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  1. If you have Majik 140 speakers, why would you buy an Exaktbox 10? It used to be the case where you'd do this to get Katalyst. But now you can buy an Exaktbox-i with enough channels for considerably less money, and you get the amps too. Even if you were using separate amps such as x200, the Exaktbox-i saves a considerable amount of cash. If the amps in the Exaktbox-i were idle, will an Exaktbox 10 sound substantially better than the Exakt elements of the i?
  2. You could do that, but you'd just get what you're getting today. Your source will (should!) already be mixing the LFE into the stereo mix.
  3. By lower priced, are you referring to the current SINGularity or the Entity?
  4. Back to the OP The easiest way is for all the amps to be consistently connected and be of the same gain. Certainly the Exaktbox outputs are assuming that each amp channel will have the same gain and have no phase inverting properties. Pretty much all the Linn possibilities (at least AV and later) are raised above. Just one more that I'm aware of is the early Chakra amp adjustments were 0 through to 7(?) where 3 was the default position. There's no electrical difference, just the labelling. Non-Linn amps? Absolutely. Again, as long as all channels have the same gain its all good. I run Lejonklou power amps across all channels of my Exakt surround system. I've also tried 3x Naim 250DRs with my PMCs and Exakt and that's extremely effective (if you can put up with the hum when all is supposed to be quiet). I've worked on an Exakt implementation with Naim power amps into Naim speakers too - a modern day take on the old Linn source into Naim amps classic systems. I have a pair of Mission speakers I'd like to build an Akubarikesque power amp module for too. It would probably use Class D kits. If you did end up with a challenge, there's a possibility I could tweak the Exakt filters for you, to change the relative driver levels, but don't rely on that!
  5. Yes. I can create the designs for you. But I need the speakers to work on.
  6. It would be entirely possible to write Exakt filters for them. I would need access to the speakers for 2 reasons: to electrically measure the drive units and to acoustically measure and listen to them when designing the filters. It depends where you are as to how easy that is to achieve.
  7. According to the rather excellent Ripcaster Zoom seesion this week the bottom cap comes "pre-torqued".
  8. Thanks DavidHB Exakt Design cannot address Exaktbox sub. The way to do this is create a set of filters for the speakers plus sub in a standard Exaktbox. It has its limitations as you'd have to design the physical relationship between speaker and sub as a fixed value. And best with 2 subs.
  9. Not sure where you are, but for the UK its nicely positioned for a lunch break
  10. On topic, just been sat on the bike on the trainer in the garage. Watched TAPFS on the projector and active Ninka surround system. There's worse ways to pass 90mins
  11. I use the one in the AEDSM set to MM for a Goldring 900 with a Jelco stylus. But that's probably not that useful as its only there just so I can play vinyl should the need arise, rather than because I like to play vinyl
  12. There are a few differences, unfortunately not directly related to the name change. First is the power supply - whichever you go for, make sure it has the Dynamik power supply - it doesn't matter if it was original fitment or fitted as an upgrade, there's no difference, but it is essential to get the best from these amps. I think early Majiks didn't have Dynamik, or late Chakras did, can't quite recall, but it doesn't really matter - just make sure it has this feature. The second is the fitment of internal links which gives you the option of not needing so many external interconnects when running active. There are some Chakra amps that have them, earlier ones do not, all Majik amps should have them. Its not a biggy, but its a nice feature - I would still buy an amp without them if it had Dynamik, was the right colour and was in excellent condition - I just don't think its a major purchasing factor. The main circuitry is identical up until very recently when I expect they've changed the board over to suit a new manufacturing process, but that won't affect you if you're comparing Chakra with Majik as they'll be too new to be on your radar. Just as an aside on the links - the boards in one half of a 5100 are the same as those in the same half of a 6100. This means that the boards in each side of the amps gets consumed from stock at a different rate. Because of this I once had a Chakra amp that had links on one board but not on the other - contacted the Linn helpline and was advised of the above and they said a few did go out like that. Go figure!
  13. Davidp, you have a response to your PM. I think this can be solved and you can give the solution a try with nothing to lose Also, you can have a look here, but now the solution is possible with Exakt, I would recommend that over the method used in this review as this was a fudge rather than a proper approach: