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  1. This stuff is stiff as buggery BTW - fairly obvious if you glance at the photo for more than a second as it is standing up on it's own but I also have personal experience with it...
  2. Hi Richard, Good to 'see' you too! Thanks for the link to the Elecaudio plugs. I'm glad the Eichmann plugs melting wasnt just my experience then! KLE do a complete range of well designed audio connectors so anyone interested should check them out(I have no affiliation): https://kleinnovations.com/kle-innovations-klei-products/klei-harmony-connectors/klei-harmony-rca-socket/
  3. Partington Heavi I - Heavy by name and nature but completely sonically inert. They are filled with a fibreglass resin and weigh 25kg each! https://www.whathifi.com/partington/heavi/review
  4. Is this any good? £10 posted if you want it.
  5. What does this remind me of... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Now i remember...
  6. **update to say these are now free - the best upgrade you can ever make to your hifi and you dont even have to pay for it!!! Im moving in 1 week - please dont let these end up in a skip!!!** ** Dimensions are 700w x 1000h x 100d - that is the main panel. The base they sit on adds 400mm of height.** DIY Room Treatment Accoustic Panels - 4 for FREE! These were built by myself and used, very succesfully at Scalford twice and in my living room for the last 7 years. WAF is probably somewhere around the zero mark and they will need new cloth as the existing cloth is a little bit manky but the frames and the rockwool are in good order - the "stands" are easily removed from the main frame for transport/maintenance(ie. replacing the cloth). Cost me over £100 in materials to build these and the difference they make is staggering. Only selling due to moving country. Collection only from Dudley, DY3 Further details here from my previous threads on these panels: Pic from my first Scalford: Pics as they are now:
  7. Precision Gold WG020 Digital LCR Multimeter £35 posted mainland UK. This is a very useful multimeter for the Hi-Fi DIY enthusiast as it measure resistance, capacitance, inductance and continuity as well as the usual multimeter functions. Works perfectly and has been incredibly useful for all my modding. Includes test leads and croc clip adaptors as shown in the photos. Only selling as I have just upgraded to a really fancy new multimeter and dont need two of them!
  8. Thanks for the interest but these are now sold
  9. wow that didnt last long - this ad nor your ownership! At least you were happy with it's performance - while it lasted! hopefully it can find a more stable home with it's new owner
  10. What a work of art and engineering! Bump on me