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  1. One way to experiment with the length initially is to use tumble drier flexi hose - easy to alter the length, whereas 100mm drain tubing is more challenging to cut etc. Interesting that they started at 10” ....7 “ would give approx 40 Hz tuning - maybe that’s the limit if the bass driver/ cab volume combination
  2. For two ports 4” dia the tuned length for 30Hz would be approx 320 mm ie 11”
  3. I made my own star quad mogami xlr cables which lowered the noise floor in my multi-way active setup with 6 amps and two dsp units
  4. What dia ports ?....6 “ is quite short compared to my 100mm dia by 850mm - but I’m aiming for 15 Hz in a 160 litre cab
  5. Two ports normally means even longer ports ......what length is specified ?
  6. Nice flat curve from 4KHz to over 12 KHz 👍
  7. That curve looks far more representative of what I’d guess the klipsch horns would deliver. Nice and flat now ....have you looked at any tweeks that might give you a better bass response below 50 Hz
  8. Played around with REW this afternoon and the Room analysis side ...recommended a 11ms delay on the subs so I dialled it in and also tried a phase inversion on the mid bass. A few simple tweaks and a balance out of the midrange/tweeters against the sub/bass/mid bass and I’ve got the curve below (physco acoustic smoothed) really pleased with it now - nicely set within a 10dB band, 25Hz to 13KHz but with almost 20Hz at 5dB lower too 😁 Cant wait for the chance to build the second cabinet and in sure 20Hz at -10 dB is achievable
  9. After a few hrs use now etc are the ‘new’ valves sounding Jason
  10. Trying to be optimistic and with vaccine use etc there is an outside chance that Keggie in March 2021 might happen .....or a date maybe a couple of months later
  11. As with vinyl where you come across ‘poor pressings’ etc I’m sure CDs suffer from something akin to this or tweaks to the mastering occurs as I have the Discovery box set of Floyd and definitely some albums aren’t as well engineered/produced/mastered as some older Floyd CDs that I have.
  12. The pic of the crossover parts showed air cored and foil inductors Carl ...but the built up crossover has ferrite cored ones ? Silver Z caps are worth the outlay 😀
  13. Looks great Steve a tip for you would be fit a tee nut onto the brace aligned to the rear of the bass driver and use a bolt with a pice of round mdf to brace the rear of the driver could give you a cleaner bass response
  14. MF 1000

    Monitor Speaker Build

    Spent most of yesterday afternoon making the front baffle out of the 18mm hardwood ply and sorting the tee nut fixings for the mid bass and midrange drivers six m8 bolts holding the front baffle next step is a 45 deg chamfer in the edges of the front baffle
  15. In a bit of a Trump moment this morning I demanded a recount’s actually 16 boxes - I’d omitted the two DCX units, plus 4 box speakers 😀
  16.’s 18” actually
  17. Only 14 boxes and the 4 speaker boxes too 😁
  18. Yes and I’m a proud owner of the Lector 4 box setup ....incredibly musical and so non digital
  19. I picked up Yello Zebra for less than £3 last week .....very good album
  20. Great advertisement for multi-way systems then where drivers don’t try to do things they aren’t best at etc
  21. It’s a bit of a nuisance that the 3” domed midrange driver is 16 ohms. The radial bass drivers are superb .....I’m fortunate to have the 18” versions which literally blow away anything I’ve heard but need a large vol well constructed cab to perform at their best.
  22. Was doing some testing this morning on the monitors and thought that I’d never done a LHS to RHS comparison sweep from my listening position .....LHS being the original cab in its extra layer carcass and the RHS being the new design/build cab I knew the bass was better overall ....but the RHS (purple curve) really highlights the benefits of my design ideas and build +15 dB at 15 Hz 😁 and a much smoother curve approaching the xover point at 180 Hz ....ill look at the 5 dB dip rapt 200 Hz next I think. Running the averaging function on REW gave the curve below is red The green curve is my std test with both LHS & RHS running measured at ear height from my listening position me this validates my std measuring approach. I must order the next batch of 300mm mdf so I can collect it after England is hopefully unlocked on the 2nd Dec and build the LHS cab .....I’ve a feeling that thunderous bass will be available when I have identical cabs - not that it’s poor at the bottom end at the mo !
  23. ...the cognitive bias police will be along shortly