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  1. I’ve used iPeng for years to control LMS from my iPhone, it is superb - think it costs about £10 from the apple app store
  2. killie99

    Formula 1 2021

    You’d then get arguments about who was to blame. It would need to be a 0% driver blame before you could let the engine be changed and how many incidents really are 0% attributable to a driver, not many. Anything other than 0% and you are into a pissing competition
  3. From that clue I’d say Nick Lowe but no idea what the album would be
  4. Ryan Adams - Live at Carnegie Hall 17th November 2014. I was lucky enough to be there , 10 rows from the front and bang in the middle. Not a bad 50th birthday present.
  5. Maybe Linn just get a direction arrow printed on the sleeve without knowing anything about how the wire was constructed. Just saying, it’s a distinct possibility.
  6. Lol, no such thing as too big! I’ve used mine with Impulse taus @ 93dB and tannoy Mansfield’s, just fabulous. One of the best amps I’ve ever owned, I even preferred it over a Luxman L550aii and I thought that would be my forever amp.
  7. What one do you have? Not a particularly well known brand in the UK. I have an Eloquence 250i 40th Anniversary and as you say, tank like build quality and reliability and they are super helpful if you have any questions - never waited more than a day to get a response from them.
  8. Perreaux have had some mighty products over the years but not a widely known brand in the UK. I’ve owned a few of their amps and other offerings, currently have a 40th Anniversary Eloquence 250i, one of the best amps I’ve ever owned. Stunning build quality and finish on all their products and backup and assistance that is 2nd to none. I’m quite sure this phono will offer stunning VFM if their other products are anything to go by. GLWTS
  9. Got to agree with slavedata, I’m running a pi4 usb to a benchmark DAC2 hgc and it’s superb. Better than any of the hats I’ve tried on a pi (boss, digione and a pile of others) and Logitech transporter. Pi is powered by an LPS from diyAudio (l-adapter). The sigma22 is also a great LPS if you need dual rail, I use one to power my Project Phono RS.
  10. The TD150 was around before the TD125 Mk1, the TD160 came after the TD125 mk2.
  11. Wow, never heard of that and there was me thinking I know all about 125’s!
  12. I didn’t realise how easy it was to get money for nothing from people until I started buying Hifi. Any other ‘industry’ would be shut down and the proponents jailed for mass fraud.
  13. Never seen that on a 125 and I’ve seen a lot of 125s
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