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  1. I don’t agree with any of the statements regarding Cambridge. The CXN is great on its own and I only bettered it with the addition of a Luxman DAC. The RME added a hardening to the sound. The 851 is FAR from bright. It adds texture and bass definition over the CXN. Both worthy products. I’ve owned both and have the 851 in my system and couldn’t be bettered by a 2k
  2. Steve Winwood Talking back to the night vinyl
  3. Marmalade Reflections of my life Vinyl
  4. The Rolling Stones Sticky fingers Vinyl
  5. Found this in my Record collection The Chords So far away
  6. No, I mean filtering through the mains.No idea why
  7. Good stuff 👍🏻 Still think the 7’s are the best all rounder of the range. Will be interesting to hear your thoughts
  8. Update on this. Due to the recent regulation changes on rental properties of which I’m currently in, the electrics have to be tested more stringently. This house does have DC filtering in but worse, the wiring has failed the test. The landlady doesn’t want to spend out on a complete rewire to rent but to rewire to sell! So wish Covid and Brexit hadn’t screwed the market because both mine and my partners houses would have sold by now and we would be living in our chosen area rather than having to look for another rental property. We can’t live in our houses because both our exes are in them! At least we know the cause now tho. Worst still, I might have to sell my beloved Luxman to raise some rental dosh!
  9. Decent! That’s the new model 👍🏻 I have the Lehmann SE 2 and it’s excellent. Found nothing that was a good under £1500. I was selling it last year but swiftly changed my mind after loads of auditions which failed to oust it.
  10. Indeed.. one of my out of the ordinary favourites 👍🏻
  11. Restek.. Another German brand. Built to the highest standards and the Concret CDP is awesome. Rarely talked about or available second hand but a great brand
  12. Vincent.. crap name but German design, built in China. Tube line series and the 331MK amp are superb