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  1. Hefty price rise for Auralic products, was considering Vega 2.1 but think I'll look elsewhere now
  2. daveyu


    Yes I have my 2nd system amp back now all sorted Graham had some new better transformers made for it Fixed and more reliable
  3. personally I rate his reviews most reviewers only review gear that they rate I think, but obviously it's all a matter if taste
  4. Has anyone heard the Sirius with the Aries seems very expensive for what it does?
  5. Not tried it yet, but they are offering 3 months trial at the moment
  6. G2.1 now supports Amazon Unlimited Music alongside Qobuz and Tidal
  7. Argh, DAC has XLR out, but no AES in, shall be changing DAC next year, must get one with AES in
  8. Will try different connection to dac, yes the smsl has aes input so that might be an option Also occurred yesterday when nothing was playing just both units on
  9. Aries G2.1 firmware just been updated to vers. 18 and Lightening DS update
  10. Well when working the G2.1 is connected to my smsl dac via usb and the dac is enabled in Roon but after several hours of play Roon says no audio device connected and the G2.1 display says no system output Connected to network via ethernet cable no problem with connection Switching the g2.1 off and on solves the issue
  11. Been living with my Aries G2.1 for a few weeks now, solid build and sound However the software seems quite flakey as the G2.1 has frozen a couple of times now and the output system i.e. my DAC keeps disappearing in the G2.1 when streaming via Roon after some time Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Although you can fit a drive into the Aries apparently Roon won't see it, I much prefer Roon to the Lightening DS app
  13. got Lightening ds app working now Are there any settings that are worth experimenting with ? Would be nice if it was supplied with a remote and I know you can program your own And the antennas seem flimsy and dont seem to screw in securely
  14. So I think you have to use Wifi connection to set up lightening ds
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