presentation probably due to its extra power. There is a little more detail and depth. Bass is better and sounds like cymbals have more shimmer. There isn't much difference between them. I would swap back and forward and be impressed with both and admire what these cheap little amps can do. The volume pot on the TPA3116 is an issue. It is not very granular so I found running it as 9:30 - 10 o'clock the only good level. It produced adequte volume at that level but turning it up to 11 o'clock the sound hardened with the start of distortion. I am tempted to order this DollaTek version that runs two TPA3116 chips for more power. DollaTek Breeze Mini Dual TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier HiFi Stereo Audio Amp 2.0 Channel 100W×2 DIY with NE5532 Pre-level OP Amp
  9. Yeah I can do that, however the question really is why does one amp produce more hiss than the other?
  10. On my second system I am playing around changing amps from a Amptastic Mini T (Tripath TA2020) to an unknown build with a Texas Instruments TPA3116. The TPA3116 is probably twice as powerful as the TA2020 and I noticed the change straight off. Later in the evening when it was all on idle I noticed a hiss from the speakers that I hadn't noticed with the other amp. Re-checked everything again today and changed the amps into the other system. The more powerful amp has more hiss whereas the lower power amp is so quiet at idle. Is this a possible poor design of output stage or a higher gain power issue? It isn't a big problem except I like to keep all the systems on all the time and there is no auto power off on the amp and the hiss is slightly annoying at night but even more so for my dog who sleeps in the dining room at night. Just wondering what its all about? Here is a tech link from DIY but I need a real world decode.
  11. Nathan Haines - Vermillion Skies, Qobuz 16/44.1
  12. Moby - All Visible Objects, Qobuz 24/44.1 New Moby studio album released 15 May 2020.
  13. Joan As Police Woman, Qobuz This is amazing! Inventive new versions of songs you wil know!