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  1. If it sounds anything like my JS KW500 you should be well away. Edit - keen to hear how it sounds with Sonus Faber too. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  2. Nice one, Dale! Thanks for the heads up :-)
  3. paulbfd

    MF kw 500

    I have one that's been modified by JS Audio and love it.
  4. How far from Oswestry are you?
  5. This is potentially the stupidest thing I've ever asked - could you bang a non-SACD transport in it? You'd have a cracking CD player and DAC then.
  6. I heard the power amp version of this off an M1 CLIC driving some Magneplanar electros at Moorgate Acoustics and it sounded divine. Total MF fan boy here (runs for cover!) and I'm sure whoever becomes the next owner will be smitten.
  7. Thanks everyone. I'll pass on this one then - last two places I've lived have never been ideal but the next move will (hopefully!) be the last for many, many years so I want it to be right.
  8. House hunting at the moment and found one that looks nice but the living room is 14' 7" x 14' 3" - I know there's many other factors to consider but are those dimensions likely to cause a problem? Not sure how the vendor would feel if we rocked up for a viewing with all my kit to try out!
  9. I'll get it binned if that's the case. But how is it possible to break it that much it sounds muffled?!
  10. Every once in a while (maybe one in 30+) when I listen to music via my SBT (Toolbox tweaked --> TriVista DAC via coaxial) it sounds muffled. Most of the times it stays powered on whilst the rest of my kit is turned off but every now and again it needs a reboot to un-muffle it. If digital is digital, 1 is 1 and 0 is 0, how can this possibly be?
  11. I went from an Arcam A85 / P85 combo to a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated that had been modified by JS Audio and as good as the Arcam pair were, the difference in performance was pretty staggering (I'm now a total MF / JS Audio fan boy and upgraded to a JS Audio tweaked KW500).
  12. Came across replacement phase plugs (available in aluminium or brass) on eBay - apart from looking prettier than plastic, is there any real merit to these?
  13. Thanks Ade, I just edited my post as you submitted yours! Disappointed he's not on there, but I had that error on a few others which I would listen to on a regular basis so for me it's not worth the £20.
  14. Before I spend all night trying to fix it - could someone please try and play Peter Gabriel's So (Remastered) album and see if it works? I keep getting a "getTrack failed...." message. Tidal will not be getting £20/month off me if he's not on there!! Edit - just tried it on their web player and "None of the tracks are available for streaming". Balls.
  15. I know - I've been to your house! Had a few bits off you in the past, not a psycho stalker! Stayed up far too late listening to various tracks last night. Had file errors on some Peter Gabriel albums (typical as he's my favourite artist) which I need to investigate and a couple of weird drop out moments but I can't fault how good it sounds.