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  1. I use the heavy duty polythene sleeves from Covers33. They don't stick, ripple or crack with age like PVC sleeves and make pulling from a storage rack very easy because they are extremely low friction.
  2. Stanley Clarke - Journey To Love vinyl
  3. Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous vinyl
  4. New Tony Williams Lifetime - Believe It vinyl
  5. Miles Davis - Nefertiti MoFi 2x45RPM vinyl bought from MCRU at the Cranage Show last Sunday
  6. glowingtones


    Sorry, I followed a link from the previous video link and I assumed it was from Assen - I should have looked more closely
  7. glowingtones


    Ajo had a tough day all round after getting booted by Fenati in the warm up Fenati then hit Ajo's kill switch when they were practising launch. Utter nutcase Fenati got 3 penalty points for that.
  8. Chick Corea Elektric Band - First GRP German Teldec DMM vinyl pressing (I also have a regular US and UK pressing but went for the DMM)
  9. New Tony Williams Lifetime - Believe It vinyl
  10. Beat you by a year ... Saw the promo tour for the first album at a local club. Squire's on stage antics were the stand out part of their stage act for me, he played that bass with every ounce of his being. A very sad loss indeed, another reminder of what being a 20 year old in 1969 was all about sadly gone.
  11. Couldn't agree more, it was an excellent day out. Cranage Hall is an excellent venue. Lots of music and toys to buy (Supra seemed to be doing good business all day). A wide selection of kit to listen to and goodies to buy. I wouldn't criticise any of the music selected in the demo rooms - it's a Show - it is what it is - and everyone's tastes are different. I liked the TAD, Focal and Horning speakers, also the horns in the Puresound Room. The Albarry system sounded great ... but there's no point in singling anything out for ultra criticism or praise - it was just a bloody good show and it was bigger and busier than last year so they must be doing something right.
  12. Miles Davis - Complete Quintet 1965-68 CD1 of 6 ... the E.S.P. Sessions
  13. Miles Davis - The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions Sadly the Mosaic vinyl box sets are unlikely to come my way so this digital set which like the Second Quinitet complete sessions box credits Mosaic for the the text, this is about the best option beyond the vinyl - prices for the Mosaic box sets require a mortgage. I realise MD released other albums during this period but it's safe to say these 2 CD sets document the development of fusion ... money well spent :-)