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    SME 20/2
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    SME V / CA DaVinci
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    Nagra VPS / VFS
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    Tidal HiFi
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    PC + Denafrips Gaia
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    Denafrips Pontus 11
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    Edge NL Signature1.2
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    Edge NL 12.2
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    Merlin VSM-M
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  1. Topping E30 Dac for sale as new, box, remote, accessories £80 delivered
  2. Great dac but not the May 2 box dac
  3. Do you have a link to this? Thanks
  4. daveyu


    To be fair it's used in a 2nd system overseas and as there's been no travel for a long while I was not pressing
  5. Any Holo Audio May KTE owners on here?
  6. daveyu


    made contact now top man really
  7. daveyu


    Does anyone have a phone number for Graeme Hirst?, he's had my 2nd amp for repair for nearly 2 years, I know, with no emails
  8. Dac technology changes every few months that's what
  9. Selling my Gaia in ads section if anyone interested
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