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  1. I’m going to be using his smarty but yes, I saw that deal. The Three one is a 12m contract.. good but if the 4G isn’t up to the job, I can go fibre anytime.
  2. There is a decent argument to be had for both @Jessica_k and @Beobloke because it’s all in the execution and design. As a phono signal is the most likely source to pick up unwanted noise etc, I agree, I want this to be as good as possible at the given budget. It does beg the question why separate phonostages didn’t become more popular years ago but anyway....💭 I’ve owned a BB3 and if it hadn’t been for the inbound Sugden PA-4, I would still have it. So, before we talk valve rolling, the BB3 was an instant and massive improvement over the previous stage I had. But, and this is the but, it
  3. My Son is going to lend me the netgear unit below for when I move in. I will probably still add an outside Ariel but at least I’ll be able to try before I buy. Also, it’s taking weeks atm to get broadband installed.
  4. Smarty unlimited £20 a month with no contract.. just need a router and Ariel
  5. Yes Tony, son does EE. Three is the cheapest at £17 unlimited but nothing available in the area yet. I think the easiest option is Fibre but I’ll monitor the 4/5G progress and perhaps look to swap down the line.
  6. Now there’s an idea I hadn’t thought of 👍🏻😂 Ive done most of the packing now (obviously some of the audio still out) I can’t do anything else until those solicitors pull their fingers out! Funny because when I complained yesterday, loads seem to have come about. Waiting for a Tin mine report now!!
  7. Spent a fair bit of time going through the options and many have their merits. I like the mobility of using 4G and some of those outside Ariel boosters look interesting but don’t want data limits. If I hardwire on Fibre, I’ll definitely use Ethernet cat cables. Luckily the cable line is directly below the room I’m going to use the Hifi in. The other will be for the sons gaming which is slightly further away but as the whole house needs decorating, it will be an ideal time to add the cables to the important rooms.
  8. Colin, when you say small and great looking, are you talking about the phonostage? 😊
  9. Based on your situation, I would consider a decent transmission line speaker such as the PMC TwentyFive 22i or if you fancy something cheaper, the easy self build Falcon IMF100. What your class A amp is doing is giving you a taste of texture and midrange clarity which your Focals (as good as they are) can’t fully exploit. It would be easy to recommend Harbeth with your amp as I’ve heard one in my system and was tempted but at the time, funds didn’t allow. When you have to get a speaker design past the Mrs, that is always an issue but ultimately don’t sacrifice sound for looks
  10. I think fibre is probably the way to go purely on stability. According to the agent down there, they use 4G and it’s intermittent due to heavy rain ☔️ lol
  11. Probably going to be a case of getting there and finding out.
  12. 4G Three isn’t working there, tbh it doesn’t work well in Berkshire either. Cheapest unlimited data tho £17 a month ... shame.
  13. Your point is reasonably valid but ultimately streamer is a two channel Hifi item but I know that a friend relies on WiFi for his pacemaker so I suppose it could go elsewhere 😁
  14. Another good option. I suppose it’s down to contract. I assume once you have the contract, this too is an any home option without waiting weeks to be connected in the usual way.
  15. Sorry, I didn’t know you owned the forum. My sincere apologies 🥺
  16. 🤔 Because it’s relevant to my 2 channel streamer 😉
  17. I thought I was up to speed on a lot of things but not this field lol. Thanks Tony
  18. I’ve just forgotten all about all this with everything else going on. Last thing I need is my other halves son having withdrawals symptoms lol 😂 Not sure on the 4G signal down there yet.
  19. My Son is currently using the 4G in Derbyshire on some special machine so I’ll look into it too.
  20. Just been doing some homework on the internet in the Launceston area before I move. Showing 10mbps!! This isn’t good enough to run the streamer, gaming and the internet at the same time. What provider do you use and I might need to go fibre via sky but not sure if virgin fibre operate in the area. obviously I want to keep the costs down but need reliability.
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