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  1. Wow, the tattoo illusions are just amazing. Not normally a lover of tattoos but these are incredible art.
  2. https://lptunes.com/products/adc-stylus-for-adc-ser-iii-seriii-cartridge
  3. Thanks for the Pfanstiehl info .
  4. Having done a lot of research, I sourced a lightly used ADC ser III on eBay from the US last year, for which I paid £63 (+ vat and import charges). I remember there was also a brand new SER IV stylus for sale on there for a while, again in the USA. I hardly ever play vinyl, otherwise may have been tempted. I'm pleased with the sound of the SER III though.
  5. Interesting that cd quality files streamed from a music service sound better than your ripped cd's.
  6. A recent release, a reunion of 3 members of Drive By Truckers from June 2014. Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood & Jason Isbell - Live at the Shoals Theatre.
  7. See if you can increase the input buffer and cache sizes on the player, as this may improve things if high network latency is a problem.
  8. ...and Qobuz works out at only 12.49 per month if you pay 12 months subs in one go.
  9. You did really well to come up with a suitable alternative support, Peter. Well done.
  10. Buddy Guy Live from Redrocks 2013 Full HD
  11. Great to hear that you're happy with your AG's, Peter. i love how they look and agree with you about the awful looks of the Quads. It's like looking at a pair of the stone Obelis from the film '2001 A Space Odyssey'! I'm very lucky that we were able to buy a house that has 2 reasonable size living rooms so that I am able to house my hifi/AV system in one of them without worrying about how it looks. Cost was also a factor in buying these speakers, I think I paid £1500 for the Quad/Gradient combo (used) and another £2000 for a 2nd pair of EAR monoblocs to enable the active biamping, which I believe is a great price for the sound quality obtained. I really don't have any hankering at all to change them. I think the size of the room is the most limiting factor. Don't get me wrong, they sound wonderful to me but I know that they would sound even better in a bigger room. Anyway,I hope your system continues to satisfy. All the best, Gary.
  12. Wonderful stuff, thanks for sharing. What a great frontman Gabriel was. Unfortunately, I didn't get into Genesis until after he left. Only saw them once, headlining at Knebworth, circa '76. I do enjoy watching Gabriel fronting them.
  13. Lol, sorry, what I meant was whether your modifications had improved the sound or at least not impaired it. I heard some Avantgarde's when I bought my Quad 63/Gradient active setup. I quite liked them, especially as they didn't have the shoutiness that horns sometimes exhibit, but I do prefer my electrostatic/ open baffle dipole woofer combo with active crossover.
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