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  1. They look a great alternative. Nice to see they have two dedicated streamers too. Would be nice to have one without a DAC tho as well.
  2. Definitely not Mr Mike! That’s a terrible thing to say 😂
  3. I’ve just found it on your rack lol. That and the 504 are great tuners
  4. Blimey, @deggie that mk1 you had off me was too cheap lol
  5. Also the baby Harbeths are 83dB sensitivity. The amp like all amps will be working harder
  6. Well, I’m having a bit of a play this afternoon fixing a Systemdek before I pack the Hifi bits so just testing a few things.. bloody mess in the house 😊 given you have the 40 anniversary model, these are slightly more forward in presentation (not a bad thing) but just need to be mindful of it. The A21a is more than capable of driving the Harbeths in a controlled fashion and over 90dB although 50-70dB is more than enough. The A21a Signature is excellent at dynamics and low end welly and at low volumes, it does not sound flat which is what you want. Midrange is hard to beat with this amp at
  7. Agree with Simon BIG NO NO! harder to shift later on too. There is one on the bay now and has been for months. Look for a decent used uk 507mk2, much better and at the right price, easy to sell on too.
  8. Got it at the classic car show in Birmingham. Not sure of company tho
  9. TomTom Go 60 6” touch screen Life time Euro maps etc. Complete with extra case, SD card, cable and box. Like new, no marks on screen etc. £50 plus post NOW £40 plus post
  10. That’s correct Colin, no need to mess with the supplied cable unless you need a longer one like me 😊
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