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  1. These will soon be available for Katan, Ninka and Keildih. Design work is under way.
  2. Update on Exakt filters for Hiquphon tweeters. Katan / OW1 are available now. The following will be available shortly: Katan / OW2 Ninka / OW1 bi-amped and tri-amped Ninka / OW2 bi-amped and tri-amped Keilidh / OW1 tri-amped Keilidh / OW2 tri-amped
  3. No, officially no difference. However, some say that the new circuit boards which were a result of machinery upgrades in the factory in late 2018 may improve the way it sounds - Linn say no change.
  4. The old problem with this is why this would be the case with albums that started life in the digital domain.
  5. Here's my punt - I've put them in musicality order, not sure if that's what the OP was aiming at. Komri has a question mark because I've never heard them passive so its a guess based on their active performance. Top = best. (Komri ?) Akubarik Ninka Katan Isobarik Keilidh 109
  6. I've never heard them passive, so its difficult to know to include them in this thread or not. I can imagine them being a bit underwhelming after hearing them active and better still Exakt active.
  7. Thank you for the update Peter. This helps enormously with decisioning. Perhaps add to the main announcement to add some clarity there?
  8. This. If you like Nitin Sawhney, give it a listen. If you don't know who Nitin Sawhney is, give them both a listen
  9. You either need a source that can decode muti-channels into a PCM stream for the ASH or you need HDMI input to the ASH and the onboard surround sound processor which is a dealer fit upgrade. As you have an ASH, then you need an Exaktbox of some sort to drive the rears - most compact would be MEB-i or AEB-i. Otherwise an AEB6 or AEB6/1 and 4 power amp channels. You'd also need someone to create Exakt filters for Kan as Linn don't provide them, and your Kans would need to have their passive crossovers removing and different terminals adding - apparently Kan can be damaged by taking the
  10. It could be considered here that multiple suppliers, offering to self fund the services they are providing, are being ignored by the customer... Its a complex multi-way relationship built on co-operation and tonnes of good will, in order to work. It is not always apparent that this is understood.
  11. First question on supported subs - if the internal process at Linn is like the external process to provide information to them, then any speaker or sub with Exakt filters available will have been measured for SPACE. Second question, I'm going to have to say I really don't know the full answer to that. If the sub was passive and the crossover could be taken out then yes, a standard Exaktbox could be dedicated to driving a sub and could run a profile designed in Exakt.Design for that sub. If you mean can a passive sub be added to a single channel of and Exaktbox along with a pair of stereo
  12. It is possible if the right tools are available with the speaker and the person with the speaker knows how to operate them. I imagine that the majority of loudspeaker companies would have these things. I'm working like that on a design right now and it is possible, but its far from ideal.
  13. Don't confuse providing speaker measurements for SO with those for Exakt. Providing the physical measurements for SO is fairly straightforward (with a tiny little bit more effort and tooling for a ported speaker) and is the last step in enabling Linn to create an SO profile for that speaker. However, it is merely the first step in the Exakt process which is more complex that you have described. After that there are electrical measurements of drivers in and out of the cabinet, calculations, design work, acoustic measurement and iterative changes to the design work. Then an Exakt filter i
  14. You're highly unlikely to find used Organik modules for Akubariks, but you will find used KSH/1 on the market in time. So to me that seems like a great way to choose - whichever comes first, the new modules or the used KSH/1.
  15. If I said that it would have been summarising what I'd read and based on hearing them in Keltiks. To date I've never heard them in Ninka, but will in the next week or so. I like the way they work in Katan, but I think I'd say as a fine replacement for broken drivers, rather than a deliberate upgrade and with the correct Exakt filters.
  16. Absolutely this, we need some details in order to confirm commitment. Looking forward to seeing the proposals.
  17. OK, here's the first result with Katan This measurement is vertically aligned to tweeter but horizontally 15 deg off-axis. Ignore everything below 110Hz due to the room. By measuring from a few different microphone positions I found that the dip centered around 3500Hz is due to interference between the treble and bass driver at the distance I normally use to take design measurements. The design has reduced its impact but its still there. I show this measurement so that you can compare them with the microphone in precisely the same position, otherwise comparison would be a bit
  18. Quite possibly, but you might hear an advantage (and yes, I do understand that people have different priorities!)
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