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  1. By comparison, have you tried the aforementioned VDH with a Sugden A21SE and Harbeth P3’s?
  2. The A21a S2 and Signature have a motorised alps pot too but the entire pre amp section has been completely re worked.
  3. A second glance needed as they look like Proac
  4. I like the look of those AR-10’s Kieth, especially in that finish
  5. I’ve updated title… Good Luck @Alan Kralk The speakers look mighty impressive https://alchrisaudio.co.uk/
  6. That’s the official normal price Baz
  7. You don’t have a class A amp but a class A/B. the A21a does drive the P3’s nicely at moderate levels but looses finesse at higher levels. The A21SE can drive the P3’s at any level given its increased current delivery but care needs to be taken when pairing with P3’s because both can exaggerate the mids and highs. The SE is an extremely dynamic amp and for that, I would choose more forgiving speakers but in this instance, we need to look at room, cables and positioning. Get this right and both speaker and amp will reward. The best Harbeth speaker with the SE is the 7es3 because it’s the most flexible and forgiving of the range. They work better in corners (if needed). @savvypaul, Sugden like Siltech but as lovely as they are, they are expensive and through trial and demo, you can get 90% performance for less than a quarter of the cost.
  8. Also the XD version is £5295 now and the anniversary edition is 99% of the XD. The market is a bit slow atm. Nothing wrong with price, in fact it’s very low. Just try to hold off if you can because more price rises are coming.
  9. No problem on the A21a sig. plus you have different speakers
  10. I said the first time I disagree with you Yes, I have linn Silver and black cables here and the do a good job, I’ve noticed tho, prices have risen above imo, the better option VDH now.
  11. The A21a is a mismatch with the P3’s imo, whilst it can deliver in many areas, it’s a tall ask with speakers like the P3’s at 83dB. Going to the A21SE will bring more control but as the op has said, it has exaggerated the upper frequencies of the P3’s. For the first time, I would disagree with @CnoEvilregarding the TQ cables. As much as I love them, the combination with the Sugden and P3’s will only raise the problem further. Two sensible choices are Van Damme OFC or VDH 352’s. Both will help with taming the top end but the VDH will still allow detail but better control of the bass. These are both affordable solutions but not the full picture. Moving the speakers for optimum position will help too along with room interaction aids. The A21SE is one of the most Dynamic Class A amps money can buy but it needs to be carefully matched. It works better with the C7’s than the P3’s and the 30.2. Regarding interconnects, stay away from silver, decently made copper is the option to consider and once again, VDH have a habit of doing what you need. Consider something like the Wave, you can pick them up second hand affordably. Don’t spend silly money, you don’t need to with Sugden although Siltech are nice but expensive.
  12. Love it Ian. Old school and I bet it sounds great with those TWO Leaks
  13. To do it properly, it would be cheaper to buy a series two after selling yours. Also, the S2 is better with more current delivery And dynamics. I wouldn’t mess with your amp. Intention might be honourable but would devalue it.
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