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  1. OK so I have more information regarding SAM, following a further visit to Hidden Systems today and being involved in a conversation with Devialets’ UK Sales Manager. Firstly Devialet have confirmed that all speakers listed have been physically measured using the laser method I previously described, it is the only way it can be done. He also cleared up a bit of a query in what different percentages of SAM actually is doing. Basically there are 3 elements to SAM; 1j Time alignment of the drivers, achieved by digital signal processing 2) Protection of the driver from physical or thermal damage, again by modifying the signal so,as not to exceed the driver Parameters 3) Bass extension As soon as SAM is activated even if set at 0% then both 1) & 2) will be in operation, by increasing the percentage then the bass extension is being increased. As I mentioned with my speakers I find something around 35% to be best suited to my listening. In contrast we today setup a system using Kudos Titan 808’s firstly in passive mode with a single D250 and then in active mode using 3 x D250s, in both cases we found a percentage between 80 & 100 to be best suited, so it really seems to be a case of use it to achieve correct timing and protection, then play around with percentage setting to find what suits you/your speakers the best. Hope this is of interest and provides a bit more clarification for those who are interested.
  2. I have Devialet (D250) and do use SAM. A little more detail, I have Linn 212 Mk2’s and up until I had SAM ran them with a Rel Sub. I was invited to take my speakers to Hidden Systems who are Devialet dealers, so that the engineer from Devialet could measure my speakers for SAM. This was done by shining a laser at the bass cone and feeding it with a signal, I think from memory up to 1kHz, the laser measures the movement of the cone across the frequency range and feeds it back into their software, the data then being used to define a profile of the response for that speaker, ie a SAM profile. The engineer during the day measured the response of many speakers that were in stock, and also some that were brought along by Kudos. So SAM is not just based on info from speaker manufacturers it is arrived at by physical measurement, not sure if this is the case for all the speakers that Devialet list, you could always check with them. The benefits are as they say on their website, the output signal from the amp is tailored to the actual response of the cone, it is also a protection device so that the cones displacement is controlled and therefore doesn’t suffer damage. What they don’t explain on their website is that SAM is variable, it’s not just on or off, it can be adjusted from 0-100%, I have found around 35% to be best in performance, more SAM gives more bass response but I find it too much. Since having SAM I’ve removed the sub, although it took a while to decide, but ultimately it wasn’t needed. Talking of pricing, remember this is a one box system, so combines streamer, DAC, MM & MC phono stage, pre and power amps, and what’s more is superbly engineered and designed. What Devialet don’t make obvious with Expert Pro is how it can be configured, basically in software defining what each input/output is doing. Hence by adding units it can be used as monoblocks, can be bI-amped, or used to drive any active speakers, Devialet will provide the required profile for any speaker.
  3. I’m not sure he reads graphs, as everything has to be done blind, so how would he tell which graph it was ?
  4. I just looked at the link you gave and also found an alternative build of the Chiron as McLaren, have you tried that ?
  5. CJ, you should get the Liebherr, I built the Chiron but Liebherr surpasses it. It is also fully operational using the Lego app, has 7 motors to drive all the different movements, the arms,the bucket and to drive and steer, and to slew the main body. Only downside it doesn’t come with the 12 AA batteries needed to power it !
  6. I need to move these on, any reasonable offer considered
  7. Or try the the newly released Rega Ania Pro, heard it the other day in a direct comparison to the Ania and it was streets ahead
  8. Linn Keilidh can be either 2 way or 3 way active, so just the fact that the lower terminals are blanked off is no guarantee of them being passive
  9. Does the amplifier have any labels on the underside saying something like “bass” or “treble”. This will indicate whether the amplifier has been used active
  10. Just a word of caution, if the speakers have been used active, which they may have been considering the linking plates have been removed then wiring up as you have indicated could result in speaker damage. you need to establish whether the speakers were active and if the LK85 was used active.