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  1. ^ this is a very important image. The World's finest MUSIC systems. Does that mean they claim to be "best"? I don't think it does, because "best" has so many different parameters to be considered which includes stuff like build quality, price, functionality, ease of use, service support, market coverage etc. etc. What they focus on is doing a good job of producing music. That producing music element they're certainly very good at. I've heard many many vastly more expensive systems, some of them touted as "best" by the hifi magazines, but so many of them fail to produce music, but some do and some combinations are better than Linn. I don't think Linn is consistently best at even this element, but a good deal of their products are amongst the best at producing music. As far as I'm concerned, I'd be very happy if they continued to focus on being very good at producing music, rather than trying to be the "best" hifi producer (whatever that might mean).
  2. The 40th Anniversary celebrations were in September 2013, so there won't be a 50th celebration in 2022... However, I'm hoping there'll be a new range of speakers soon - culminating in 2023 with the 50th Anniversary Komri Mk2 (with both integrated Exakt and passive options).
  3. Maybe, but those are just reviews as they were written at the time. When they reviewed the Naim unit the Linn MDSM/4 didn't exist to refer to.
  4. Once again, from Linn engineer: "it makes no difference....but we allow you to turn it off" There's a message in there.
  5. Hi Roo, Welcome on board and best wishes to your Mum for a fast recovery. With the proposal to return the show to Sat & Sun format, I'm hoping you'll re-invigorate attendance by exhibitors who will feel more like invested participants rather than solely as income generators. As such my payment from 2020 can roll forward to March 2022. Good luck with sorting out the situation, I wish you well.
  6. Thanks to the loan of a pair of OW2 tweeters by a Wam forum member, there are now filters available for Ninka and Katan equipped with OW2. First customer feedback: "With them (OW2 in Linn Ninka) in place and your filters running they are like new speakers, the timbre of instruments and the human voice is much richer, and decay, detail and soundstage improved." Ninka OW2 FR (ignore below 100Hz, the room joins in)
  7. They are smoother than the 038/2, but without losing the sparkle. If feels less forced, more natural.
  8. Nope, there are many turntables of the 70s and 80s that followed a very similar format. The only "relationship" turntable for the LP12 was with Ariston, which is a very well worn story with factions, court battles, conspiracy theories and possibly one or two facts.
  9. No reason whatsoever that it could be either or both and will be very dependent on the components and architecture of the product. Black or white is very rarely right - mostly its a case of which shade of grey. I use amps that everyone agrees take about 20 minutes to "come on song", and that's actually playing music, even just powered up isn't enough. And people comment on it without knowing their reputation.
  10. Me, I'm exhibiting too with a Linn Klimax Streamer, Akurate Exaktbox, Lejonklou Amps and some partially DIY speakers (or possibly some other speakers, depending on what happens!).
  11. The US has locally applied state specific taxes whereas the UK has consistent VAT included in pricing
  12. Bass in the side would be an interesting one - it would partially point towards the rear wall. Might be an issue.
  13. This is interesting. What if you could turn off the DAC in the KDS? That would be even more interesting.
  14. Don't ignore marketing reasons, to meet perceptions in the market, valid or not.
  15. I understand, which is why I mentioned that issue. The structure is crap. If it was better Qobuz could pay the artists more.
  16. I'm working on modified Ninkas for the Wam show. 4 drivers, but will probably run it 3-way Exakt. They will be there if they sound good, but I have an alternative pair of standard PMCs on standby if it doesn't go well...
  17. Just had mine too. Family Studio subscription down to £199.99 for 12 months - that's 5x users at £3.33 each per month. Remarkable value, but I can't help thinking that more could go to the artists (not the labels).
  18. There are choices of quality here - think of it like different quality phono stages. In the electronics, such choice is not offered. If you want such a thing, look to Salisbury for a confusing array of choices!
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