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  1. I am looking for a Tisbury Audio mini passive pre-amp mkII. But another similar passive pre-amp or RCA signal switch with a 3 (or more) input + 2 output option may be suitable. It is currently for experimentation of different equipment set-ups, but it may well be for longer term integration into a desktop system when I have found the desired configuration. I am happy to pay traditional money - or trade / part exchange if there are any underused bits and bobs that I have that you would like. Cheers Dave Underused bits and bobs include: ifi iTube Buffer Mk1 SMSL M6 mini da
  2. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Clear Spot. Vinyl on cans, getting late!
  3. Yes indeed! However, I found the same but different. I hope my 'found' in the post title indicates this. Perhaps your boards are of a different vintage/revision? A cursory glance indicates that the layout and componentry are fundamentally the same. I believe mine were designated NA 322/2. Many thanks for replying though. I wonder if I need to move the post somehow?
  4. They look some thing like this - there are variants. Different to the standard guard on Ortofon OMs which are easy to pick-up (no pun intended)
  5. Please does anyone have an unwanted stylus guard for Ortofon OMP P-Mount cartridges. E.g. a dead or dying Ortofon OMP <n> or Ortofon TM or Ortofon OMT 5e that is surplus to requirements? Many thanks Cheers Dave
  6. I struggled to do this on the Desktop version (Chrome or Safari), and couldn't see the 'Report' or 'Edit' option - which I am sure I could just a week ago - perhaps a senior moment. However, I was determined to be a good citizen and after hovering around I saw: 'Click and Hold to Edit' on the Thread Title. Indeed this worked and I could record the happy event of me finding some MM Boards for my Naim Pre-amp. BTW thanks for looking again @radiant red Not sure if it works on mobile platforms though. Cheers Dave
  7. No problem - thanks for looking. Hope you discovered some interesting things in the loft!
  8. I would appreciate you looking thanks 🤞
  9. Wanted: A pair of Naim 322 MM Phono Boards for a NAC62? I have Naim 323K MC boards in case anyone wants to swap. Thanks Dave
  10. I can recommend the Topping L30 - this is where I bought my silver version - now in many colours: https://www.electromod.co.uk/products/ToppingUK/Topping_Headphone_Amplifiers/Topping-L30-Headphone-Amplifier/ As far as gain goes, it has a useful switchable gain of +9db, 0db, -9db . Which I use a bit when moving to and from the HD600s. It also has, for me a, useful pre-amp out. It has good reviews and numbers and is well made. e.g. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/topping-l30-headphone-amplifier-review.15226/ I have a deceased Rega Ear that was blown up an
  11. Sorry I was being a dimwit. I meant Momentum On-Ear - doh! I keep getting my On-Ears and Over-Ears mixed up. Ear-blind. I have heard of the big bass of the Momentum Over Ear though - which doesn't fit with my audio preferences. Also the leather pads don't fit with my lifestyle preferences. So I don't think these will be on my shopping list. Not cheap either. I notice that there is a PX550-II and HD450BT too now which I don't remember from the last time I looked - sub-£200. A bewildering range.
  12. Hi, was this sold? Sorry if I am being dumb, but I couldn't figure it.
  13. With the Momentum over-ears I found that over time , apart from a desire for a bit more padding on the headband* , I grew into them in terms of comfort. I like the velour pads and they don't give me ear pinnae pain. For me the Momentum Over Ear, as well as having a bit of bass punch, fundamentally have that detailed Sennheiser sound I have always liked. I find their sound profile is not tiring over extended listening sessions [an S curve of enjoyment against time]. I am biased though, headphones have always been my main hifi listening mode - which started many moons ago with HD424x's. They
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