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  1. Cracking evening at The Met in Bury last night ….2 hr no interval set list to launch Simon/Suzis new album The Language of Curiosity. Once again some great playing from Simon and fantastic jamming session with the very talented piano/Hammond player. For £20 gigs like this can’t be beaten imho…..and he threw in numbers on his twin neck guitar and Theramin too
  2. MF 1000

    Formula 1 2021

    I’m hoping Nando’s & George will take up the hole left behind when Lewis retires and give Max hell
  3. I remember a fix on that amp Geoff using a blow lamp heated screwdriver as a soldering iron at a bake-off we were at
  4. MF 1000

    Formula 1 2021

    Anything to rub Horners & Marcos nose in the $hit will do for me . Max’s time will come but he needs to stop driving like a petulant brat ….and the Horner & Marko show blowing smoke up his ass isn’t helping him or F1.
  5. What’s the betting he’s got an old copy of Playboy inside the Beano annual
  6. No ‘fart bass’ with my 100mm ports …at 850 mm long they let the cabinet de pressure - well almost and there’s a total absence of any chuffing noises
  7. Or just to listen to music, drink beer, eat curry and slag off….sorry discuss current issues on the WAM
  8. The Russian spy ‘trawlers’ of the 1970’s& 80’s used valve based radios avoiding the use of solid state equipment…….with the tubes appearing in a few hifi amps 10 years ago - even Icon Audio used pair of huge GU81 valves in some monoblocks rated at 200 wpc
  9. Of course the heat output from my kit in the lounge isn’t wasted in winter
  10. Section 8 …Labial Sounds ….is that what oral sex is
  11. The one amp in my setup that draws more power then the rest (inc two valve power amp monoblocks and a two box valve preamp) is a SS Class A device (Musical Fidelity A370) taking 685watts just ticking over.
  12. MF 1000

    Formula 1 2021

    When will the Merc tactical crew start to listen to the guy whose driving the car !!!!!
  13. Can of Worms just been well & truly opened stand back and remember the firework code
  14. MF 1000

    Active cross overs

    That’s how I started ….you learn lots about room/speaker setup and how to refine it with your chosen dsp system and also the most suitable amps for each channel too. It’s taken me 4 years to get to the custom design/built/tweaked setup I’ve currently got.
  15. Well it could be ‘words fail them’ or they were left speechless by the sound quality ….I’m going with the latter obviously
  16. My sweep runs from 5Hz to 20 KHz
  17. After my bake-off lad weekend I had sometime this morning to play with the Batpur tweeters this morning. Easy hookup using some cheap speaker cable from Screwfix - Hugh end stuff at £3.50 for 25m . I did some back to back comparisons using REW ….little or no detectable difference. So putting Yello - Touch CD in the Lector I settled down for a listen to the really atmospheric track 14 Takla Makan using the Batapurs and without them. The immediate impression was more air around notes and the detail in the decay of higher frequency notes seemed greater. Flicking backwards & forwards always drew me back to the Batapurs in circuit for the best effects. Some might say this is vv subjective as REW shows no frequency changes…..but tbh I don’t care - the bats work in my system so far
  18. There are a few on here whose brains are definitely wired in a completely different way than most ….with both good and bad effects
  19. But if you’ve only got 1 listening spot/chair you’ll have to sell tickets Steve
  20. I think the only photos taken were of various cd cases etc …..we just had a good social time apart from trying the fire bottle phono stages (the triple valve one - BB3 did sound very good even on my basic to setup of planar 2 and AT95 cart) …… been missing that chat about music & kit for 2years
  21. Great to meet up with old and some new faces yesterday. My Planar 2 got a run out (prob it’s first use in 3 years ! ) and listened to two different phono stages curiosity of Alan (fire bottle) …..his own design valve photo stage did make my low end turntable setup sound very nice . would of loved to of heard the R2R DAC but the usual phone/BNC connection debacle put paid to that . some interesting new music appeared from various CDs and the well recorded 45 rpm albums brought by Alan. A great day/evening and thanks to Jane who despite a heavy cold kept us well fed too.
  22. Well if you use the distance selling regs ‘scam’ you could test drive a pair fir a week and return them if they didn’t suit your setup
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