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  1. I guess with my active system it's always the latest iteration of eq settings that's the best sound etc. Kit wise the Type 26 valve preamp is definitely my piece of kit I'm lucky to have ....but the 18" Volt driver bass speakers have also added so much to my system in the last 12 months they are up there too. From a nostalgic point of view the MF A370 power amp was an object of 'lust' when gazed at in the mags of the 1980's and like the preamp will be a keeper for many many years.
  2. My electricity comes from a non U.K. Supplier - has a hint of garlic and has a habit of ignoring rules etc so that's really affecting my system unless I play Daft Punk or Charles Aznavour
  3. That's a good price as vd 2.5mm is around £4.80 a metre 👍
  4. ......why buy designer or expensive cables .....good quality 2.5 or 6mm such as van damme or similar is 98% as good. If your system is so good/expensive etc so as to resolve that 2% then the cost would be irrelevant to you and your heavy wallet
  5. Equal length speaker cable requirements was only ever promoted by the cable suppliers & purveyors of such aka dealers. The difference in timing and or resistance/impedance/capacitance is so small as to be negligible. My own system is set up similar to how you've described yours my case with a different of approx 5 m in cable length.
  6. If I'm unlocked in Wrexham ....I could bring the Type 26 for a comparison to ...a listen to my Lector valve DAC against an AN one might be interesting aswell
  7. Not hifi related apart from its use in cabinet building etc ....this week a 375 watt table mounted belt/disc sander combo ......I've a feeling nice walnut blocks might appear on some interconnects to pimp them up ...LOL
  8. Starting from the Digital Zero Jitter, capable of unique performances - 0>5 Ghz -, going through to the signal in Solid Core (ductile and malleable) with an enormous bandwidth - 0>40 Ghz -, and to the Power connections, who are able to carry currents greater than 100 A without even flinching are also equipped with an extremely efficient control in the low frequency range, we arrive at the power supply, capable of re-phasing the entire system by itself. what on earth does all this verbal garbage mean
  9. As I recall for the A370 the best path was less reservoir capacitance ( bear in mind it has 176 000 uF per channel) and increasing the size of the transformers - Jon said MF had heat issues with the original design with this combo and case fans in the 1980s were very noisy etc, but much bigger transformers housed in a seperate enclosure would work wonders and remove a major heat source from the main body of the amp - incidentally this is the route they went with the likes of the A1000, A1008, KW series etc in later years.
  10. It would also depend on the power output of the ultrasonic transducer(s) used. I developed a cleaning system for dicing equipment in the food industry in conjunction with a ultrasonic equipment manufacturer. I cannot recal the wattage used etc but the company also made systems for breaking down thick oil sludge using several transducers in rings around a 6" had loads of power and needed a special acoustic enclosure !! Another factor to take into account is if your item being cleaned is static in the fluid more cavitation will occur, so a slowly rotating LP reduces the cavitation level which slows the cleaning by ultrasonic action but allows a chemical soak to occur aswell. Some advanced systems will pulse the transducers to vary the cleaning cycle or use slow stirring systems to both control excessive cavitation and allow fresh fluid to contact the surfaces being cleaned.
  11. Strikes me that some quoted loudspeaker responses compared to how they sound in your lounge are about as accurate as VW emissions/mpg data was to what happened in real life motoring
  12. Any relation between the A300 integrated and the A370 dual mono power amp is limited to the makers name only really. Of its genre the A3cr pre and A3 power amp combo was far better and could I believe be monoblocked to run two A3's to good effect. Always bear in mind the 'house style' of MF amps was a warm almost valve amp like sound as opposed to the clinical strike of Audiolab etc.
  13. I love my 45 Kg lump of MOSFETs 😀😀 i did speak to Jon not long after I acquired it (2012) and a rebuild like you've described was approx £1000 or more if you opted to go to bigger transformers in an external enclosure - but the effects were apparently night/day etc. He knows his stuff on MF kit and MOSFETs in general. He could probably do the upgrade in stages replacing the caps/trannys as a 'Stage 2'
  14. Is that the upgraded A370 in the pic David ?