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  1. I know bamboo chopping boards were an ‘in thing’ ....just looked at thier density ...700 Kg/m3 ....this balau is 1060 Kg/m3 so the 30% extra density must be a driver ....to put it in context marble is 2500 Kg/m3
  2. If you go to sky fibre Jonathon I’d recommend using a Ethernet cable connection direct to your laptop for work purposes. I had issues in the 1st lockdown last year with slow WiFi & dropouts etc even with a fibre connection. As I understand (though not confirmed by sky etc) the more booster boxes used to spread your WiFi round the house the slower the WiFi goes ( I’ve got two plus an extra sky Q box). Since I ran a cable from the main router to my laptop all has been fine at >38 MBit most days.
  3. Between rain showers over the weekend I managed to roughly complete the monitor cladding on one unit (final edge routing needed then the 18mm plywood rear cladding - to be painted back to be done yet) and joint up the top & bottom boards for the bass cabinets. The top board was simply placed on top of the bass cabinet as I’ll only screw them into place once I’ve made all 5 ‘sides’ etc. Today I placed the bottom board under the cabinet with my simple 300mm mdf ‘foot’ for the cabinet between the balau and my engineered wood floor. I put on Tango in the night by Flettwood Mac and
  4. That only applies to my bass speakers Richard im waiting for a letter from the British Geological Survey one day to complain I’m upsetting their seismographs
  5. One of mine & Janes fondest memories of a WAM show was sat in the Gun Room at Scalford eating the fudge cake with the late John - the Mad Latvian whilst we blasted out Boellmans Toccata at quite insane levels. Even now it’s always the last track I play at a show thinking of John with a big smile on his face.
  6. I like the noon till 5 pm timings ......the need for room sitters isn’t a necessary (apart from toilet breaks etc) as we can circulate to other wammers rooms etc before & after this. The only drawback for those in exhibiting bedrooms is the need to reconfigure on Sat eve so you can sleep. Jane will be with me this time so expect the infamous fudge cake plus other delights .....of course a selection of malts will be present too.
  7. Some interesting brands both domestic and studio ....nice to find one that manufacturers a passive studio bass speaker using the Volt 18” driver that I’ve been tweaking for the past 2 years
  8. Whilst browsing I found a studio monitor company who manufacture a passive sub using the 18” Volt driver https://studiocare.com/collections/quested/products/quested-qsb118-passive-18-sub a bit more vol than my design and twin ports but interesting to see they use 22mm MDF.....once finished my wall thickness will be 30mm MDF plus 21mm hardwood and I estimate weighing in at approx 150Kg too ! At £3k each I’m still well ahead on cost as my current spend is around £800 each 😁
  9. Great to see the test events, but until the results are in for any transmission that might have occurred etc the jury is out. Also bear in mind that both events whilst ‘indoors’ were operated with large open doors/ no sides to the tent allowing maximum airflow/air changes etc - not quite what a bedroom in Keggie offers etc. Having said all that I’m all for moving forward etc and cracking on with my speaker build in anticipation.😁😁😁
  10. Pics of my 18 inches always seems to attract attention ....oppps wrong website I’m posting on 😁😁😁😁
  11. I’m not being difficult ....but click what ? The only option I get is to copy the cell
  12. Very interesting article you’ve found Newlash ......needs a bit of reading etc but I’ll be using it I think to tune my setup once I’ve finished by cabinets
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