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  1. The 563’s are easily fetching £350 so you could sell it. Because of the organic sound, they do work so well together. Thanks for the interest tho 👍🏻
  2. I Purchased this duo not that long ago and had every intention to keep them as they are superb!!! The 500 is the latest of the last versions of this fantastic transport it has the VAM1202 transport and laser which is and has been ultra reliable but thinking I would be keeping this for longer, I did buy a backup laser/transport so this will last for years as I will include in the sale. The DAC is the 563 but was modified by Meridian some years ago up to the 566 spec. I don’t have any paperwork for it but it can be seen by taking the top off. Both units are in excellent condition. I have both original boxes and manual and will include the original VDH coax digital cable. Reason for sale is I’ve been offered a DAC I’ve liked but for a great price from one of my customers. These units are becoming really difficult to purchase in this condition with the boxes, especially the Transport and a V3 sold on eBay the other night for £550 with remote but no box, cable and no spare laser https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Meridian-500-CD-Transport-MK3-/154350969303?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 There is no remote however it’s an RC5 and my Sugden and Cambridge remote operates it easily I do not want to post the transport as I will not chance damage, so collection when possible. £750 for the pair. You won’t find better
  3. Even more, the box! I think it’s circa 1977
  4. It is, I would keep it if I had my choice. Everything is sentimental but I’m beginning to panic now with all the stuff. It’s easy to hide things away but it’s not until you move (as you well know) that you realise things have to go it would go well with the Luxman @deggie 😊 with these meters
  5. We currently have a private plate on it. M26CSP if you want to check it
  6. Well, here I find myself finding more things that came from my late parents house. We moved so much stuff then and now I am moving, there is so much to go. (I have 33 cameras to sell!!) Anyway, this JVC plays lovely, it’s playing now. It’s in great condition except that the pause button is broken 😞. It doesn’t affect record and play but most of these decks seem to be used for play anyway. ANRS (noise reduction and twin mic inputs for the kids 😊 I even have the original box although I’ll ship it in another say £40 plus post?
  7. Here is our Ford Kuga. Dec 2011 Full service history in excellent condition only 44,000 miles. New Battery, front tyres (rear are about 5mm) Climate control, CD/Bluetooth etc, electric windows all round, loads of kit. These at this age and mileage generally sell for up to 9k. We will accept 8k for a quick pre move sale. I will put a fresh MOT on it this week.
  8. These are £124 new on Amazon and like the go kart advertised, used no more than 3 times. £60
  9. These are £180 new and age group is 6-10. This has been used twice (if that). Proper German engineering from one of the best makers in go karts. Inflatable tyres, foward and reverse gears £80 !
  10. Good stuff. I see you have Vincent, I’m a fan of the 331MK power amp. Add a decent pre to that. It will drive anything. Use your amp as a pre on it and I think you might be shocked at how good it is when you go up the Vincent ladder. I’m not putting you off Sugden but as your in the country that designed the amp, see if you can get one on loan. They are on offer in the uk for about £1750 but there is a link here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vincent-sp-331mk-hybrid-amp-class-a-2x150-w-alu-/263485774072?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  11. No kit on your profile so not able to comment on what your currently using 🤔 I wouldn’t recommend the Sugden pure class A for the Dynaudios however the ANV would be a better match.
  12. @ozzyyears if you update your profile with your kit, many can advise you for the best Sugden match. Speaker matching is important depending on amp so the more you fill in the better 👍🏻 I’m sure @HouseElf will be along soon to give his feedback on the ANV