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  1. 😅😅😅. Grumpy old men...
  2. I love roots reggae with good harmonies. Culture and The (Mighty) Diamonds have been played plenty here over the years.
  3. I get the feeling it's connected with how much selling you do. I hadn't sold anything on there for some time and about 4 to 6 weeks ago they offered me 3 sales with no listing or selling fees, providing they sold first time round. I took advantage of that. My wife, who has been having a bit of a clearout and had a few ebay listings waited for a similar offer but had none. She has only had the 'up to 80% reduction of fees' offer.
  4. So much choice, Ronnie. I have a 32gb sd card and spare 8gb flash drive, which presumably would be enough to run LMS on the Pi 4b? I'd like to try running LMS server and Moode on it to see if that sounds as good as Moode streaming direct using UpnP and DNLA. Hopefully I'll get the chance to do that over the next couple of weeks.
  5. I couldn't resist the chance of playing further and have ordered a pi 4b+ 4gb rev 1.2. I'll be able to try the Digione Signature on that AND it should have enough oomph to install and run LMS Server on it too. I'll be interested to see if the LMS solution sounds as good as Moode when the player doesn't have to go across the network to access LMS. Thinking about it, do you actually have to have Picoreplayer installed and running if LMS is installed on the unit? LMS has a media player built in. Something else to investigate... 😊
  6. That's interesting, Dave. What player did you try it on? Did you check to see if there might be some settings in Moode that need changing? How did it sound playing non-DSD files? Regards Gary.
  7. Regarding the Sox, Colin, my dac automatically upsamples all sources to just over 700k, but it would probably be useful if you are feeding an NOS dac. I'm guessing I could use it to downsample anything above 96khz down to 96khz as that's as high as my SPDIF inputs will accept.
  8. Interesting, they sound as though they would be very good streamers.
  9. Hi Colin, my Audio Synthesis Dac is SPDIF or AT&T input only, no USB, so not an option for me. The 4 is definitely better for USB output as the USB has been isolated from the Ethernet circuit. On the Pi 3's, noise from the ethernet polluted the USB circuit, allegedly. I did try Ronnie's Pi 4b into his Khadas soundboard Dac though. It sounded very good and is great VFM but it was outperformed by my Digione Signature and AS Dax discrete. Using Moode instead of Picoreplayer raised the bar again and the final improvement has been to stop the LMS renderer in Moode and instead, use UPnP an
  10. Ok, videos that should help:- If you struggle, let me know, I should be able to help you. Cheers, Gary.
  11. Hermano, I'll post links to 3 youtube videos in a moment. You can take the bits of info you need from each one. Seriously, it's not that difficult. It's useful to have 1 or 2 spare Microsd cards, they're very cheap on Amazon for a 16gb Sandisk card. Once you've loaded an OS onto the Pi,vconfigured the settings and proved it's working how you want,cyou can shut the pi down, move the Card to a pc and download an image of it onto a .img file on your pc, as a backup, useful if your card gets corrupted (which apparently happens more easily with Moode if you don't shut it down properly before removi
  12. Great result, Andrew. You're quite right, people don't necessarily give the Pi a chance ( I didn't until recently) because it wasn't designed as dedicated audio product. The digital audio HATS have made it a serious contender as an audio streamer. I can't comment on its effectiveness as a streamer to a USB dac, but the Allo Digione and Digione Signature players are superb SPDIF outputting streamers. I seriously did not expect to hear any difference from a Squeezebox Touch but they are in a different league altogether. The other advantage, as you say, is that you are able to experiment wi
  13. A great album from a local, Brummie band. My favourite by them. The Steve Gibbons Band - Any Road Up.
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