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  1. I bought a pair of TDB6s from Alan earlier this year, they are absolutely excellent and have virtually no competition at their price point. Alan was great to deal with, even recommending these over the more expensive TDB8s due to my room size and listening habits. It is a real shame to read what has happened, I hope he can return to where he was: making great value speakers and selling them direct without the middle man’s cut.
  2. £1089 for the amp and a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers. Billy bargain!
  3. I have a Denon PMA2500NE, the big brother to the 1600. Cons? Can’t think of any at all. Maybe one. It’s very big and heavy, I had an Atacama three shelf TV stand and had to buy longer ‘legs’ to give the Denon some space to breathe. The build quality is superb and the sound it produces outstanding. Thanks go to Mr Hoops on Toast, the original owner. There are sometimes deals on the 1600NE so search carefully and you could have a bargain.
  4. Are Crowns of any interest to you? Rather than the regal headgear I have silver crowns to celebrate the Queen’s 25th Wedding Anniversary x2), 1972, Winston Churchill x1, 1965, Charles & Di wedding x 2, 1965, Queen Mother’s 80th birthday x 1, 1980, ditto 90th x 1, 1990.
  5. I have some Atacama Aurora 60 stands which you could have for £40. These are clear glass fitted with transparent pebbles which cost extra but look very good! I can email photos if of interest. They look like new and come complete with spikes and gel pads. I live near in North Somerset near Bristol, postage would be prohibitive but see a Wam taxi is being discussed for Somerset to Brighton so it may be possible to arrange transport. 😊 Clive
  6. To AmpMan If you’re anywhere near Bristol you’re welcome to pop over and listen to my TDB6s. I really like them on the end of my Denon PMA2500NE with a Sony CDP and Aries Mini attached.
  7. I meant I’d heard nothing from the advertiser, deepMIND.
  8. Don’t hold your breath, I pm’d the advertiser and haven’t heard a dicky bird. ☹️
  9. Well worth the price asked, I have a pair and love what they do. Accurate with a delightfully realistic tone. GLWS, I’m keeping mine! Have a bump on me. 😊
  10. I am awaiting delivery of a pair of TDB6s, due next Wednesday. Alan is a lovely guy to deal with and mentioned that he’s appearing at a hifi show in Leamington Spa on 22/23 September. No doubt many of you will know about the show, why not pop into his room or stand if you’re attending?
  11. Could you let me know if you received my pm?
  12. I had my Sony XA333ES CD player serviced by Mike Pickwell, he’s a regular poster on pfm and I can strongly recommend him. Have a look here - Good luck!
  13. I have a one metre long Nordost MoonGlo2 cable but it is RCA to RCA with a BNC adapter at one end. It has been used with a Lexicon pre and was very impressive, the list price back in the day was £162! If you have the tool to remove the adapter it could be perfect, I’m looking for £35 delivered. I’ll be happy to send photos. Clive