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  1. A new speaker brand will launch at the Horten Hifi Show in Norway on 6/7 November 2021. The A-Ha brand is a local blend of Norweigian and Swedish skills and will bring its first model, the A2a to the show. It will be launched as an active ready version designed to work with Linn Exakt electronics using Exakt digital filters developed in Wales by SpeakerFilters.com. There are plans for passive and in-built active versions soon. More details here: http://www.a-ha.se/a2.html
  2. Anyone going? https://dutchaudioevent.nl/
  3. Anyone going? http://hifimessen.no/
  4. Currently this is correct. Gilad did say he wanted to offer upgrades for the "classic" Klimax within a year of NG launch. Even if / when it happens it might not include the hub and it will likely be a compromise compared to NG products due to space constraints.
  5. Normally you're very happy to see others enjoying their systems & music and their enthusiasm about it.
  6. Click on the drop down "Wigwam Info" under the user name. It tells you there.
  7. Is this just about the grooved plinth, or something else? https://twitter.com/linnproducts/status/1451820880011612162?s=20
  8. A while back UKAndrewf compared KSH to Exakt 350 connections - one direct to each speaker vs one to left speaker then daisy chain to right speaker. He preferred the 2x direct connections
  9. That might well be the case, but daisy chaining is effectively the same or worse?
  10. I specifically mentioned visually. With SPACE, I don't think, as long as parameters are within reason such as actual space for them, enough room between them and not stuck in corners, reasonable distance from listener, speakers can be too big for a room.
  11. You are likely to be amazed by what they're capable of. Your dealer should be able to demo for you.
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