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  1. If anyone has one of these that they no longer use then i would be very interested in it.
  2. Does anyone have any USA re-wirable plugs? I have recently purchased a mains conditioner with 4 inputs but they are made for USA plugs. If anyone has any for me to purchase.
  3. Im looking for either a Shindo or Thomas Meyer pre amplifier and Power amplifier. The lower wattage power amps would be more desirable. If anyone has one they would like to sell please pm me.
  4. Hi its not the mesh plate 300b it's the regular 300b. I think they do 3 different types.
  5. Hi Alan i just purchased 2 sets of Emission labs 300b from a fellow wammer James (hifimad) 2 weeks ago. After receiving them i realised that these valves are really well made unlike some of the chinese ones. I only need to keep one set so 1 set is available if you need them, they have had some use i believe for about 2 years Price £225 inc delivery via UPS. new they cost around 624E,
  6. I have a pair of AER MD3B drivers, these are lowther based but a lot better. These are fairly new and just run in. selling due to upgrade to their newer version BD4. Andy
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