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  1. For the ultimate ripole bass speaker setup have a look at https://impactaudio.co.uk/products/visaton-grand-orgue-price-per-pair ive always had a itch to build a pair
  2. Here is a simple sketch the blue is the dipole and the external 50mm ribs run across the faces a bit like string on a parcel ....I would use 'real wood' preferably a hardwood with lap joints but once glued up you would need to destroy the exoskeleton to remove the drivers. If you really wanted to do it properly then two ribs per side would be even better. The ribs should be a tight fit and glued to the mdf and if you went further you could dowel them too
  3. With my experience controlling the vibrations generated by my 18" Volts I'd say that 18mm mdf simply screwed together whilst proving the concept etc would never get the best out of your design idea Newlash. A simple step to make a move forward would be to use some 12mm threaded bar and run one at each corner through both housings with nuts/washers holding each box under compression and joining them together more securely. If this improves the sound etc then a more radical redesign is called for using at least 25mm mdf and maybe having an exoskeleton style cruciform rubs across the end faces to thoroughly restrain the drivers ......this could be make to be part of the aesthetic design. just my thoughts and not any criticism of your ideas etc
  4. Was there anything left of the original DAC after all these upgrades - sounds like 'triggers broom'
  5. I did some minor eq tweaking in that region Andrew ....needs a bit more work yet to smooth it out. The main point of the graph though was showing a 3dB lift in bass response between 40 and 100 Hz just from a thicker/stiffer rear baffle.
  6. As nothing has been moved in my room and I always have the mic in the same place (at ear height between the sofa cushions) this whilst not technically correct shows an actual comparison and the sound as I hear it at my listening position etc.
  7. Did a bit of analysis with REW this afternoon and a few minor tweak on my eq setup. The graph below shows that adding in the 18mm glued and screwed layer on the rear of the 30mm mdf baffle on the bass units has lifted the 30 to 180 Hz level by 3 or 4 dB The blue curve is before the extra thickness and red curve after ....quite an area under the curve as my old maths teacher would say.
  8. I've quoted this story on here before but 30 years ago a £20 surge plug saved my Hifi and the rest of the house appliances after a house fire further up the street caused some sort of surge that fried the inside of the surge plug ......since then I've never had a system without some sort of protection.
  9. I've never been to a gig yet were the band(s) sold 'downloads' ...it's always CDs & vinyl ...long live them both imho.
  10. My cunning plan has my home built/developed 18" bass drivers in 140 litre cabs .... ported (100mm dia port) with 'monitor' style 3 way seal cabinet speakers running 8 " mid bass, 2" soft dome midrange and 1" tweeters Ive even added batpur supertweeters so now a full 5 way setup - sonic results are fantastic imho for probably 1/10 of the retail cost of such speakers
  11. A weeks absence from here ( not a ban ....damaged iPad and password issues) let me sort a couple of other bits on the Volts. Between rain showers etc I managed to get the 18mm plywood cut and drilled (25 counter sunk fixing screws per sheet) to fix to the rear baffle of each speaker, which was 'only' 30mm MDF. The aim of this was to be both visually finishing off the rear and brace/seal the baffle. A good layer of wood adhesive as applied to the MDF then on with the ply and 25 torx drive screws. Before any critical listening I decided to allow 24 hrs for the glue to work it's magic and then it was out with someone me reference tracks. Bass seemed deeper and the decay was more detailed. Not had chance to check with REW or take pics as I'm away with work again .....maybe this weekend.
  12. Back in 2015 my Ming Da valve preamp 'ate/lunched' two Mullard valves after a wire broke and I contacted Mike (Yoda900) to see if I could get it repaired by Simon (SJS Acoustics). Dropped the Ming off at Mikes and was resolved to be without music for a while......them Mike said that Simon had offered me this two box valve pre to use whilst he repaired the Ming - the two box pre was the ex Rui Lorenzo/Bartolo Design Type 26 DHT preamp - of which at the time I knew nothing about it. Into my system it went (before my active system days) feeding my Ming Da 845 monos and at first it sounded 'OK', but after a couple of days bedding it became better & better to the point of listening to well know tracks with an open mouth and WTF comments. A couple of weeks later and the Ming had been repaired ......and 'swallowing hard', I enquiried about the potential cost of the Type 26 valves preamp A good price was agreed for a combo of the repair of the Ming and purchase of the two box preamp ....in fact the Ming sold in two days on here and was posted straight from Mikes. Ive never looked back since .....it's an amazingly detailed/holographic preamp and was tweaked by Simon after he acquired it from Rui, with some very nice components inc Hovland caps its a definite keeper and inspired a couple of warmers to build copies/similar DHT preamps after listening to it.
  13. Just give me a shout it’s no problem ….but I’m guessing your first person to call would of been Brian (take5)
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