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  1. Which company spends more money advertising in WHF? And they're wrong - CD quality is better on Qobuz (with the caveat that I've only heard the comparison on Linn streamers, which may or may not be significant).
  2. Linn is definitely heading towards the online tool as the only tool. But it will take some time, no doubt.
  3. There's a lot of really useful information and positive news in this post, but you really have to dig for it.
  4. Its normal. No idea what they're doing though. Akurate Kontrol/0 has something similar.
  5. I mentioned it in that specific thread Jail, I don't have access to Exaktbox.Sub designs, plus I have no idea how to treat an active speaker. Sorry.
  6. Exakt Filters for Ninka with OW2 tweeters bi-amp are now available. Ignore room effects below 110Hz
  7. I think shorts wearing makes more difference to the rest of the household than it does to the listener.
  8. I can't really comment, sorry. I play records about 3 times a year at most, so all I can really say is that it works.
  9. Exakt filters are now available for OW1 in Ninka Tri-Active. Here's the FR on-axis with the tweeter. Ignore the room effects below 110Hz. BTW, as part of this design, it was possible to see that Exakt adds around 5 dB to Ninka's low frequencies before rolling them off pretty sharply below 30Hz (presumably to prevent amp runaway).
  10. Ah, I thought you might be taking a stall / room for the business. I like the idea "Linn Club members in the bar, sponsored by Grammo" - I think you need to take pre-registrations and check the thread contribution count
  11. Its a good idea - we could post a time on each day for a gathering of the Wam Linn Subclub in my demo room and in the bar on Saturday night.
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