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  1. Like everything, it’s on hold due to covid etc. The entire Azure range. Personally I suspect sound quality to be similar but updated visuals and interface etc. maybe similar to the Edge styling.. not sure.
  2. Yes it is isn’t it there is nothing that is remotely close to the 851’s ability. Qobuz is also direct as Tidal. Yes, it’s taken a 2.2k DAC to improve the sound for me but if it was taken away, I’d be more than happy with the 851’s sound. The user interface is also excellent and has many digital inputs to use as a hub too. I have no interest in parting with mine and it would take something really special and expensive to better it. The New model is around the corner but don’t expect it to be sub 2k
  3. Surprised this is still here! Loads of upgrades over the std arm. Also there is over a 15 week wait now for a new one.
  4. I Believe Premotec have been taken over and the majority of 9904 motors are 110v Linn for example but I’d try Roksan directly but these motors can cost up to £130 odd but stick with the deck because it’s a good one. Try here too https://www.mclennan.co.uk/product/9904-111-31-series-synchronous-motors
  5. This has worked for you will be interesting when I set up my kit in our new house, no idea how good or bad it is here yet. I’ll run the kit for a while then introduce the blocker on the integrated then try it on the power amp then the pre amp. my suspicions are that if it makes a positive difference, it probably will be the pre. We will see…
  6. Do you leave your Naim kit on all the time? I know this is Naim thing but just wondering… I had a NAP200 that did the same. Also many use a HiCap on the lesser pre amps and wondered how much the DC Blocker would have an effect.
  7. Thing is, it’s always best to try them in your system. If I had to buy blind then imo, the safer bet sonically, would be the Denon. The Marantz like Hegel, get glowing reviews but it’s long term ownership. True, I’ve had a few amps go through my hands, Luxman, Pathos, Copland to name a few, none are bad but it’s finding the synergy. So many mistakes are made Purley based on reviews. My purchases were a no loss transaction but it ticked the box of ‘ive tried’ Currently my Sugden ticks 90% of my likes and my Primaluna pre/Copland power does the same but in different ways. I could live with either on my Harbeths or Proacs but the Sugden has the characteristics I prefer on the Proacs. I have no desire to move on either of the combinations but I’d like to ad another Copland power if I can find one which hasn’t been easy. Of the other above amps, the Pathos could have easily been a keeper but the other two integrated’s may have performed better on different speakers but I’m a sucker for Harbeth and Proac. If I ever update the Harbeths, it won’t be for Harbeth new because their prices are ridiculous now and the next model up would be the 40’s at 15k!!!
  8. Nope! But heard both the Denons and they are more flexible and not class D plus the Marantz looks awful
  9. An A49 on Facebook market place if anyone is interested
  10. The Denon is by far the better amp. The 1600 is almost as good but with less power but a lot cheaper. Class A/B Topology too. On both these amps, they have a decent DAC Not being funny but the Marantz looks odd too.
  11. I unplugged this last night but stil in situ. My Mrs said why does the TV sound crap today? Plugged it back in and this could be staying Will still sell this week if interested That will teach her
  12. Look further afield… some dealers like Farthingthorpes, Hifi Corner, Audio Affair will ship to you with a holding deposit to try and arrange delivery and collection at their cost. There is a shortage of kit currently tho.
  13. What Sugden do you want to try?
  14. Due to the move and change of domestic set up, I’m loosing some kit for relation harmony Here is my Sonos Playbase. Had a few sound bars over the years but this is by far the most powerful and credible one I’ve owned. So good stand alone but you can integrate with play ones for rear and the sub but you honestly don’t need the sub with this. I may sell my play ones also after this. As @Madvinyljunkie IIwill vouch, I look after my sonos kit and this has the original outer and inner box plus all accessories like new. Collection available in Launceston Cornwall or can post at buyers cost. £299 (£699 new)
  15. All gone totally off topic again as usual with most topics. The Chinese debate needs to go in the car park IMO
  16. No, not while I tried it for a month but that was a few years back. Prefer Qobuz because it’s faster, clearer, better sound and cheaper.
  17. Also the word ‘Reference’ doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, it’s just a known point or familiar ‘sound signature’ to use with every test or review. A Cable is to a point, cable. How it’s made and what with can only influence a change in sound but not necessarily better, just different.
  18. Will do Rob. weather is changing now slowly so might be able to get some work done in doors now
  19. Got one of these Audiolabs coming my way on loan from my dealer. Wants me to try it with Sugden and also to try on the Primaluna pre and Copland power. Wants to know my opinion what’s the biggest difference, pre or power. It will be a while as I still haven’t set up room yet lol. I have no special mains cables in the system so will be interesting.
  20. Hegel or otherwise, he didn’t have a demo. Says he doesn’t have the money but was happy to loose money when he sold it. Regardless of what he said, If you are daft enough to part with £9300 without some sort of listen, I’d take no interest in his comments.
  21. Maybe new but not at this price lol.
  22. This is an outstanding turntable!! Why is it still here! The new price is £899 so minus £80 for the cartridge £820 odd. Billy bargain!
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