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  1. Swapped out my Audio Analogue Maestro Settanta Rev 2.0 integrated for a Bellini Virtual Battery Rev 2.0/Donizetti Rev 2.0 pre/power setup
  2. Quick follow-up, using the realtime traffic stats on my Asus RT-AC68U router to look at the bitrate of some live-streams on Tunein via the Dot Radio 1 - 128Kbps Radio 3 - looks like the 320Kbps stream PlanetRock - 64 Kbps
  3. Thought I'd compare the sound quality of the Amazon Dot in my main set-up (below). As the Dot can only stream compressed files and has no optical output, the only valid comparison was using MP3 files I'd ripped using EAC and uploaded to Amazon Music compared to playing the MP3 from NAS through the Transporter. Bottom line, the Dot sounds inferior on the same files compared to the Transporter. It's listenable, but definitely losses out on bass and the top sounds harsher. The mix gets more 'blended', it's not making the most of the information left in the MP3. The delta was less than g
  4. For sale XTZ Room Analyzer V1, SOLD In original box, you get - Microphone with USB Microphone base with USB lead RCA male/male adaptor 5m RCA cable 1pc RCA Y-cable Instructions Serial #XTZ 0701056 0001867 Download software here - http://www.xtz.se/support/room-analyzer-ii-pro#/software I plugged this into a Windows 10 machine and the drivers and s/w ran fine, see screen grab.
  5. Minimserver+ffmpeg is reportedly also allowing generic UpNP streamers to access the BBC streams by decoding the AAC in HLS and presenting as PCM. http://forum.minimserver.com/showthread.php?tid=2173
  6. It will require the manufacturer to release updated firmware which supports for HLS protocol the BBC have switched to using to carry the AAC stream. That may be possible, as even mobile phones can handle HLS On LMS, ffmpeg is busy handling HLS and also transcoding AAC to FLAC, which every Squeezebox player can decode.
  7. The Squeezebox community have got the BBC streams back, at least for now! Instructions from bpa for Windows - Install ffmpeg.exe (static 64 bit) into the LMS Bin directory alongside sox, faad etc. The ffmpeg.exe came from here - Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds Install ffmpeg before installing the plugin otherwise you'll need to restart LMS after install of ffmpeg. To get the option of installing the PlayHLS plugin add the repository URL below at bottom of LMS settings Plugins. http://bpaplugins.googlecode.com/svn...po-playhls.xml After installing the plug-in, LMS will offer to reboot, do this.
  8. This high-handed attitude by the BBC has indeed given me the incentive to give up paying their tax.
  9. A few years back, I'd have said never put your NAS on wifi. Now with an Asus router I have a HP 54L micro-server on the 5Ghz band and my Squeezbox players on 2.4Ghz and streaming works OK.
  10. Ageing ears no longer able to hear differences in equipment ?
  11. Mind the stylus with that duster, pet!
  12. Have you tried the Transporter's analogue outputs into the amp to compare its internal DAC? FWIW I run mine with the standard 'sharp' roll-off filter and polarity inversion disabled.
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