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  1. Looking for the above for a project this is what it looks like if you or anyone you know has one to sell. Many thanks
  2. Hi Steve, just to advise others, we were talking earlier 👍🏻
  3. Hi, it was reduced to £400 from £465 but I’ve been in communication with someone else this morning so they have first dibs but thanks
  4. We have a number of ladies on this very site and with amazing knowledge. This has all been covered before.
  5. I’ve found that cartridges energy often works in tandem with the tonearm. A lot depends on what your prefer. Jonny at Audio Origami, foam fill in his tonearms and the Regas can often neutralise the energy making it a positive or, negative difference. The lighter the cartridge, the better it is. There are so many combinations available to get the synergy right but the tonearm and cartridge are the least available to demo. Regardless of wether the Houdini or others work, at least you have the option to try with no risk. Money back guarantee and all that. With anything else, it’s 14 days but must be returned as delivered. Impossible with a cartridge unless faulty or not as described. ive never tried the isolators myself but the options are there for people to try. No point slating anything unless you have real experience of the items questioned
  6. I’m in Bude tomorrow.. house hunting
  7. Certainly won’t be speakers.. I wasn’t sure about the KEF Reference models but I heard them a few weeks back and F***, they are awesome 😎 And that AMS you have 👍🏻 Bigbottle ain’t that shabby either 😂 10 years behind me.. I’ve got my slippers on right now 😎
  8. Nice one Mac. Don’t worry about photos. I’m picturing them now 💭
  9. John Barry Out of Africa OST chillin’