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  1. Reduced to £675. Remote has some marks, but amp is in great condition.
  2. Phono stage can be bypassed. I used a high end MC cart with dedicated MC phono stage and it sounded superb. A real bargain TT at full RRP IMO. Very musical and engaging player, I much preferred it to the 1210 I owned several years ago.
  3. Award winning Direct drive TT with built in phono stage. Excellent condition. Almost like new. I have the original box and accessories. The only thing missing is the Ortofon Red cart, so it's ready for use with your preferred cart. Could double box for postage, but collection from north London would be preferable. https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/technics-sl-1500c £525
  4. Can't believe this hasn't sold yet, it's a cracking amp.
  5. Bump. https://hometheaterreview.com/audio-analogue-maestro-settana-amp-and-cd-player-reviewed/
  6. Ooh, you've gone back to the Transmission Audios Mike! Were the actives not doing it for you anymore? Or, was it coz you wanted to try the Sugden amp out?
  7. Speaker cables sold, jumpers are still available.
  8. This lovely integrated amp with MM/MC phono stage is still available.
  9. Hi Chris, are you getting my messages now?
  10. Sorry, this has been removed from sale for the time being.
  11. Edited at the request of another Wammer to provide a bit more clarity and detail: Although retired now, David recently fixed a problem with my Passion 8M preamp PSU and also looked at a friend's Dax Discrete. I also know of one other person who sent a piece of equipment to him recently for a repair. He has stated that he will still attempt to provide assistance to owners if they encounter issues going forward, but for how long I cannot be sure.
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