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  1. I’d rather have the stress of choosing audio kit 😊
  2. Not yet, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. 4 in the chain yet communication is dreadful. Agent confirmed completion for the 11th so getting ready only to be told that the last in the chain hadn’t agreed anything!! now looking at 16th but next it will be someone else who messes that up. We are at the point of pulling the plug tbh. if it’s not the poor communication between agents, it’s solicitors. Nothing ever changes in this industry.
  3. Now you make it clearer, no reason not to try. The thing is, is the distance between the positive and negative sockets the same as the plug you want to try…. Personally, I would use decent individual plugs.
  4. Not sure what you mean by double banana plugs but are you saying ones that slot into another and then into the amp? If that’s what your saying two sets of speakers) then the answer would be no, the amp would be reading double the load which, in turn, effect performance and potentially damage amp and or speakers. No Naim amp has been designed for this. You should take off your email on here too. It’s a public site so anyone could access your Mail and send rubbish and scams. Use the Private message box on here instead 👍🏻
  5. Was it reliable 😂 actually Coplands Achilles heal. There is an 823 on eBay atm which I preferred to the more expensive wadia at the time but the Copland suffered from a dodgy display. The seller cannot confirm if the ‘fix’ has been done otherwise I would consider it but it has no remote.. the amount of Coplands for sale recently with no remote has been unusual
  6. The SE By my calculations would be 39wpc with a stable 4ohm load. No issue with the sensitivity. Like I said, it’s not the watts, it’s the delivery of them. Sugdens produce a very strong current delivery.
  7. You won’t. My speakers are 86dB 6ohm load. They are being run on the A21a at 23wpc but the Sugdens trump card is it’s ability to deliver its current on load. This will be better on your SE and when you know it’s at its peak, you will hear distorted sound first. The A21a peaks around 98dB listening so your fine.
  8. You will have absolutely no problem driving the speakers with the Sugden. Wether the speakers for the amp will be right soundwise will depend on what you think after time.
  9. Apart from the DAC, I much prefer models from 15 years ago or so be it hybrid or all valve. I think in general, they have lost their way a bit recently despite glowing reviews. Find me another CSA 515 to go with the other and the Primaluna pre!! I had this CSA 29 Hybrid years ago and it was quite a remarkable amp for the money
  10. Not a lot of love for Copland recently so here are a few of mine
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