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  1. Pop it in the post David, I'll take some pics of the inside for you
  2. I dismantled a Sneaky a few months ago to refinish the casing. So some pics of the inside are at the link: Taster (with a top tip - don't put your Sneaky in the bin):
  3. Some of us do, once upon a time there wasn't a Linn sub-forum here.... Music is blind to the equipment brand and vice versa. I suggest sticking with the listings on the main site - you'll get a lot more of them and therefore more variety.
  4. Your example is moving from Oppo DACs to the Akurate Kontrol DACs. In Paul's case, he's using a digital signal from the Oppo and is therefore already using his Linn Exakt DACs which is what the Linn surround module will use. He would likely get a very small change in SQ (if any) compared to the change in your system.
  5. I raised it earlier but nobody yet seems to have pointed to where the Ethernet interface specification includes filtering frequencies below 150kHz.
  6. Yes and the politics surrounding it. Whatever you want to describe it as, it belongs elsewhere and not in the hifi threads please.
  7. Get the point, but the connectors of each cable could just be plugged in and out a few times on the same day as testing to eliminate this. Getting someone else to randomly change the cables, or appearing to change the cables would be more interesting
  8. I'm not going to claim fully extensive research, but a 30 minute trawl on the topic of noise rejection in Ethernet interfaces only surfaced an interest in the 150kHz to 1GHz range of noise rejection. It would be interesting to find out if that is the range of noise rejection that is within the standards. If it is, then anything below 150kHz, including the audio spectrum, would potentially be passed through into the audio device. I'm absolutely not saying this is correct or relevant, but if someone can point to the IEEE standard that says Ethernet interfaces need to reject noise below, oh, I don't know, let's call it 20kHz for the sake of argument, that would be of interest in this debate. Perhaps.
  10. Akurate server
  11. Keel EKOS SE Trampolin 2007