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  1. Interested in the above, preferably the mk.2 version; also interested to hear about users’ experiences and overall assessment of amplifier.
  2. Fantastic looking, and by all accounts sounding amplifier Rob: if I hadn’t changed not so recently I would’ve been seriously interested. GLWTS 🙂
  3. Hello - yes, still for sale but hadn’t bothered to bump it given the current situation. Still sitting unused in pretty pristine condition.
  4. Thanks Neil. This is as you say an incredible machine, a collector’s item and something of a bargain in my view. GLWTS 👍
  5. Beautiful looking CD player, stunning machine. (I had the Bow Wazoo 2 amp which is also great.). Can you clarify if this is the original Wizard (in effect the Wizard 1), or the Wizard 2 with the upgraded 24/192 dac chip? It should say on the back panel. Thanks.
  6. Sorry - yes - phones sold as stated on separate advert; amplifier remains for sale.
  7. Somebody please buy this - it’s a superb dac at an insane price - nothing else comes near it for that money!
  8. My pair of Sennheiser HD600 phones which have not been used for over a year, and before that only very occasionally. They come with a high quality Viablue cable which is a definite improvement over the standard supplied cable (which is also included): new cost Of the cable was over £80. They are in very good condition with original box/packaging. Plenty of reviews on the web, but most will know the outstanding reputation these classic headphones have. I’m selling these along with my Audio Fidelity HPA100 headphone amp which is advertised separately on this site: it’s a very good match for the HD600s if you’re looking for a complete set-up. Price-wise, with the cable I would like £195. Carriage to be agreed. I’m based in Liverpool and can provide a demo and inspection.