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  1. Behind in the braggard aspect, but so far forward on the ability to play music - from experience at many shows and dealer events over the past 5 years. Again, its a choice.
  2. I thought we were talking about MQA? The evidence from the opinion of others from Photomax is about absolute resolution capability and nothing to do with MQA then? So how does this support the "do MQA" requirement? As for that absolute resolution capability, given that 24bit is only just becoming available in any reasonable volumes, the almost total absence of any content of even higher res makes it a discussion for the spec braggards, rather than of any value. I suspect Linn doesn't care too much about spec braggards.
  3. The point you make is a good one, and yet more evidence of the rather bizarre choice of Linn's stealth marketing policy. It is sad that people are saying Linn is "resolution challenged", given that it plays uncompressed high res quite happily. Are these same people claiming that MQA is not resolution challenged? In which case, they're confused.
  4. I recall reading that Linn would lose the ability to innovate and that perhaps their upsampling and SO technologies would not be possible. But that's just from memory, unfortunately the source of such useful discussions was destroyed about 3 years ago Ironically, by Linn! I think Lumin did it seamlessly (as have a good number of other manufacturers) because they're not doing anything particularly creative with their hardware / firmware combination. Me? I'd rather have very fine sounding 16 bit and uncompressed high res tracks as my choice over inferior versions of these plus the also inferior MQA that tries to solve a problem that no longer exists. That's what you get for your £16k streamer, the best sound Linn thinks they can make, not a compromise. That is choice, wether you like it or not. MQA's marketing is very clever, but that's all it is, given there is no problem to be fixed.
  5. Those consumers are making a choice. They're choosing compromised sound on the back of believing some marketing fluff. That is a choice.
  6. I wasn't referring to MQA sound quality, that's a different discussion. My post is referring to the player design constraints imposed by MQA's rules.
  7. Just a small but important correction: Akurate and Klimax level speakers are measured, not all speakers.
  8. Some of their "bloody mindedness" is just as well. MQA is actually the best example. If they suppported it there'd be a far poorer sounding product coming from Linn who don't take well to being constrained in how to design the innards of their streamers and DACs.
  9. But happy to provide more details when asked and when available.
  10. Linn's green paper isn't sandpaper. Its actually coated with industrial diamond dust (of a very particular grade, I expect). It is specifically designed for the job, and they're very very clear about not using anything fluid based (with the exception of some Lyra fluid and cantilever material combinations) as it can attack the cantilever and the suspension materials. There was a Facebook video and live Q&A this week that covered these topics.
  11. If only we could refer back to the Linn forum - many comparisons on there of Exaktbox10 vs 2x Exaktbox 6. Including those at Linn with the Linn engineering team present and explaining why there was a difference - board layout. I've also compared 1x Exaktbox6 to 1x Exaktbox10 with the same result. Not sure why the evidence no longer being visible makes it invalid. The comparison with power amps is not really valid when we're talking about source level power consumption. And the comparison with Lejonklou and speaker cable length is also somewhat tenuous. That's actually one person's view with a bunch of followers. As you'll see above, the Exaktbox comparison isn't one person's view and its backed up by Linn's engineering team explaining why. Fortunately there is still a record of the demo at Linn: Some of the people there are also here, if you want to ask them about it.
  12. Indeed. If they reduced the price by 30% they'd sell a lot more of them and they'd sell a lot more power amps to go with them.
  13. All fair points, but with a difference. The dedicated Exaktboxes have proven that the board layouts are important. 2x Akurate Exaktbox6 sounds better than 1x Akurate Exaktbox10 due to the spacing on the boards. For the same reason it is reasonable to think that the Exaktbox DACs will sound better than those in the far more crowded EB-i and in the DSM.
  14. Yes, that's entirely possible, but depends on what is your priority. The best direction from a sonic point of view would be to add an Exaktbox10/1 and keep the existing amps. The best direction from a smaller box count point of view would the Exaktbox-i. In both cases, you could raise money towards the Exaktbox by selling the ADSM/3 and replacing it with an Akurate System Hub or Akurate Exakt DSM (later AEDSM is an identical device, different badge). If you can find a used one with a couple of years warranty remaining, all the better (just watch out for the later HDMI board, if that's important to you).
  15. No, but I can imagine the LKs being more laid back, less detailed and possibly "warmer" sounding - a bit more cosy, if you like, based on previous experiences but not this precise comparison. But I think its worth thinking not so much about the sound, but about where you want to go in the future. Exaktbox-i is not a dead end like it used to be, because it now has Akurate Kat as its DACs it is suitable for upgrading to external amplification in the future (the previous Majik level version probably didn't warrant external amps, given the source first hierarchy), but then you end up buying amps in the EBi that eventually become redundant. But Exaktbox-i can be a choice to finish on - a great way to go if you have no intentions of ever investing in further upgrades. Its very neat and very capable. So if, later, you want to upgrade power amps, then an Exaktbox6/1 or Exaktbox10/1 and some older cheaper amps to get you started makes a lot of sense. Personally I'd go for a single AV5125 over 2x LK140s.