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  1. Have you thought of maybe integrating the HiFi into the home cinema setup thus taking advantage of the sound side of things from a HiFi standpoint? I live in a very small house and I have always used the same system for both types of listening however I do only listen to films in stereo at home (made the descision years ago after concluding that mutlti channel sound in a domestic setting is so impractical).
  2. Hi there - you are very near as I'm just in Surrey. Would love to try and come - can potentially bring a Nagra open reel digital machine if you would be interested.
  3. Sorry only just saw this - where are you? I'm in Oxted...
  4. In the case of the above and aforementioned "difficulties" re. bathroom operations one solution (though it has to be said NOT a simple one) is to get onesself a surgical Hartmann's Resection thus freeing your backside from all that pesky nonsense and turning yourself into a kind of reverse Dyson WITH a handy pocket size bag (changeable) and most conveniently attached to your waistline. Simply go about your "business" whilst running your room. Mine was forced on me by circumstance but has to be said does have it's moments..
  5. Hi there.....2 single rooms for the Saturday night please.....
  6. How close to Junction 6 are you?
  7. Seriously chaps......this is a lovely idea but a legal minefield. I would strongly suggest leaving the Hotel and it's PRS license (I imagine it will not have one) well alone. You only need one representative from the PRS to turn up and the entire show could be legally shut down. I can tell you that every single person exibiting and playing commercially recorded music on their system is technically breaking just about every copywrite law in the book as what you are doing, since the show is a public event, constitutes a public performance of the recorded material and is therefore in breach of the original terms of sale. Sadly in my experience the music "industry" and "charity" are mutually exclusive.
  8. It is indeed but also does PCM audio as well as Dolby A and SR. Scalford would be interesting but it is sadly too heavy for me to move at the mo (95 kilos).
  9. Wanted one of these for years when I was younger - now very rare in working condition. These were £70 000 new in 1989.
  10. Many thanks for that Wizmax......look forward to it...
  11. Sorry...back on track here with this. Can we have some kind of announcement from you? I will mostly scrap / destroy our machinery as I no longer have the space or desire to store it as it's prime useage annually was at Scalford - I hope for it to be put to good use next year at the show. I love our contribution to the show and hope for it to carry on....potentially really looking forward to March next year
  12. I wondered if there was any news yet on the spreadsheet and/or the methodology being used for selection of exhibitors?
  13. I hope to exhibit next year after Cancer so rudely interrupted my visit this year. Looking forward to the September announcement.