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  1. about the only aspect of a NAS that might impact audio quality is if it is transcoding formats (or doing something else) that means the CPU can't keep up and it starts to fail to send the data fast enough but that will cause drop outs or stuttering, not a drop in audio quality. But just shipping a FLAC file or similar to a DAC or streamer is barely any effort. Assuming its a half decent network then capacity is unlikely to be an issue unless you're streaming 4K video to several things at the same time.
  2. Apologies for the spelling but Tadio Yeuden (?) discs used to be the ones to get apparently....
  3. this is ironic for the Wam but..... try a new cable! some have connectors that make a better connection - fatter, thicker metal whatever. Pop into a shop and try one or two and see if they fix it...
  4. Acer iconia tab 10 is not a bad bit of kit, nice big screen for the money - about 130 i think. Or the kids have samsung galaxy tab-E, 10 inch display, under 150, just be careful with the charging socket - get on Geek (chinese shopping site) and get a magnetic charging cable for it. Both should run your remote control app easily and are basic android tablets.
  5. you need it if the CC isn't connected to your WiFi, so you can point the CC at your network and provide the password. Once that's done, the Home app is redundant as Spotify, BBC Radio etc all control the CC directly.
  6. 2 options for the CC 1. mini jack to phono cable, straight into your pre-amp (make sure to turn on hi-res or HDR or whatever they call it to get full volume and resolution) 2. mini toslink - full toslink into optical audio in of your DAC (automatically selects HDR or whatever it's called) No way or need to connect it to your SBT. Download the Google home app to your iPad, Connect the CC to the mains and DAC, wait for the iPAD to see the CC, feed it your wifi password, start spotify, select the CC as your 'device' in spotify and away you go.
  7. most of the time, streaming is easy - certainly the chromecast audio doodad is a doddle, some proper owd farts on here have managed to stream spotify with that. Squeezebox stopping support is a pain, but Spotty popped up to get it working again pretty sharpish and was pretty easy to install - for most of us a lot easier than adjusting tracking weight and VTA let alone changing a cartridge..... And please stop with the 'and you've lost all your music' argument. You don't own it when you use Spotify, you pay for access to the library. Napster/Itunes etc are different - I dont' agree with their licensing model where you own it until they decide you don't. But Spotify/Tidal et all are just a huge great library with no usage limits beyond 24 hours in the day. If you can't manage to play spotify you're going to get left way behind over the next few years - a bit like someone who can't manage google or email I'm afraid. Or like someone who stuck with wax discs when those new fangled vinyl records came out....
  8. would go well with this:
  9. Colin is probably less prone to bullsh1t and foo than many. If he heard a difference I'm willing to bet he did. My guess would be something that was wrong is now right, which is good for colin.
  10. Late notice for a bake off at my place between Preston and Southport Saturday 1st July. Music in any format (vinyl, CD, streaming but not hi-res) Let me know if you need my address. Doors open around 10am, bring munchies and we'll get a takeaway from the local Indian around 6.
  11. Given how little of cd's abilities we get to hear, I'm less interested in a new format than having what they currently have done properly.
  12. Does the lens move under the cd to try and read it? I'm asking cos my cdp failed recently as the laser mech failed and the symptoms are similar albeit I didn't try moving it manually as you did
  13. I wonder if it doesnt register the drawer being closed properly... in which case it wont try and spin up as it won't think it's ready to do so. Have a look for (I guess) a little contact switch somewhere - does the display show anything when the draw is open/closed?
  14. Something different every few months, then run the most un-economic hifi shop by selling the last lot off dirt cheap and buying a whole new setup
  15. If you're nervous, maybe buy a TT new (rega or project or AT) then buy a used amp and speakers. A basic 90's rotel/NAD/rega/pioneer/yamaha should be doable for under £100 and most have phono stages, then with a £600 budget you should still have 250 for speakers. Im sure if you have a bake-off at your place you'll get plenty of volunteers to bring stuff to try - getting speakers that work in your room will make much more difference than spending more on kit. As an idea, a Rega planar, rotel 930AX amp and JPW sonata speakers sounds bloody good and would have come in under 600 new so you should be able to get something similar second hand with no trouble
  16. pgarrish


    Why dont they do what everyone else does and just license someone else's cable? Rega, Naim and Linn all do cables, but they don't seem to do ranges like the dedicated manufacturers. (Mind you, it's all made by BICC anyway isnt it....?)
  17. You could certainly improve everything up front - a change of deck, phono or amp will all help - but for that sort of music I can't see you being happy with those speakers. I'd say try a pair of subs, or trust the nipper to behave and really treat yourself to some more suitable (read 'big driver') speakers.
  18. I heard compasses on the end of a NAIT3 then a 72/140 combo. Significant improvement in bass control with the pre/power. At the time I'd not heard many speakers so they sounded amazing, but I'm not sure how special they would sound now I'd say Obs need a decent sized room to work properly, Arcs are more living room sized. Stop being a pansy, and buy the Diapasons!
  19. Fair enough. Ten quid to put towards more music then !
  20. My Planar 2 is now (gulp, doesn't time fly) about 20 years old, with the original belt. Its not had a huge amount of use but I'm guessing it wouldn't hurt to replace it. But the big question is which colour belt? Do these fancy (and more expensive) white belts actually make any difference? £10 for an upgrade definitely fits my view of good value, IF it works....
  21. about £500 if you back it or £800 RRP expected.... Not cheap compared with proven designs at that or a lot less, but it is very cool
  22. If they are the pair he took to Steve's they were very good for such tiny boxes. But weren't they quite a bit over budget? Big old boxes would be my recommendation, the uglier the better as they will be cheaper then pretty boxes. I really don't like the ls3/5 type of sound either, especially given what they go for. And since stands tend to be expensive to get (if not buy), there's little to be gained compared to floorstanders second hand.
  23. I suspect it's adequate, but evidence of either measurements or performance isn't required. Fnar
  24. for £400 or £450 (I think this one is from Carl in Blackpool who's been servicing these for years) there is a Crown Dc300 on ebay at the moment. That should cope with the kefs with no trouble at any volume. A passive will work ok with short leads or the crown has pots of it's own. it isn't pretty but you'll probably sell it on OK.