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  1. The Chestnut Man - compelling and somewhat gruesome crime drama miniseries. Reminds me of The Bridge. I recommend watching it with subtitles rather than the English dubbing. Other recommendations: Dead To Me Santa Clarita Diet Ozark Good Girls
  2. Wow, things are getting pricey! I'm sure I paid "only" £1750 for my 2.1x Signature
  3. Using an actual insurance broker is definitely the way to do it. I've a collection of rather expensive bass guitars that I occasionally sell and ship all over the world. I always insure them through a broker that deals exclusively with insurance for cargo. The cost is reasonable, about £35.00 for insurance up to about £20K IIRC. The company is The Insurance Broker Ltd, backed by Royal Sun Alliance.
  4. Hmm, if there is a crackling from one of your amps I would suspect a dry solder joint or an electrolytic cap to more likely be the suspect rather than a signal cap. I believe the electrolytic caps in the PSUs generally have a much harder life than film caps in the signal path. Anyway I wish you well with the repair and look forward to an update in due course
  5. Thank you for your input. That is interesting what you say about the OPTs as I have only heard the opposite so far ie that they are they key to the overall performance of any valve amp. But this is why I am here and asking these questions because I want to separate fact from fiction. Thanks for the info on the stepped attenuators too. There are so many variables to choose from its unbelievable!
  6. I think they should perform very similarly to the CAST given this blurb: "They are constructed with wax paper in oil dielectricum, previously reserved for their top of the line CAST series. The paper separating the copper foils are vacuum impregnated in a deep vacuum 100 times lower, than what was possible at the old factory. Following this, the windings are also wax impregnated to help seal the winding completely. This formula makes an incredibly robust high performing capacitor at an amazing price considering they are constructed from copper foil.... The outer material is made from paper, which the capacitor wind sits within, it is further potted inside using the same material as their CAST models. " The only thing I would say is maybe try just replacing some of them rather than all at once. It could be that all 8 at once may be too much and tempering the sound with some of the existing caps could lead to a "better" result sonically speaking.
  7. It's "you're ganging up" not "your ganging up" you dunce!
  8. Boris the Knob - is that his official title? A bit like Alexander the Great just shitter in every conceivable way?
  9. I think, and I am prepared to be corrected, but different frequencies will affect different parts of your room differently. You could have a window to the side or behind your system that could be rattled by bass frequencies regardless of it not receiving those frequencies directly. If you put your hand on you rack and can feel vibrations but cannot feel those vibrations on top of the CDP then it could be your CDP is effectively soaking up those frequencies which is exactly what you don't want. I used to use a granite board under my CDT with sorbathene feet under the granite. It seemed to do the trick. Now I use a handheld solid state PMP as my digital source so lots less to worry about in terms of vibrations affecting anything
  10. Something has to keep him warm at night
  11. I've driven across to Germany a couple of times and nothing happens. Once I was with my dog and they didn't even check the pet passport. I drove across during the middle of the covid crisis and travel restrictions in place and no border checks except to get on the chunnel. I think it's different if you have a van...
  12. Thanks for the detailed explanation Rich, very useful info!
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