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  1. I actually really enjoyed this. That Analogue Productions pressing looks appealing. Good choice. This is one of those records that acts as a time machine.
  2. Come on man, you can't seriously be suggesting that people play this loud? Fucking terrible shit
  3. This is an excellent album. Very relaxing listen, to the point where I felt I should have been meditating at one point. I've vowed not to spend any money on music for a while but it could be difficult with this one.
  4. I had a quick listen to some of this a while back when I saw some vinyl geek with it on youtube. I think I liked the bits I heard, from what I can remember, but will give it a full listen when I get in tonight. Edit: Just had a quick look and it seems the one I had a quick listen to was just called NEU! and was orange writing on white background.
  5. Just listening to this now. Only 5 songs in. Really liked Find My Way. I like his vocals
  6. Quite surprised that I liked this as I've never really given them a chance. A very 80's feel but has a certain something that I like from that era. Voted Silver.
  7. Just picked up a copy from Juno the other day: or here
  8. The price was quoted by Peter Qvortrup but it also matches the price shown at Deco Audio:
  9. Couldn't put up with that voice all the way through. It all blended into the same and I agree that there was a bit of a wall of noise where the guitar playing was being masked by so many layers and started to get on my nerves. Between pleasant and forgettable for me but doubt I'll play it again so went for forgettable
  10. Had never knowingly listened to these but I really like it. Spiritual and maybe pretentious, as Olan said in another thread. Will try their other albums.