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  1. BBC is saying he is awake in hospital and awaiting further tests 🤞
  2. I used to take some of the American engineers who visited our factory there and they were utterly bewildered by it
  3. Fantastic album, love everything PSB have done
  4. if your DAC 2 doesn't have the latest firmware, here's a link to what the firmware update does, https://benchmarkmedia.com/products/benchmark-firmware-upgrade-kit-dac2 I ordered it from https://www.scvdistribution.co.uk/products
  5. Ive had it plugged straight in to my Neurochrome 686 fully balanced and straight in with pseudo SE cables and I can’t tell the difference between
  6. I don’t notice any difference using the SE or balanced from my DAC2 HGC other than the volume difference. I updated the firmware on the DAC2 and am convinced it made a difference but I’m not faffing around taking it apart again to find out if it was just my imagination. The remote responds better with the new firmware.
  7. Wondering if anyone can help me out here. Looking to get a bit of kit (20kg, 1 box) moved from Woolwich Arsenal to Kilmarnock (just south of Glasgow). I won't trust a courier with the kit and I can't travel due to covid restrictions or I'd just drive down and collect it myself. If anyone can help me get it further north in a multi step journey that would be great - or even to Taunton as I have relatives there? Any kind offers gratefully received .
  8. Love mine, also dual mono. Incredible performance for the cost.
  9. Nope not mine, sold my 150 a few years ago, I have an eloquence 250i 40th anniversary at the moment (as well as my mod 686)
  10. It’s the room between one’s billiard room and the library.
  11. If it’s only a tiny bit too tight I use a pencil and stick the pointed end in the hole, apply a bit of pressure and twist it back and forth a few times, sometimes on both sides
  12. To be fair, that does look like a pretty decent power supply so that will account for about £30 of the BOM
  13. If they are convinced of that I’d like to see them publish the data to show this compared with any Cisco/hp gigabit switch and a linksys/netgear gigabit switch - it’s not a difficult thing to measure if you have the right equipment.
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