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  1. Yes - flash (not THE Flash!) inevitably exaggerates the contrast.
  2. In response to Lawrence’s query, this is the earth cable I used which was custom made for me by JAV Audio - it’s a metre in length, and contains only one solid core thick copper wire which at one end is soldered into a loop, and the other is connected only to the plug’s earth terminal. Thus it provides the most direct earth connection possible. The mini crocodile clamps used on the interconnect can clamp straight on to the loop. It can take around four clamps, or multiple wires looped on to the cable loop. Very well made, heavy duty cable, etc.
  3. Re the grounding cables, I should’ve said perhaps that these can be connected to a ground/earth post on an amplifier or power conditioner. However, I’ve just remembered that the people at JAV Audio also made me a custom-made grounding plug that connects only directly to the mains earth - i.e. the plug has only the earth cable wired. I used this with both the speaker cables that had earth clips as well as the interconnect. I’ll have to retrieve it from the attic, as I’d been using the ground post on my Puritan conditioner - but if anyone wants it, I’ll be happy to sell it: it’s very well con
  4. My cable clear-out continues! This is a 3 metre mains cable which I had made by a firm in Brighton which also manufactured two 1 metre cables which I still use in my system and are fabulous - this is a 3 metre cable I used for a while to run a mains block when my system was in a different position and the wall sockets were further away. It’s extremely well made, slightly stiff as you’d expect with solid core conductors, and in excellent condition. Its sound is very clear and detailed, with a fast dynamic balance - but not lean or fatiguing in any way, providing excellent attack and clarity. A
  5. A pair of beautifully artisan-constructed Silver Reference RCA interconnects 63cm in length from the now defunct JAV Audio who were based in Leeds, in excellent condition. They are solid core 99.99997% silver, and I’ve never heard a better interconnect - whether silver, copper or mixtures of both: incredible detail and focus whilst not compromising warmth and emotion, amazing soundstage and really superb with any genre of music. (I still have a pair I’m keeping, but move to integrated amp made these redundant). They have detachable grounding cables which can be seen on attached photos - agai
  6. From the Tube Store: From our review of the JAN-GE 5751 tube: "While not really a 12AX7, it shares the same pin-out arrangement and is designed for less gain in favor of lower noise and microphonics. It worked well in both test amps and can be used to advantage if your amp has too much grind. One of these should calm things down a bit. The 5751 is an affordable alternative to the 12AY7 used in original Fender tweed amps and can be subbed for a 12AT7 like a reverb driver tube. In this application, you will get good gain with a warmer sound than the 12AT7. The even balancing makes them a nice ph
  7. I have one GE JAN-5751 NOS / USA in A1 condition, very low use. Good in Crofts, etc. £40 + delivery
  8. Sorry - that’s the link to the previous HiFi+ review - the new one from this April is not yet available on the web, only in the magazine :
  9. Here’s a link to the latest HiFi+ review by Alan Sircom that Mark mentioned: https://www.hifiplus.com/articles/norma-revo-ipa-160/
  10. Mark suggested I contribute my two penneth as a happy, indeed more than happy, Norma owner. I've got the Norma REVO ipa-140, the more powerful of the two integrateds, which I've been using every day now for around seven months. Having read a lot of reviews, spoken to dealers and asked around, I was thinking of trying the REVO ipa-70 - the less powerful but I'm sure would've been more than aqequate, then a fellow audio-addict who'd got the 140 and wanted to re-configure his system into an integrated AV/Hifi set-up offered it to me at an irresistible price so I jumped into the Norma pool with
  11. Yes - seriously reference-class amplifier. A real steal at this price with £3k off list. (I have no connection with seller, but a strong one with my own Norma 140! 😊)
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