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  1. Apple Mac Mini 2011 for sale - excellent condition and working perfectly, not used for last 4 years since moving to Auralic streamer. Only used for streaming with Audivarna and then Pure Music plus has CD-R drive (unlike later versions) so ideal for copying CD collection which I did using AIFF format with excellent results. Spec is: model A1347, 2.4 ghz core duo processor, 500gb hard drive, 4gb RAM. All original packaging, etc. £120 + postage.
  2. Aqua La Voce S3. I’ve owned a number of dacs over the years (M2Tech, Metrum, Auralic, Lampizator, etc.) and this has been by some way the best overall in terms of musicality, detail, soundstage, and all the rest. The only reason I’m selling is that I liked it so much I was persuaded to ‘upgrade’ to the Aqua La Scala, which is very slightly different to my ears, but I would not say better and I’m wondering if the price differential was really worth it. List for the S3 new is £3,395 which seems a lot, but it betters all dacs I’ve heard in that price bracket and some way above. (No doubt price will increase post Brexit in January - hand-made in Italy.) This was purchased new in April 2019, and is immaculate (and I’m very pernickety about condition) – no children, pets or cigarettes in the house. It’s had relatively light use, and was not used for around three months last year when I was abroad. Complete with packaging, etc. There are some reviews which I found helpful – There’s also a good Aqua thread on the WAM – Asking £2,100 + delivery
  3. Still available.
  4. Matched quad Genalex Golden Lion KT88. These have had little usage, but one valve may be slightly out as I had to re-bias it a few times. Purchased from HotRox last autumn. Went solid-state class A at Easter so no longer required. These were alternated with JJ6550’s so not much time on them. £90 plus delivery.
  5. I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks - fabulous amp. Do you have any info regarding age, number of owners? Serial number should give an indication - I’m not sure if they’ve reached 1,000 yet! Thanks.
  6. Look, and no doubt sound fabulous. Can you clarify, is it a wood veneer finish, or vinyl wrap? (The AN website talks of them - at least the AZ2 model, as being “vinyl wrap”.) Thanks.
  7. Probably not exotic enough, but have Octave V40se in black, 45 watts per channel, plus Black Box (also in black) which boosts current hugely. It’s just over a year old, three year warranty. Currently in storage; immaculate condition. Includes remote control which is heavy enough to use as doorstop or paperweight. Some good reviews:
  8. Thanks - in fact I’ve settled on a Sugden iA4 in the end - Karan impossible to find. The Sugden is fantastic and works very well with my Harbeths - so very happy! 🙂
  9. I’ve had a pair of these in a second system for over 15 years - amazing speakers, unbelievable soundstage for their size.