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  1. I disagree with your last point based on my experience. I've been playing a lot of the same music for the past 3 years with the same Speakers / AMP / DAC combo....GATO DIA-250 & AP Virgo 25. I've gone from..... 1. PC via USB to 2. Simple audio via S-PDIF, and last month went to a Auralic Aries via USB. I was not expecting any sound difference based on the same logic you use above, but the Auralic takes things with the same source music to another level. Big improvement. The DAC / speakers, cables...nothing else has changed.
  2. Richard Ashcroft - Roundhouse LDN, Jason Isbell - Liquid Rooms Edinburgh
  3. I have a 2012 XC70 D5 Auto SE LUX, bought It a few months old from volvo. Fab car, proper workhorse that can cover long journeys easily. Replaced a drive shaft under warranty, but that's it in the 20,000 miles I've put on it.
  4. Looking for a full fat Auralic Aries with Femto clocks and linear power supply. Plan to buy one next weekend, but 2nd hand is good for me.
  5. Saw Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera do an acoustic set @ Cadogan Hall in London last month. A couple of tracks from Aztec Camera days were OK, rest was gash.
  6. pfc

    best sounding album

    A recent one....Gretchen Peters, Blackbirds.
  7. I got free trials of both Qobuz and Tidal with my Simple Audio Player. As Qobuz was a 3 month free trial I kept it going then paid for it for another couple of months more through forgetting to cancel than anything else, I'm not sure if there is any difference in SQ, but I find there is a big difference in the apps, certainly on IOS. Tracks would not all download, and I found it a bit crap on search. Back to Tidal today and it's just far more intuitive. Is it just me?
  8. Depends what you mean and why your asking....I am there a few times a year...back in a few weeks and have a few friends from the UK who spend between 3 and 6 months a year there. Almancil area though....
  9. Gretchen Peters....tonight....Queens Hall Edinburgh.
  10. 2 channel for me and the TV is always through the hifi. Had 5.1, never was completely convinced I needed it so its gone in favour of less clutter. 3D? That's a cinema only thing for me. Have a 3D TV, but only because the panel I wanted came with it. Never use the function
  11. Well it seems Corsair have pulled the plug....however mine arrived Monday and after a bit of a faff getting it to work with my existing powerline it running nicely. Tis an excellent piece of kit at £300. Sounds way better than my ZP90 and also seems a bit better than Jriver on my laptop which was usb connected to my Gato DIA-250. IOS app very good, Tidal and Qobuz. No Spotify, but i am fine swapping to another streaming service. Bargain!