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  1. @bencat, thanks for the suggestion, useful info will investigate further though not a solution for myself might prove useful for my aforementioned buddies. Mike
  2. Hi Ronnie, sorry am only catching up now ... I will give all that a more in depth read tomorrow but looks like it might simplify the procedure. Yes, a funny old year so far, not been to the races myself for a while now but guess cancellation was inevitable. I am supposed to be on another biking trip around Spain and Portugal right now .... can't see it happening any time soon either. Upside is it is costing me less to stay at home ... or is it? online shopping to kill the boredom etc ... bought a personal reg for the car on a complete whim lol Cheers Mike
  3. Ronnie, 'Squeezelite" .... aaaaaah .... installed and running, nothing on screen visually but is obviously running in the background ok ... so for my non audio enthusiast friends a simple set up will be a single pi running buster with kodi, LMS and Squeezelite installed etc, optical digital out of telly into dac, amp and speakers (cheap lol) of their choosing. A simple complete audio/visual set up for very sensible money. Maybe I can make converts of them yet .... nah, they'll probably opt for a sound bar lol cheers Mike
  4. Ronnie ..... apologies if I misunderstood your question, I am in no way trying to teach you to suck eggs lol I followed link above to my desired package and simply clicked on it, it downloads to 'downloads' windows style etc then you can right click (i think) and install package ... you mention squeezlite above, now getting a version of 'squeezeplay' or similar to run on buster would be a brilliant one box solution for a few friends of mine not particularly in to hifi per se cheers Mike
  5. Ronnie, just an update ... all is now working correctly, I had a corrupt gpt to sort on the hdd but after that things all fell into place. So, for anyone else who happens upon this thread ... its an older RPi 3b+ running 'buster' desktop and LMS is installed as a package, buster runs quite like windows at least as far as installing LMS is concerned thus cutting down having to use the CLI which likely puts some folks off. Anyway, thanks again for your input Ronnie atb Mike
  6. well I followed ypur instructions but don't seem to have got identical results at some stages, I will regroup with a fresh 'buster' and try again. ... alternatively I am busy googling whether a dual boot is doable using berry boot, I could have buster and OMV as my OS choice at boot up ... I am pretty well versed in using openmediavault with LMS installed as a background package etc. thanks for your input Mike
  7. ok, thanks again, just organising updating to buster then will give this go this evening ... Mike
  8. fantastic, you are a gem as always .... was also frustratingly trying to do similar thing by mapping a network drive .... but that is more of a boredom busting pursuit during these strange times. Cheers, Mike
  9. Hi Ronnie, thanks for your input ... extra info in case it helps the portable hdd seems to mount no problem as it appears on the desktop screen and is browseable from there, it is within the lms settings screen that I cannot find it anywhere to include in the library. Mike
  10. Hi all, I have a pi runnng raspian desktop attached to my telly in the lounge, I find it a quick handy internet browser which saves me going to my cave to fire up the main pc. My problem is that the LMS installed on top of the OS runs perfectly except that I cannot find the path to a hdd when connected via usb ... there is possibly a very simple explanation but I am stumped. I am no linux genius but have been finding my way a little. Thank you in advance guys.
  11. Do I qualify as a rotel hoarder? current collection is three rhb-05's two rhb-10's and a single rhc-10 .... oh and a rmb-1066 really must have a garage sale as I've a ton of valve gear too ... 35 years of this hobby has made me crazy haha Mike
  12. ^ ditto the last few comments, I am after the phono for sure and maybe the pre, I am coming down with both types of power amps but no phono. M
  13. Hi Reg, I sent you a couple of pm's M
  14. I have been using hp microservers for a long time for music/movie serving duties and running LMS but have always streamed to a Logitech 'duet' receiver then s/pdif out to a dac ... nothing short of awesome current setup is a N54L running OMV nas software and lms as a background package ... I now have full redundancy for 2500+ movies and 5500+ albums .... cannot recommend highly enough M
  15. Hi OP, welcome to the nut house! I second the valve amp direction, new or otherwise, I am a huge triangle fan of nearly 30 years ... a pair of Elypse on duty at the moment with a rotel michi power amp. I normally use my modded Arion Neros 300b with them but it's away for servicing and new valves etc, also in the wings are some audio innovations and a pair quad II's which also sound fantastic with any triangles I have tried them with. A friend bought a pair of Magellan Concerts about 18 months ago and again all amps mentioned work extremely well with them, he has some audio innovations himself though is currently enjoying a melody kt88 amplifier ... if I had to choose myself, I'd plump for my own modded Arion ... just superb with them. keep us posted, Mike