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  1. Indeed it was, brought back memories of that Hammersmith run from Maidenhead and having to physically go there to buy the tickets.. non of this inter web stuff in those days
  2. Dire Straits Alchemy on there tonight 👍🏻
  3. Following on from my BB3 sale. I have these Siemens branded Telefunken’s which came from Watford Valves less than two months ago. If they have had 25 hours, I’d be surprised anyway, they certainly sounded good and apparently the business in the valve world £90 delivered within uk
  4. That was quick! What did you expect? It’s a good stage 👍🏻 Anyone want the Telefunken’s?
  5. Provisionally sold. I’ll keep you all posted. Many thanks
  6. I’ve purchased about 30 albums this year and only 6 were new
  7. 😊 And it sings lovely.. Yes, call me mad but can’t turn down this other offer. I need a bit more tho 🤪
  8. Yes, I know a lot of you are going to say what am I playing at selling the very phonostage I’ve been going on about and how good it is but.... Some of you have noticed I’ve sold a few things off recently including the Pathos amp but in my line of work, I come across customers that are into audio and I have the chance to purchase some Sugden masterclass kit which is a complete deal and that includes a masterclass phonostage. I’m not quite there yet on the funds but this will help. Anyway, what do I need to say about this BB3 that hasn’t already been said on the owners thread. Not a lot, it’s awesome. As you will see, it’s well built and has been checked and calibrated by you know who and it’s spot on! I’ve not had it long but I just need all the funds I can get. It will come with Tesla and Tung Sol valves but by negotiation, I also have some lovely Telefunken’s for V1 and V3 Please read how good this is on the forum Sold complete with PSU. Silly money £799 plus postage Yes, I’ve said it’s crazy but if I regret it later then I only have myself to blame.
  9. Too cheap!! Crazy . Looks like the buyer will have to BUY you a cup of Yorkshire tea on this one 😊
  10. You could probably triple that if you took into account used vinyl transactions
  11. Nice Mike, black is underrated and I think they look great 👍🏻 GLWS