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  1. Do you have phono (RCA) left and right out sockets on the Chromecast which you can connect to Phono left and right in on your cassette deck using RCA interconnects?
  2. How about Hypex Ncore amps? Was very impressed with them when I heard them.
  3. Gizza


    Some fabulous tracks there. Have added 3 myself.
  4. Gizza


    As they don't have any fairy dust in the design, would we have to sprinkle it on ourselves?
  5. Quite possibly but it may just be a bad connection on one or more of the valve pins into the valve vases (I've had this myself). With the amps turned off, I would take out and reseat all valves in turn and then switch on to see if that eliminates the rustling. I swapped some of my Mullard ECC83 valves with Philips JAN 12AX7's which seem a slightly looser fit in the bases in some cases. I had to reposition one or two in their bases slightly to ensure a good connection as I had the rustling sound. I did this with the amps on (moving the valves slightly in the bases rather than actually taking the valves out. Valves should never be pulled out with the amp switched on).
  6. Just discovered this gem - Joe Walsh live from Daryl's House. Joe, Daryl Hall and friends giving a great performance and having a ball.
  7. Gizza


    Interesting...sounds like he possibly knew something that others didn't back then.
  8. Gizza


    Thanks John. Despite being happy with my (£750+ retail) Van Den Hul Revelation cables, I'm still intrigued to hear whether the coaxial speaker cables improve on them. Sanders insisted in his white paper that his coaxial cables are the ideal design for electrostatics and I've read several very positive reviews of all of his products.
  9. Yes, he usually gets my feet moving, too.😁
  10. You simply enable the 'Enhanced Digital Output' app on the SBT and you then have an option in the Audio settings to output via USB.
  11. Gizza


    Thank you so much for your update, John. Not a great result so far from the Mogamis, then. Interesting comments surrounding the treble quality from them, though, as this was an area that Sanders stated would benefit from using them. I remember only too well the nightmare trying to assess components by ear. I compared interconnects over a period of several months and would finally conclude that I preferred a particular model, only to then change my mind again. I would be interested at some point, though John, once you've finished your assessment of the cables, in taking you up on your general offer of borrowing your Mogamis to try. I would be curious to experiment with dsp via my minidsp 2x4HD just in case the Mogamis are causing a shift in tonal balance compared to the True Signal and Mapleshade cables. I know just how different (better) my system can sound after merely measuring in-room response and implementing dsp to correct it. All the best, Gary.
  12. Gizza


    Thanks for the update!
  13. I have to agree with him, an incredibly talented musician. I love his general joy of life and sense of humour. I remember seeing a documentary about him in the 80's and boy, did he flirt with and wind up his female backing singers. Hard to believe that someone who was born blind could make so much of their lives. A true inspiration to many.
  14. I'd forgotten just what a masterpiece this is - Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in The Key of Life'. Looking on wikipedia at the list of personnel involved on the album. Wow: Stevie Wonder – harmonica, arranger, keyboards, programming, vocals, drums Michael Sembello – guitar Sneaky Pete Kleinow – pedal steel George Benson – guitar, vocals Ronnie Foster – organ Herbie Hancock – keyboards, handclapping Dean Parks – guitar Greg Phillinganes – keyboards W. G. "Snuffy" Walden – guitar Nathan Watts – bass guitar, vocals, handclapping Greg Brown – drums Raymond Lee Pounds – drums Hank Redd – alto and tenor saxophone George Bohannon – trombone Ben Bridges – guitar, sitar Dorothy Ashby – harp Bobbi Humphrey – flute Howard "Buzzy" Feiten – guitar Steve Madaio – trumpet Trevor Lawrence – tenor saxophone Glen Ferris – trombone Jim Horn – saxophone Deniece Williams – vocals Minnie Riperton – vocals Gary Byrd – vocals Michael Wycoff – vocals Larry Scott – sound effects Carol Cole – percussion Bobbye Hall – percussion Jay Boy Adams – vocals Nathan Alford, Jr. – percussion Henry America – vocals Linda America – vocals Baradras – vocals Brenda Barnett – vocals Khalif Bobatoon – vocals Starshemah Bobatoon – vocals Sudana Bobatoon – vocals Charles Brewer – percussion, programming, vocals Shirley Brewer – percussion, vocals, speaking part Berry Briges – vocals Cecilia Brown – vocals Eddie "Bongo" Brown – percussion Jean Brown – vocals Rodney Brown – vocals Colleen Carleton – percussion, vocals Addie Cox – vocals Agnideva Dasa – vocals Duryodhana Guru Dasa – vocals Jayasacinandana Dasa – vocals Jitamrtyi Dasa – vocals Vedavyasa Dasa – vocals Cinmayi Dasi – vocals Yogamaya Dasi – vocals Carolyn Dennis – vocals Bhakta Eddie – vocals Doe Rani Edwards – vocals Jacqueline F. English – vocals Ethel Enoex – vocals Al Jocko Fann – vocals Barbara Fann – vocals Melani Fann – vocals Shelley Fann – vocals Tracy Fann – vocals John Fischbach – percussion, programming, vocals, engineer Susie Fuzzell – vocals Carmelo Garcia – percussion, timbales Anthony Givens – vocals Audrey Givens – vocals Derrick Givens – vocals Mildred Givens – vocals Michael Lee Gray – vocals Mimi Green – vocals Susaye Greene Brown – vocals Bhakta Gregory – vocals Renee Hardaway – percussion, vocals John Harris – sound effects Jeania Harris – vocals John Harris – programming Troy Harris – vocals Nelson Hayes – percussion, sound effects, vocals Terry Hendricks – vocals H. David Henson – assistant engineer Don Hunter – programming, sound effects Adrian Janes – vocals Josie James – vocals Calvin Johnson – vocals Carol Johnson – vocals Patricia Johnson – vocals Madelaine Jones – vocals Bhakta Kevin – vocals Phillip Kimble – vocals James Lambert – vocals Linda Lawrence – vocals Irma Leslie – vocals Kim Lewis – vocals Carl Lockhart – vocals Gail Lockhart – vocals Raymond Maldonado – percussion, trumpet Carolyn Massenburg – vocals Article May – vocals Charity McCrary – vocals Linda McCrary-Campbell – vocals Lonnie Morgan – vocals Kim Nixon – vocals Lisa Nixon – vocals Larri Nuckens – vocals Larry Latimer – percussion, vocals Amale Mathews – percussion, vocals Gary Olazabal – engineer, bass sound Edna Orso – percussion, vocals Marietta Waters – percussion, vocals Josette Valentino – percussion, vocals, handclapping Gwen Perry – vocals Gregory Rudd – vocals Rukmini – vocals Yolanda Simmons – vocals, handclapping Keith Slaughter – vocals Rosona Starks – vocals Dennis Swindell – vocals Sundray Tucker – vocals Gary Veney – vocals Sheryl Walker – vocals Mary Lee Whitney – vocals Syreeta Wright – vocals Michael Gray – vocals William Moore – vocals Fountain Jones – programming Aisha Morris – crying on "Isn't She Lovely"