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  1. I’m not sure he reads graphs, as everything has to be done blind, so how would he tell which graph it was ?
  2. I just looked at the link you gave and also found an alternative build of the Chiron as McLaren, have you tried that ?
  3. CJ, you should get the Liebherr, I built the Chiron but Liebherr surpasses it. It is also fully operational using the Lego app, has 7 motors to drive all the different movements, the arms,the bucket and to drive and steer, and to slew the main body. Only downside it doesn’t come with the 12 AA batteries needed to power it !
  4. I need to move these on, any reasonable offer considered
  5. Or try the the newly released Rega Ania Pro, heard it the other day in a direct comparison to the Ania and it was streets ahead
  6. Linn Keilidh can be either 2 way or 3 way active, so just the fact that the lower terminals are blanked off is no guarantee of them being passive
  7. Does the amplifier have any labels on the underside saying something like “bass” or “treble”. This will indicate whether the amplifier has been used active
  8. Just a word of caution, if the speakers have been used active, which they may have been considering the linking plates have been removed then wiring up as you have indicated could result in speaker damage. you need to establish whether the speakers were active and if the LK85 was used active.
  9. I have a pair of Linn LS500 Kabers for sale, Serial NOs 2813/2814. With Kustone bases and spikes. They are in good condition, one small scratch on side of one speaker and the rubber O rings holding the covers are missing. These are in Walnut, but in my opinion not as dark as some Walnut veneers. More pictures available on request. Price £300 or best offer. There are no boxes so collection from West Midlands, unless you wish to obtain boxes.
  10. Sold. Thank you Keith
  11. A couple of enquiries but it’s still here so if it’s price holding people back the perhaps e reduction to £300 would help