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  1. Hi, Looking for a Convergent Audio Technology (CAT) SL1 Ultimate Mk2 preamp with MC phono. If you have one or know anyone selling, please contact me
  2. Sure, I can do that for any interested buyer. I have never opened the unit for casual shots yet.
  3. Hi, Looking for a Conrad Johnson TEA1 or TEA2Max phonostage. If you have for sale, please contact me
  4. Yes it is the regular Liveline that I am selling at gbp 330. The blue sleeves are no more used by Frank Tchang. He has shifted to black since quite a few didn’t like the blue sleeves. Mine uses US type plugs. It is 1.8 meters Long.
  5. Hi, For sale is one of the most exotic phonostages in the world. The Walker Audio Reference Second Edition phonostage is considered to be the best phonostage in the world by many reviewers. It is the personal reference phonostage of Jonathan Valin of Absolute Sound. I have personally compared it with FM Acoustics and Audio Note M8 phonostages. The Walker made them sound like second class equipments. It is an ultra quiet and very high resolution phonostage IMO. Super short signal path. Just one single gain stage which can be adjusted from 45db to 70db. Dual mono power supply with 2 power cords inputs. Dual-mono phonostage module with complete point to point wiring made from medical grade wiring chosen by Llyod Walker. It doesn't get any more purist than this. Here is a review where the author compares it to Lamm LP2: The new retail used to be $25k. I am asking GBP 7.5k. I will ship worldwide and accept paypal (add 4%). Here are some pictures:
  6. Hi, I am selling a highly upgraded Loricraft restored Garrard 301 (oil bearing) turntable along with a special tonearm. This turntable has gone through complete strip down restoration. Here are the details: 1. The motor has been restored with NOS parts from the original Garrard motor. These spare parts are only available with Loricraft. As per their assessment, my motor is as good as NOS. 2. Platter has been refinished to make it absolutely true and even (see picture) 3. The main bearing has been reworked to improve the tolerance to a much higher level. As per Loricraft it is quieter than a NOS grease bearing. It is the same job they do for their 501 models. 4. All new springs, linkages, grommets and bushings as per NOS Garrard standards. Additionally, there are some very important mods: 1. Kokomo Mk2 bearing upgrade 2. Audio Silente idler wheel 3. Woodsong Audio brake wheel 4. Western electric power cord 5. Funkfirm Achromat platter mat The plinth was specially imported from Russia and is made of multiple layers of baltic birch ply. Tonearm: This is a magnetic bearing tonearm (like Schroeder). It replaced my SME M2-12. A very quiet, neutral and accurate sounding tonearm. For more info, please contact me as it is not a commercial product. Asking GBP 3500 with tonearm. If you do not want the tonearm then let me know, we can work it out. I will ship worldwide and accept Paypal.
  7. Bump..a terrific phonostage. At least it bettered my superline + supercap combo.
  8. No, it is for 110 to 120 volts. So you would need a Step down transformer of 150-200 watt capacity (as per Dobbins specification)
  9. Thanks guys. I have owned the regular Sp-10 Mk2, 1200G and now this Mk3. Yes, Mk3 is suppose to be more dynamic and resolved but the main difference with this implementation is the utter clarity, neutrality (without losing the harmonics) and the disappearing act. The plinth and TT integration is like one heavy monolithic rock. It gives amazing stability to the sound. I dont think there is a shortcut to it.