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  1. It's not advice, but here's my experience. I had a pair of Westminster TWs for the best part of 20 years. Initially I used them in a very big room with an old Pioneer A400 and thought they sounded good. Then I decided to 'upgrade' to a Naim HiCap/202/200 rig. With hindsight, not sure this was an improvement. Although I did move homes to a much smaller room at that time. Then I decided to try valves so auditioned three and chose an Almarro 318b. This is a SET but a bit beefier than some. I thought this sounded excellent. Blew the Naim rig right out of the water. Then I decided that the Tannoys were not 'rock 'n' roll' enough, not enough bass and not up-front enough, so I bought some JBLs. Then I bought a big Bryston SS to drive the JBLs. But as I had yet to sell the Tannoys I tried them with the Bryston. Guess what? AC/DC in your lounge. And bass in plenty. Jim.
  2. Another vote for Beyond Compare. I have used it for years. Think you have to pay for it, however. It is excellent though. Jim.
  3. A mate with a better phone came to visit, so finally here is a picture of my JBLs. Let there be rock! Jim
  4. I have wanted some of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Naim-DBL-speakers-original-top-of-the-range-from-the-UKs-best-known-HiFi-Co-/172197348575?hash=item2817c304df:g:F4AAAOSwZAtXJdQv since I first heard them way back when. I do not follow these things closely enough to know if this is a good price, but it seems reasonable to me given their rarity value and the work done on them. Jim.
  5. This is a five shelf rack originally purchased from HNE Systems. There are four shelves each measuring 60cm x 45 cm. All inter-shelf gaps are 10 cm. It was originally specc’d to take a biggish turntable on top, and full-size Naim gear on the racks. I am selling it because I have replaced it by a new bigger rack that can take both my hi-fi gear and a TV. The shelves are made from polished black granite and the uprights are black stained wood. It was just over £700 new. When I moved house a couple of years ago, the removal men managed to separate the top shelf from the rest of the rack. Foolishly, instead of claiming on the insurance I mixed up some epoxy and glued it back myself. It is now solidly in place but I used a little too much epoxy and it has dribbled slightly down two of the legs (oo, er, missus!). I have tried to photograph this. Otherwise it is in excellent condition. I have taken this into account in pricing it. I cannot comment on how it may or may not influence the sound of your system, but in my opinion the polished black granite looks classy and always invites a stroke (oo, er, missus again!). It is incredibly heavy so you will need to come and collect it. I live on the Welsh border in South Shropshire. Alternatively, I will deliver within 100 miles for the cost of the petrol. I am asking £70. Jim
  6. JimR

    Big TDLs

    I fancy these. Never heard any and have no idea whether the price is sensible. But I remember seeing a pair at a London show sometime last century and just being gobsmacked by the sheer size of the things. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TDL-REFERENCE-STANDARD-SPEAKERS-RARE-100-Working-/331837245005?hash=item4d430a864d:g:z-kAAOSw1DtXGM1k Or, if you prefer, here is a replica pair: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TDL-REFERENCE-STANDARD-SPEAKERS-replica-but-same-xover-drivers-and-cab-design-/331839864479?hash=item4d43327e9f:g:h-IAAOSwU0RXHQ~O Don't think the missus would be impressed however. Jim.
  7. You are a very talented man! Jim.
  8. These look magnificent. What is their history? Did you build them? How did you source the components? Jim.
  9. Struggling to take a decent picture of my 4365s, but I too am a member of the Wam R-O-C-K-ers club. The missus has just bought a new phone - will see if she can do any better. 26 years ago I used to walk to work through Ebisu every morning. Past the big Sapporo brewery. 'Yebisu' was my tipple of choice at that time. Do they still brew it? Jim.
  10. I have a Klimax DS/1 which is operationally equivalent to this DS/2, and prior to that had an Akurate DS/1. And the networking side of both has been rock solid. Literally no issues ever. I would argue that anyone having connectivity issues with a Linn DS actually has problems elsewhere in their network - and hence would have similar issues whatever brand of streamer they used. Buy with confidence. Jim.
  11. Now reduced to £1050. Cash on collection, delivery within 100 miles, or meet at Scalford. Jim.
  12. Weekend bump. (Am going away for weekend shortly, so will not be checking PMs for a while. Will respond on when back on Monday.) Jim.
  13. Thanks for the bump. Can't remember right now. Will search for invoice, e-mails etc., in the morning. Jim.
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