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  1. Yes. Additional bass card, one more amp channel, another interconnect and another speaker cable. I think the Ekwal has the multi choice connector panel on the rear so that will need removing and flipping to the tri-active option.
  2. On the flip side, the Linn does actually work reliably. Lots of stories of grief with Naim firmware
  3. Think it was page 1 or 2 I said pretty much the same thing. But did not put so much effort into the words.
  4. Erm, saying it makes no difference but keep the cables a few centimeters apart is somewhat contradictory.
  5. I'm afraid you've missed out a critical element - what is the cable doing in the air around it, and therefore to the hifi components and other cables nearby? What makes you think it is just the cable itsself that makes a difference to the sound?
  6. These guys have a good reputation:
  7. I can make these work with almost any speaker you would like to consider
  8. The PS is one of the biggest differences between Klout and Solo - that and the case, but even the Klout is a slice of aluminium extrusion so kind of points in the direction they eventually went with the Klimax cases.
  9. If you have the room, how does Akurate Exaktbox10/1 and 2x Akurate 4200/D work out at used prices?
  10. Clearly the power supply is very different, but the audio circuitry is developed from Klout. Its on Page 9 of the manual.
  11. Are they no fools? Or have they gone so far that they are hampering their own sales to people similar to yourself? I suspect there are many more like you who will feel almost abandoned by Linn. Personally I think they need to move to 2-way and 3-way speakers which reduces the box count. I suspect if you were looking at 1x Exaktbox and 3x Twins it would at least look like an aspiration and not an unattainable route. Personally I don't feel "locked in" by Exakt, but that's partly because I can choose pretty much any speaker and make it work with Exakt. So I see the streamer and Exaktbox just as a combined source and pre-amp (with, effectively, the same box count as separate source and pre-amp) with everything else to be as flexible as any other system. My current system is built in that way - Linn is the source only, just like the very early days, but it is Exakt.
  12. Build a playlist file on your NAS, it breaks you free. It does mean somewhat more research required to find the stations though. And then to search out their stream URLs. Of course, this is not at all user friendly, so yes, an alternative to TuneIn would be extremely good.
  13. MDSM/4 also has a headphone output, just to be pedantic (my partner loves that!).
  14. Center speaker(s) Subwoofer(s) Passive Akubariks (!) A new Akurate passive 3-way floorstander at around £6k Komri replacement Updated control point software for iOS and Android - but not the tablet itself Amazon Music integration Refresh the entire Majik speaker line with 2-way designs Replace Akurate Exaktbox6 and Exaktbox10 with Akurate Exaktbox Selekt that allows the channels to be individually purchased configured up to 10 channels - so it can be configured with 7 channels to be used with a 2-way centre, 2x 2-way rears and a sub, for example And, just to keep the OP happy, a Hawaiian Kloth for the Series 5
  15. Upgrade from Linn only. Or, buy already Exakted Akubariks and sell the existing ones.