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  1. They have made some pretty decent pre/powers over the years
  2. I’ll go through your posts and find them on the network thingy
  3. Ian Dury, New boots and Panties Vinyl
  4. I’m going to start listening to some of your diverse music tastes to see what it’s all about 👍🏻
  5. Lol! Takes one to know one 😂 weeeell I took advantage of one of the Last pairs of Harbeth HL5+ but that’s in another thread. Hope your well Mike
  6. Looking at the kit you had, it was a logical choice at a good price. Glad you got that lower offer accepted. If you don’t ask, you don’t get as they say
  7. Something to get the new speakers warmed up. Yello of course and Toy
  8. Got this old girl out a few weeks back. Now after two transistors, four caps a load of resistors and a re bias, she is singing sweet.
  9. Your right! Must be his partnership merging. I would have thought he would have left an email. if you message me, I’ll give it to you
  10. Joni sounding mighty fine. Vocals as I remember are so focused
  11. There you go @deggie, in situ using temporary stands @orbscure, Sorry Pete, the stands I’m holding for you are in use for a bit. sounding exactly as I remember, tight fulsome bass with that treble extension which is not hard in anyway. Positioning is best as poss at the moment but as you can see, reasonable room to breath. Just more of everything so well pleased saving over the XD
  12. As I suspected, the upgraded super tweeter from the Anniversary edt found its way on to the last batches of HL5+
  13. Yes, your right Deggie. Having the opportunity to listen to them several years ago in my other ‘then’ home proved that. This house is bigger atm but rented. Just waiting for all the things to die down a bit like Brexit and Covid so I can finally sell my old home.